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Incriminating Cum Stains: Carla Cox backstage at “Crime Sex Investigation”

Crime Sex Investigation” has so many things going for it: it’s in solid porn territory because it has noirish elements as well as a familiar TV show that shares its initials.

More than that, however, each of the girls in it is dirty, dirty, dirty.

We talked with Carla Cox, the sultry, slutty Czech Republic native who is becoming a porn darling on several continents.

Private: Pretty women often say bad things behind each other’s backs…

Cox: Oh, they say nasty things to your face sometimes!

Private:…but it’s nice to hear when someone says something nice about you behind your back.

Cox: Absolutely! Who has said nice things about me so I can fuck her?

Private: Well, Bobbi Starr said some nice things about you, but if a fuck is the reward, I’ll go say some nice things about you behind your back right now…

Cox: Bobbi Starr is so hot.

Private: She said you were amazing on the set of “Footballers’ Wives“…

Cox: She was pretty amazing…

Private: But let’s talk about “Crime Sex Investigation.” One of the descriptions (from a Private boxcover” of your scene is “Our hero gets to bang her in both test tubes before she takes a spunk sample in the face.”

Cox: I don’t know what that means, but it sounds dirty…

Private: It is! You play a bar girl who gets picked up by a lowlife. Your pink dresss is barely there.

Cox: I remember that dress — it stayed on for most of the scene but it was covered in pussy and cum by the end of it. I don’t think I’ve worn it since because it couldn’t be cleaned off.

Private: Does that happen a lot?

Cox: More than you’d think.

Private: Well, I like the idea, so I think about it a lot.

Cox: I would say I lose several pieces of clothing a year because there’s too much cum on them.

Watch Carla Cox in “Crime Sex Investigation” here


Cindy Dollar works hard for the money

Perhaps because she shot her first porn at the relatively late age of 24 (she is now 28), Cindy Dollar can be depended on to give you honest answers about her porn experience.

“I don’t like to fuck on boats,” she said prior to the release of her compilation “The Private Life of Cindy Dollar.” “They move too much. It is uncomfortable.”

“Are you saying, then, that all of the sex on yachts that Private has in its vast libraries is footage of women not enjoying themselves?

“No,” Dollar says. “I do not like sex on boats.”

But don’t be crestfallen, sailors: Dollar might still come aboard if you have a small dick.

“I don’t like the big dick so much,” Dollar said. “I only like a little big.”


“First in my pussy, and after in my anus.”

“And if it’s on a boat?”

“Well, OK.”

While we are lucky to know several bona fide nymphomaniacs for whom porn is really the only safe place to be, Dollar recognizes porn as a job, and is refreshing in her candor.

“I don’t fancy girls off camera,” she said. “But on camera, I like the blondes.”

“But you do like sex, right?”

“Yes,” she said. “Oh, yes.”

And what about porn? Does she like to watch porn?

“Only sometimes,” she said. “When I masturbate.”

“Do you watch porn with a partner, or alone?”

“I watch porn alone when I masturbate,” she said. “I don’t let anyone else do it when I’m alone.”

We like that Dollar keeps some things…private.

For some reason this is reassuring because, even if Dollar goes from blonde to brunette to blonde again, even if those four-girl orgies are just pleasant eye candy, even if she blasphemes the porn gods by saying she likes small dicks better and prefers vaginal intercourse to the anal variety, it is nice to know that she masturbates to porn the way Nature intended.

Watch “The Private Life of Cindy Dollar” here


What happens when a “Virgin Dreams” (II)

There is a chance, esteemed Private readers, that the women in this movie were not actually virgins at the time of filming “Virgin Dreams II.” But if it makes you feel any better, such is their skill and professionalism that they were able to tap into that brief period in their lives to channel what an actual virgin might dream about.

Director: Moire(*)Candy
Starring: Tarra White, Sarah Twain, Vanessa May, Natalli Di Angelo, Julie Silver

Anyone who has read “The Fountainhead” knows that the ideal of architecture is functional beauty. Thus the architect heroine of “Virgin Dreams II” wants to create buildings in which people fuck and look good while doing it.

Scene 1: B/B/G

Sarah Twain‘s house is designed in such a way that she can see swarthy workmen in the fields from her balcony. When two such dudes appear on the hillside, she hails them with the pretext of giving them some drinks. Instead, she fucks both of them.

Until they are very clearly not, all wear white. It’s like a cigarette ad.

Scene 2: B/G

Tarra White suns herself on space-age furniture in front of her space-age home. What makes this extraterrestrial landscape compelling is her outfit, which is a sort of latex bathing suit with a V-neck crotch. I was almost sad when it came off.

But come off it does, as the delicious Ms. White is serviced by yet another white-clad workman.

Scene 3: B/G

This scene brought back memories for me, because Vanessa May is interrupted whilst dusting her IKEA furniture by a man resembling Mr. CleanTM, who criticizes her housekeeping techniques and then fucks her.

I can only imagine this very scenario is played out in marriages across the world, but with far less attractive people.

Scene 4: B/G

Finally, the ripe Natalli Di Angelo sunbathes by the pool in an outfit just begging to be ripped off her, which it in short order is.

The final scene of “Virgin Dreams II” seems to be its signature, as the dream elements of the movie as well as its very hardcore sense of innocence are also evident.

As a homeowner, I am grateful to “Virgin Dreams II” for giving me a new way to think about my house. No longer will I think about “The Amityville Horror” when my roof leaks; I will simply think about Natalli Di Angelo getting a rogering by the pool.

Watch “Virgin Dreams II” here


Put the ‘gine in the Coconut: Backstage at “Sluts & Coconuts”

Pre-wedding festivities can be fun, especially if you and your intended don’t plan to change your lifestyle whatsoever after you are married. “Sluts & Coconuts” is the story of several bachelorettes who (bump) into the bachelor party from the same wedding. It’s like “Mamma Mia!” without the need to throw up.

Private is fond of tropical resort locations, so you can find dozens of Private movies filmed in Ibiza and islets in the Caribbean. But Alessandro del Mar’s “Sluts & Coconuts” was filmed in Madagascar, and the unfamiliar location was inspiring to the likes of Boroka Balls, Sonia Carter, and Diana Gold.

The Czech Sonia Carter played a hapless tourist whose poor slob boyfriend was made to work extra on the island to accommodate the bachelorette party.

“Madagascar was different from the places I usually go to shoot,” Carter said. “For one thing, people were not used to seeing porno girls around. They kept staring.”

That doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that Carter’s character was introduced as German.

“I don’t understand why I was supposed to be German, either!” she said. “Maybe they thought a Czech Republic girl would not put up with being stranded on the island.”

Boroka Balls shot her double penetration (DP) scene on a boat, and we were filled with questions, like “Were you worried about Somali pirates?” and “Does the rolling of the ocean lead to premature ejaculation?”

“No,” Boroka said. “Neither of those things happened.”

But we bet if Somali pirates had come aboard, they would have prematurely ejaculated.


Diana Gold’s scene on a volcanic beach was a favorite. Not because of her outfit or the beautiful location, but because of her fantastic fellatio skills.

“Was there something different?” she said.

“Are you being modest?” we asked.

“I give lots of blowjobs…” she said.

“But you blew this guy through his pants,” we said. “That took passion.”

“Oh yes!” she said. “Sometimes I like when the dick is hard before I even get there. So I blew him through his shorts first to show I appreciated it.”

They should have totally named that beach after her.

  • Watch the rest of “Sluts & Coconuts” here


Jennifer Love: Sex, Lies, And Dyes in the Caribbean

Jennifer Love, the 24-year-old Romanian star of Private’s “Sex & Lies in the Caribbean,” has been through a number of hairstyles and porn names in her long adult career. We talked with her about staying versatile.

Private: You play a no-nonsense widow in “Sex & Lies in the Caribbean…”

Jennifer Love: …Who loves to watch sex…

Private: Yes, that was an interesting aspect of your character…

JL: Yes, but more exciting than being a no-nonsense widow who likes to knit, for example.

Private: I suppose that would not be as exciting.

JL: I don’t know; it depends on what I wear.

Private: Speaking of that, you have blonde hair in this movie, but you also have an impressive portfolio from your brown-haired days.

JL: I go back and forth. I think some people like me blonde and other people like me with my natural hair color.

Private: For the record, I like you no matter what.

JL: Thank you! But I suppose at the beach in the Caribbean, it looked better that I was blonde.

Private: So sometimes you have to change for the environment.

JL: Yes.

Private: Tell us about “Florina Rose.”

JL: Just like changing for the environment, I used to be known as “Florina Rose” but it just made more sense to be “Jennifer Love.” People can say, “Oh, she looks like a Jennifer.” But you can never say “She looks like a Florina”!

Private: That’s true!

JL: See?

Private: Your performance in “Sex & Lies” was a lot of fun. You owned an island and developers were trying to buy you out, but you had certain conditions.

JL: Yes, sex and money.

Private: How much of you was in that role?

JL: All of me. You see everything

Private: I mean how much of your personality …

JL: Oh, I like sex and money. The sex is easy to find in my private life, and money is important, but not so much.

Private: What about sex for money?

JL: It is a very good job!

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Power-sharing made easy: “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape”

Not since the Clinton years has there been a head of state more ripe for a porn adaptation than Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi.

We are not saying that “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” is about the scandal-plagued Berlusconi (in fact, this version has people you want to see having sex), but it provides an integral piece of the cultural snapshot that the Berlusconi saga represents.

Well, it doesn’t do that, either, but it’s a lot of fun.

Director: JF Romagnoli
Starring: Kathy Campbel, Cindy Hope, Alexa, Alexis, Regina Moore, Kitty Cat, Donna Bell, Barbie White

Scene 1: B/G

Kathy Campbel is a hard-working official on a stakeout with her partner, who diverts the attention of the Prime Minister’s guards by fucking Campbel strenuously. At first Campbel protests that he needs to keep his hands to himself and be professional, but then she realizes that that sort of thing is above her pay grade.

They are forced to fuck in a van, but eventually they lose all sense of decorum and spill out of it.

Scene 2: B/G

Cindy Hope probably doesn’t need to blindfold her partner in a pool to fuck him, but the point is that she goes the extra mile, because she’s a hard worker.

Scene 3: B/G

“You bring me coffee and a sandwich,” says one of Alexa‘s two suitors.

“Sounds like porn movie dialogue,” says Alexa.

Then they fuck.

How did she know?

While “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” is no “All The President’s Men,” you won’t … wait a minute: you should but “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” because there’s a hell of a lot more deep throat in it than “All The President’s Men.”

Watch “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” here


Workin’ the gherkin: Backstage on “Barcelona Sex Secrets”

Accion!” calls director Johnny Vendetta on the set of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” and Aletta Ocean and Regina Ice mount a pool table and each other.

“Hola! Besos!” says Regina Ice. My Spanish isn’t that good, so I missed the fact that she was sending me kisses and instead thought she thought I was Mexican.

Pesos?” I said. Whatever you need, I’ll get it…

We watch for a while, entranced by Ocean’s rhythmically slapping folds, thinking of the planet Solaris with its sentient ocean (perhaps that’s why she chose her name?), but then need drives us outside.

You can’t have a boner in Barcelona without first looking at the Torre Agbar.

The building, which even its architect said is “phallic,” rises above Barcelona’s financial district and, in the five years since its completion, has been top on the list of Barcelona’s most recognized places.

That is why El Torre takes up a significant place on the cover of this movie. (The tower has a similarly-shaped counterpart in London that locals call “The Gherkin”).

“Barcelona Sex Secrets” was shot over several long days, one of which featured a romp atop a motorcycle with Lucy Belle. The movie’s only actual shot of the Torre Agbar comes when co-star Andrea Moranti, who performs the crowd-pleasing trick of walking around with a towel on his dick, takes a smoke break on the roof with the un-toweled Torre behind him.

Belle demonstrates what a pro she is in this movie, claiming preference for the doggie position (“I think this is best,” she says), but never getting much of a chance to do it in the crowded motorcycle shop. Finally she and Moranti work something out.

It is the final night of the production and director Vendetta is trying to corral a punch-drunk cast who can’t stop laughing. And it’s not a sex scene; it is a dinner party scene.

Venga!,” says Vendetta (“Come on!”) and the scene finally wraps after several extra interruptions. The actual sex scene was shot earlier in the day, but we get to see it following the dinner scene by virtue of studio magic.

But in real time, outside the Torre Agbar glows blue with frustration.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here


Suzie Carina: Almost Wholesome, Sometimes Whorish

At home in Prague, the lovely Suzie Carina doesn’t look like a porn star, and that is the way she likes it.

“There are lots of beautiful girls here,” she says, “and I like to relax rather than compete.”

Carina is barefoot and wearing sweatpants, a far cry from the high-heeled and glammed up persona she projects in most of her movies (unless they are filmed on a beach, in which case the heels must come off).

Flying under the radar is how Carina has built up an impressive resume of movies – more than 100 of them, and many for Private – in a porn career that has lasted longer than many of her contemporaries.

Carina got into porn in 2002 when she was 19 and her work has ranged from glamorous Euro-lesbian endeavors to hardcore interracial ho-downs.

“I can’t say which I prefer…” says Carina.

But it’s interesting to watch Carina in a lipstick lesbian movie like “Supercharged High-Speed Sex,” in which she gets down with Liliane Tiger in a Maserati on a helipad, or in “Lesbian Disturbia,” which finds her in a bewigged bondage threesome, and then watch her in a movie like “Beauties in the Tropix,” where she delivers a beach blowjob that is both wholesome and masterful.

She looks so natural in all those scenarios that we asked what her actual preference was.

“If I’m blowing you one day, then that is what my preference is,” Carina says.

Well, what are you doing today?

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“The Sex Bus”: Pubic Transportation at its Breast

As we told you on our exclusive backstage look at “The Sex Bus” last month, “The sign says Kulonjarat but the real destination is about nine inches up Black Angelika’s ass.”

We are not really aware of a destination in this Vaginal Mystery Tour, as getting there is the thing that’s important.

Director: JF Romagnoli
Starring: Amy Cameron, Gilda Roberts, Jasmine Black, Simony Diamond, Linda Brown, Black Angelika, Jasmine Rouge, Louise Black

Scene 1: B/G/G/G

Our journey begins with a tasteful bang as the lucky groom of Black Angelika shares his new bride with her two bridesmaids and the bus driver careens through the streets of Budapest drinking champagne.

I’m not saying that Sex Bus drivers are menaces on the road; I’m just saying that, unless it is you fucking Black Angelika, there is no reason to be on the road.

Scene 2: B/G

The ancient scrolls describe Scene 2, featuring the delicious Linda Brown, thusly:

Down in at the mechanics Linda Brown needs her oil changing, she needs some lubrication to get her engine running, that the mechanic can get his gear stick into her gaping asshole!

You might say, “But where’s the bus?” and I would reply, “You do not have your priorities in order.”

Scene 3: B/B/G

Simony Diamond comforts two weary travelers who have missed the Sex Bus. How does she comfort them? By stripping to her high heels and blowing them through the bars of a cage.

I missed at least three buses on my recent trip to Hungary, but not once was I given a blowjob for it. Maybe it’s because I don’t speak Magyar.

Scene 4: B/G

Jasmine Black is in a loving and committed relationship with the bus driver. Despite this, she is jealous of the goings-on on his bus. To show her disapproval, she wears his hat and fucks him.

Perhaps you are thinking, “If everyone resolved conflicts like Jasmine Black, there would be word peace.”

That’s right, my friend. But since there’s not enough of Jasmine Black to go around, I’d like to give her a peace prize personally.

Scene 5: B/G

Oh, Gilda Roberts. With your tiny breasts and ladylike white stockings, you are too refined for a Sex Bus. That is why you deliver tasteful pantsless lapdances at clubs.

Scene 6: B/G

My favorite scene features Amy Cameron. Many of us have imagined fucking a stranger on a bus, train, airplane, zeppelin, or hydrofoil, but the sinful Ms. Cameron is up for the job.

Don’t get me wrong – she’s not easy; she waits a full minute as her anonymous partner rubs his dick over her tits before she finally starts blowing him. That is because she is a Lady. Leave the quickies for the ice cream truck, I always say.

Watch “The Sex Bus” here


Put Your Best Ass Forward: Backstage at “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics”

I’m thinking about my asshole,” says Sandra on the set of Alessandro del Mar’s “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics.” Which is crazy, because so was I! What are the odds?

It is a blustery day on yet another beach Private has commandeered for the sole purpose of loosing beauties born behind the Iron Curtain to grind their perfumed, taut, and suntanned asses onto eager animate or inanimate surfaces.

At first I wondered at Sandra’s athleticism as she stuck her ass toward me and pointed her small breasts seaward.

“How does she do it?” I thought. “She looks like she should be mounted on a ship.”

But really, it would be fun to mount her anywhere.

Savvy cameramen catch Angelina Love as she masturbates on the beach while another trio fucks on a piece of driftwood.

“I can’t help it,” she says. “You’d do it too!”

But the tenderest moment comes as Regina Moore is getting her asshole sanded while Annamaria Santos stands by with a bottle of lube.

“it’s her first anal scene for Private,” says Santos.

“So she needs to prepare a little bit?”

“She needs.”

As the sunlight fades, Sandra gets in the water for her cover shoot. She points her ass into the surf as wave after wave crashes into it.

Brava,” del Mar said.

Watch “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics” here


Claudia Rossi: A Slovak “Classy Slut” in London

Claudia Rossi grew up in the former Czechoslovakia but now the statuesque 27-years-old lives in London, where she manages an international career.

“I travel to the United States, to Prague, to Budapest – everywhere – from here,” said Rossi, who has appeared in more than 200 films, many of them for Private, including two editions of “The Private Life of Claudia Rossi,” “A Fucking Christmas Dinner,” and (my favorite) “Ass Riders.”

“London is an international city,” she said. “Plus my boyfriend is here…”

Her boyfriend of two years is performer Jay Snakes.

Rossi does not see any problem in letting her fans know that she is in a relationship. She does not feel it compromises fans’ false notion of her “accessibility.”

“Fans are smarter than that,” she said. “I’m also sure they’d like to know that I’m happy. Not only that, but Jay is in the porn business as well, and understands what my job is.”

Rossi sees porn as a way to travel, to experience new things, and to show off.

“Even though I am naked on film, I am not an exhibitionist, really,” she said. “But there is  apart of me that is an exhibitionist, and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to show that off safely, with people paying me!”

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She Keeps No “Barcelona Sex Secrets” from You

Wouldn’t you be intrigued to visit a place described as having “Mouths whose thirst for semen is insatiable and the wildest ass and pussy penetrations”? You might even say, “I don’t care how strong the Euro is; I must board a plane now to experience these mouths of which I’ve read.”

Such is the boxcover copy of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” which also features a picture of what appears to be an ancient thermonuclear device disappearing between the legs of the deliriously tasty Regina Ice.

Come with us as we detail the lives and loves of seven international pornstresses who find themselves fitting their lips around both Spanish and semen.

Director: Johnny Vendetta
Starring: Lucy Belle, Priva, Jandi Lin, Silvia Rubi, Aletta Ocean, Regina Ice

Scene 1: B/G

This 7-scene epic set in Private’s home town is as lighthearted as it is hardcore. Why do I say this? Because the first sex scene is in a kitchen, and we know that that room is the most erogenous one in the house.

Tall Regina Ice could probably be as aloof as her name suggests, but after her boyfriend clears the table she shows him her gratitude at not being dismissed as a domestic servant with tits by fucking the shit out of him on the kitchen floor. Which she has, of course, kept clean.

Scene 2: B/G

Personal favorite Aletta Ocean dispels the myth that no one works in hedonistic Barcelona by choosing to fuck near a desk. This suggests that barcelonés at least tolerate the idea of working.

Scene 3: G/G

But of course people work in Barcelona. In fact, people even come from other countries to work there. Case in point: the next scene features Ocean in her side occupation as a bartender. She approaches Regina Ice, who says:

“Vere you vaiting for me?”

“Vhat,” Ocean asks, “do you zink?”

Then, despite the fact that Ocean appears to be the only bartender working in a crowded saloon, the two adjourn to a private billiard room to fuck on the pool table.

Scene 4: B/B/G

How does one woo a potential employee in Barcelona’s litigious workplace environment?

If one is the swarthy television producer intent on bringing Lucy Belle to his project, one takes her out to a fancy dinner and then gets one’s friend to help fuck her on the dining room table.

Scene 5: B/G

My favorite scene involves Silvia Rubi, the tattooed minx I’m happy to be seeing for the first time. Rubi shows up at a photo studio and wastes no time displaying the “Barcelona” tattoo written upside down across her belly, as if she is suggesting you 69 her in order to read it correctly.

All right, Silvia Rubi. If you insist.

Scene 6: B/G/G

In this centerpiece scene, Private superstar Priva and tattooed American vixen Jandi Lin service Regina Ice’s cheating boyfriend. Watched out of context, of course, you would never get the impression that he doesn’t deserve the attention of these Asian beauties.

But then, who are we to judge? Good for you, pal.

Scene 7: B/G

Finally, our aspiring actress, Lucy Belle, returns to her boyfriend’s motorcycle shop to celebrate her audition. Didd she get the part? Will she become famous? Will her dreams be realized?

We are not sure. What we are certain of is that she is fucked next to an orange motorcycle, after which her boyfriend excuses himself to take a shower.

What this tells me is that, in Barcelona, endings are ambiguous. That is why I choose to go right up the middle.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here


Back-fucking-stage at “Ibiza Fucking Island”

Believe it or not, visiting some porn movie sets is not fun. Performers might be going through the motions, the director might be insane, the location might be some hellish warehouse.

Then there’s Ibiza.

The great thing about being “backstage” for three days on “Ibiza Fucking Island,” first of all, is that you are on a fucking island.

This changes everything, as everyone involved, cast and crew alike, relax. There are no other obligations than to shoot the movie. Performers even bring bathing suits they don’t need high heels for.

“This is more vacation than work,” said Gilda Roberts, whose first scene, a night-time poolside frolic, sets the tone for the movie. “If I had the choice, I would be fucking by the pool anyway.”

Tarra White is a veteran of Private movies and knows her way around a beach.

“You see that I get sand on my pussy but not in my pussy,” she said. Hold on. Let me look closer…

Jane Darling is also experienced with sex outside, and she took a pragmatic approach to the working vacation.

“I can work on my tan when I’m not getting fucked,” she said. “When I am getting fucked, then I must be very smart with my sunscreen. Because it is very hot under the sun and the lights.”

No, Jane Darling, you are very hot.

  • Watch “Ibiza Fucking Island” here


El Vida Private de Rebeca Linares

Bienvenidos, Rebeca Linares.

While many European porn stars travel to America for a few months each year due to the availability of work in Southern California, few move there. Rebeca Linares has lived in Los Angeles for long stretches of time and is one of Europe’s most popular exports in the United States, with her vulva just ahead of the Volvo.

“Of course it is very different from Spain,” Linares said, “but the beaches and the sun are familiar. There is also a lot of Spanish speakers from Mexico. Still, I don’t know about this food…”

Linares has a special appeal in America because she has a “girl next door” quality, because Americans are eternally conflicted about sex, and they like to believe that the wholesome and virginal “girl next door” is really a huge slut who fucks only them.

“I don’t understand that concept,” Linares admits. “But I’m glad it helps, I think.”

See how quickly Linares assimilates into California culture in “Cheating Hollywood Wives.”

Linares also holds her own among the exotic porn beauties of Europe, being one of the few Spaniards in a group that heavily favors Hungary and the Czech Republic.

“It is a smaller group of girls that is spread out over a whole continent,” Linares said of the European porn community. “And in California there are hundreds of girls in a small area.”

Linares got into porn in 2005, introduced to the business by a friend of a friend of Nacho Vidal, and has appeared in dozens of movies since, many of them for Spain’s own Private.

Though Linares is a pleasure to watch in person and she is great at her job, sometimes I see the international attraction engaging in extra performances for people she is not interested in talking to.

“It is true,” Linares said, in perfect, San Sebastian-accented English. “Sometimes I pretend I don’t speak your language.”

Watch “The Private Life of Rebeca Linares” here

Or maybe even “Addicted to Cock” here