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Backstage with Private for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” shoot. Part II

We are still working very hard on our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” movie and we just want to give you guys a short heads up about our latest shoot. This time we have an amazing sexy scene with Amarna Miller. And so far, we can say that she gets a really hard pounding from Juan Lucho.

So please enjoy already some impressions from a sunny day on set with the Cast & Crew of Private.

Your favourite brand when it comes to porn.

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Backstage with Private for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” shoot.

Today we want to share with you some pictures from our movie set in Barcelona. We are shooting right now the first scenes for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona”  So far we can announce that Carol Vega is in it and Lolita Petrova as well. So be curious about it and enjoy already a few impressions from lovely Carol 
Backstage at the Lolitas in Barcelona Shoot

Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in Barcelona

Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in Barcelona

She Keeps No “Barcelona Sex Secrets” from You

Wouldn’t you be intrigued to visit a place described as having “Mouths whose thirst for semen is insatiable and the wildest ass and pussy penetrations”? You might even say, “I don’t care how strong the Euro is; I must board a plane now to experience these mouths of which I’ve read.”

Such is the boxcover copy of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” which also features a picture of what appears to be an ancient thermonuclear device disappearing between the legs of the deliriously tasty Regina Ice.

Come with us as we detail the lives and loves of seven international pornstresses who find themselves fitting their lips around both Spanish and semen.

Director: Johnny Vendetta
Starring: Lucy Belle, Priva, Jandi Lin, Silvia Rubi, Aletta Ocean, Regina Ice

Scene 1: B/G

This 7-scene epic set in Private’s home town is as lighthearted as it is hardcore. Why do I say this? Because the first sex scene is in a kitchen, and we know that that room is the most erogenous one in the house.

Tall Regina Ice could probably be as aloof as her name suggests, but after her boyfriend clears the table she shows him her gratitude at not being dismissed as a domestic servant with tits by fucking the shit out of him on the kitchen floor. Which she has, of course, kept clean.

Scene 2: B/G

Personal favorite Aletta Ocean dispels the myth that no one works in hedonistic Barcelona by choosing to fuck near a desk. This suggests that barcelonés at least tolerate the idea of working.

Scene 3: G/G

But of course people work in Barcelona. In fact, people even come from other countries to work there. Case in point: the next scene features Ocean in her side occupation as a bartender. She approaches Regina Ice, who says:

“Vere you vaiting for me?”

“Vhat,” Ocean asks, “do you zink?”

Then, despite the fact that Ocean appears to be the only bartender working in a crowded saloon, the two adjourn to a private billiard room to fuck on the pool table.

Scene 4: B/B/G

How does one woo a potential employee in Barcelona’s litigious workplace environment?

If one is the swarthy television producer intent on bringing Lucy Belle to his project, one takes her out to a fancy dinner and then gets one’s friend to help fuck her on the dining room table.

Scene 5: B/G

My favorite scene involves Silvia Rubi, the tattooed minx I’m happy to be seeing for the first time. Rubi shows up at a photo studio and wastes no time displaying the “Barcelona” tattoo written upside down across her belly, as if she is suggesting you 69 her in order to read it correctly.

All right, Silvia Rubi. If you insist.

Scene 6: B/G/G

In this centerpiece scene, Private superstar Priva and tattooed American vixen Jandi Lin service Regina Ice’s cheating boyfriend. Watched out of context, of course, you would never get the impression that he doesn’t deserve the attention of these Asian beauties.

But then, who are we to judge? Good for you, pal.

Scene 7: B/G

Finally, our aspiring actress, Lucy Belle, returns to her boyfriend’s motorcycle shop to celebrate her audition. Didd she get the part? Will she become famous? Will her dreams be realized?

We are not sure. What we are certain of is that she is fucked next to an orange motorcycle, after which her boyfriend excuses himself to take a shower.

What this tells me is that, in Barcelona, endings are ambiguous. That is why I choose to go right up the middle.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here


El Vida Private de Rebeca Linares

Bienvenidos, Rebeca Linares.

While many European porn stars travel to America for a few months each year due to the availability of work in Southern California, few move there. Rebeca Linares has lived in Los Angeles for long stretches of time and is one of Europe’s most popular exports in the United States, with her vulva just ahead of the Volvo.

“Of course it is very different from Spain,” Linares said, “but the beaches and the sun are familiar. There is also a lot of Spanish speakers from Mexico. Still, I don’t know about this food…”

Linares has a special appeal in America because she has a “girl next door” quality, because Americans are eternally conflicted about sex, and they like to believe that the wholesome and virginal “girl next door” is really a huge slut who fucks only them.

“I don’t understand that concept,” Linares admits. “But I’m glad it helps, I think.”

See how quickly Linares assimilates into California culture in “Cheating Hollywood Wives.”

Linares also holds her own among the exotic porn beauties of Europe, being one of the few Spaniards in a group that heavily favors Hungary and the Czech Republic.

“It is a smaller group of girls that is spread out over a whole continent,” Linares said of the European porn community. “And in California there are hundreds of girls in a small area.”

Linares got into porn in 2005, introduced to the business by a friend of a friend of Nacho Vidal, and has appeared in dozens of movies since, many of them for Spain’s own Private.

Though Linares is a pleasure to watch in person and she is great at her job, sometimes I see the international attraction engaging in extra performances for people she is not interested in talking to.

“It is true,” Linares said, in perfect, San Sebastian-accented English. “Sometimes I pretend I don’t speak your language.”

Watch “The Private Life of Rebeca Linares” here

Or maybe even “Addicted to Cock” here