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On Set for “Barcelona Heat”

Barcelona Heat Last week till middle of this week, Private is shooting in collaboration with Beate Uhse a Megaproject called “Barcelona Heat“!
We were on set and of course we want to give you already some first impressions so you can see what will be in for you if the movie hits the streets. You can expect the following impressive cast in this movie: Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Carol Vega, Gala Brown, Noemilk, Violette Erica Fontes, Alicia Poz, Jason Steel, Fash, Julie Hunter, Ryan Ryder, Franco Roccaforte and others

We dont really think that Erica Fontes needs make-up, but she didnt look worse afterwards, so we guess its ok. Erica Fontes   Nothing beats a wild blowjob in the Morning. Barcelona Heat   No Ryan Ryder, its the other way around! Barcelona Heat   Franco Roccaforte also arrived on Set. Barcelona Heat   Samia Duarte had a good time too. Barcelona Heat   Tiffany Dolls Pussy seems on heat. Barcelona Heat Backstage.

Barcelona Heat
  Hmm, relaxing bubble bath. Barcelona Heat   International Coverage already during the shoot. Barcelona Heat   Now the action is going on with Alexis Crystal, Jason Steel and Noemilk Barcelona Heat   Please Girls, just shhhh. Barcelona Heat   Another day, another shoot Barcelona Heat     Alicia Poz with Franco Roccaforte Barcelona Heat   After a steamy scene, a proper cleaning is necessary. Barcelona Heat

Backstage with Private for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” shoot. Part II

We are still working very hard on our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” movie and we just want to give you guys a short heads up about our latest shoot. This time we have an amazing sexy scene with Amarna Miller. And so far, we can say that she gets a really hard pounding from Juan Lucho.

So please enjoy already some impressions from a sunny day on set with the Cast & Crew of Private.

Your favourite brand when it comes to porn.

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Amarna Miller

Backstage with Private for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona” shoot.

Today we want to share with you some pictures from our movie set in Barcelona. We are shooting right now the first scenes for our upcoming “Lolitas in Barcelona”  So far we can announce that Carol Vega is in it and Lolita Petrova as well. So be curious about it and enjoy already a few impressions from lovely Carol 
Backstage at the Lolitas in Barcelona Shoot

Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in Barcelona

Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in BarcelonaOn the Set for Lolitas in Barcelona

Cindy Hope in the interview with Private

Cindy Hope

The Hungarian Cindy Hope is a very prolific actress who adds a priceless contribution to our industry.

The 5´4 inch big power packet has over 170 movies under her belt since she entered in 2007. Her stunning beauty and her easy-going personality are maybe some reasons why she is still active. Since 2009 she was nominated every year at the AVN Awards in different categories. This is the proof that her work is more than respected by others. So enjoy her interview with us and check our website for high quality scenes with her.


Cindy, you had before you entered into porn a quite normal job as a salesperson. How did you became a porn star?

I was young and I felt that there was more to get out of life. I discovered that my body was able to handle better than others. I made a few movie and from then on there was no stopping and i received more and more requests. I was very happy and pleased with it all and from then on there was no stopping!

Cindy Hope

You mentioned you like to watch perverse kinds of porn. What does this mean?

Well this is kind of funny,  I love to watch kinky porn, but i never will do it myself I just like to watch.its just a fantasy i have. But one small detail, I am not really perverse myself..well I leave it up to your imagination 


Any funny stories from the set of any porn movies you’ve shot?

I always have a lot of fun but the most memorable thing was when i was with Peter North and he just came on my head, maybe you know how strong his ejaculations are, and then we both started to laugh during the shooting and we just couldn`t stop.

Cindy Hope

What sex tricks have you learnt from shooting porn that you’ve taken back into your personal sex life?

I do not have any tricks,  I’m so good that I do not need it (laughs)


You mentioned that you’re always getting nervous before shooting a scene – How do you manage your nerves?

I’m very nervous before every shoot because I always wish to make the perfect scene and do not want to make mistakes. I try to calm myself telling myself i have done already a lot and that i need to believe in myself. If i was not any good they would not all be calling me.


Tell us about the best sexual experience you’ve had.

The  best with my boyfriend but in the movie with Blue Angel. we were like a fountain of love and and we were eating each other during a long long scene..we just did not wanted to stop.

Cindy Hope

How does a guy or girl get you into bed?

It depends if i want to have sex with a girl or a boy. On shootings i prefer girls for example and in real life i prefer boys. But in general we both have to click


You said that your fetish is old men and young girls. What do you like about old men and young girls?

Its only a fantasy i like to watch, but i guess its the difference in age which makes it so compelling. Maybe i have some daddy issues too (laughs)

 Cindy Hope

What’s your dream porn shoot?

I just want people to enjoy my movies and me. I am happy if i create pleasure for people.


What have you taken from your personal life and put into your work in porn?

I am very friendly  and easy going girl—also at work and I have learned  to respect work whatever it is. And stay who you are

Cindy Hope

Thank you very much Cindy


Behind the Scenes Of ” Private Pickups: Busty Czechs”

Private Pickups: Busty Czechs

These Czech girls know how to have a good time!

Here are some funny shots of behind the scenes of our new movie coming out in February Private Pickups: Busty Czechs.

Prague is such a nice city! The old town, the bridge, the beer and of course very good looking girls; all smiles and perfect bodies… Private has sent a titty squad to Prague, with the mission of picking up busty babes off the streets and then fucking them until even the hungriest pussy is satisfied. Erin, Karol, Mia Manarote, Sirale and Victoria Blaze complete this slutty casting. CZECH IT OUT!

American Girls Love Euro Cock! Out Now!

female cast

What do Asa Akira, Adrianna Luna, Presley Hart, Mia Gold and Arian Austin have in common? The five of them are young American girls, and the five of them can’t get enough of European cock. Toni Ribas, Spain’s most charming porn star, is very aware of that and will take advantage of it. Watch how he perfects his seduction skills and gives them the fuck of their lives. “American Girls Love Euro Dick!” is a wild hardcore experience that you can’t afford missing out on.


Behind the scenes of ”Discovering Priva”…….

A great description of  a cameraman…..

Close. How close? Dangerously close. Close enough to smell the fishiness of a torrential cunt. Close enough to get your camera lens steamed up from the rising pussy heat. Close enough to get squirted in the eyeball with a wad of sperm gone awry. Aleeeee!!! That’s the thrill (and spill) of it all.

Michael Cates, Porn Cameraman comment


”Discovering Priva”…….

CAST: Barbi, Black Diamond, Gilda Roberts, Jane Darling, Julia Taylor, Leanna Sweet, Marsha Lord, Priva, Sabrina, Stefania Bruni, Susie Diamond, Tiffany Rousso



Sexy Interview with ”Rihanna Samuel”…..

She gets personal!

Rihanna Samuel interview questions :

Can you tell me why you like working for Private so much?
Because I like to work with professional people and I love travelling :-)

What is your favorite movie you’ve done for Private?
I love them all!! :)
Do you remember making the movie The Fuck Palace? What role did you play and who did you perform with? How good was the sex in your scene?

Yes, Of course I do..I remember a great scene with Denis was really hot, haha not only the sex but also the weather  :-) and the sex scene with Honza Jaros was great..I love having sex with him :-)

Can you tell me who are your favorite Private girls to work with?
I like all girls..but Aliz is great!

Do you remember the first movie you did for Private? Who did you work with the first time you worked for Private?
Yes I do remember, my first shooting for them was in Czech Republic.. The movie was with 4 actors but I can’t remember what actors!
Do you have any more movies from Private coming out this year?

Yes, I have worked with them many times this year and I have really enjoyed it every time. Especially the time when I was on the amazing Cruise boat shoot. It was a great and so much fun :-)

Yes! I expect more movies to be released this year!
Why did you decide to be a porn star?
Honestly because I love sex, traveling and last but not least money.

What’s the best thing about being a porn star?
Good sex, traveling, money and meeting nice people.

What’s the worst thing about being a porn star?
Sometimes it is really hard work. The scenes can be very long or maybe you don’t connect with actor.

How did you come up with your porn name, Rihanna Samuel?
Rihanna is not an usual name here and Samuel because I just really like the name :-D

Are you a very dominant or submissive person?
More of a submissive. I like it when a man dominants me :-D

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I am thinking about getting some bigger breasts..

Do you have anal sex in your films?
Yes but I do not really like anal sex. I have tried anal, but prefer to be fucked in my pussy:-D


To be contiuned next week……………


”Adventure On The Lust Boat Part 3”

Check out our September movie ”Adventure On The Lust Boat Part 3”

Female cast

The third episode of the successful Adventures On The Lust Boat series is here. Multi-awarded director Ettore Buchi brings us another exciting movie crammed with filthy and hardcore action. Buchi has personally hand picked the sluttiest stars from Europe and America, like Brooklyn Lee, Honey Demon, Jayleen Fox or Natalie Von for your wanking pleasure.


These girls are so hungry for cock!


Incriminating Cum Stains: Carla Cox backstage at “Crime Sex Investigation”

Crime Sex Investigation” has so many things going for it: it’s in solid porn territory because it has noirish elements as well as a familiar TV show that shares its initials.

More than that, however, each of the girls in it is dirty, dirty, dirty.

We talked with Carla Cox, the sultry, slutty Czech Republic native who is becoming a porn darling on several continents.

Private: Pretty women often say bad things behind each other’s backs…

Cox: Oh, they say nasty things to your face sometimes!

Private:…but it’s nice to hear when someone says something nice about you behind your back.

Cox: Absolutely! Who has said nice things about me so I can fuck her?

Private: Well, Bobbi Starr said some nice things about you, but if a fuck is the reward, I’ll go say some nice things about you behind your back right now…

Cox: Bobbi Starr is so hot.

Private: She said you were amazing on the set of “Footballers’ Wives“…

Cox: She was pretty amazing…

Private: But let’s talk about “Crime Sex Investigation.” One of the descriptions (from a Private boxcover” of your scene is “Our hero gets to bang her in both test tubes before she takes a spunk sample in the face.”

Cox: I don’t know what that means, but it sounds dirty…

Private: It is! You play a bar girl who gets picked up by a lowlife. Your pink dresss is barely there.

Cox: I remember that dress — it stayed on for most of the scene but it was covered in pussy and cum by the end of it. I don’t think I’ve worn it since because it couldn’t be cleaned off.

Private: Does that happen a lot?

Cox: More than you’d think.

Private: Well, I like the idea, so I think about it a lot.

Cox: I would say I lose several pieces of clothing a year because there’s too much cum on them.

Watch Carla Cox in “Crime Sex Investigation” here


Put the ‘gine in the Coconut: Backstage at “Sluts & Coconuts”

Pre-wedding festivities can be fun, especially if you and your intended don’t plan to change your lifestyle whatsoever after you are married. “Sluts & Coconuts” is the story of several bachelorettes who (bump) into the bachelor party from the same wedding. It’s like “Mamma Mia!” without the need to throw up.

Private is fond of tropical resort locations, so you can find dozens of Private movies filmed in Ibiza and islets in the Caribbean. But Alessandro del Mar’s “Sluts & Coconuts” was filmed in Madagascar, and the unfamiliar location was inspiring to the likes of Boroka Balls, Sonia Carter, and Diana Gold.

The Czech Sonia Carter played a hapless tourist whose poor slob boyfriend was made to work extra on the island to accommodate the bachelorette party.

“Madagascar was different from the places I usually go to shoot,” Carter said. “For one thing, people were not used to seeing porno girls around. They kept staring.”

That doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that Carter’s character was introduced as German.

“I don’t understand why I was supposed to be German, either!” she said. “Maybe they thought a Czech Republic girl would not put up with being stranded on the island.”

Boroka Balls shot her double penetration (DP) scene on a boat, and we were filled with questions, like “Were you worried about Somali pirates?” and “Does the rolling of the ocean lead to premature ejaculation?”

“No,” Boroka said. “Neither of those things happened.”

But we bet if Somali pirates had come aboard, they would have prematurely ejaculated.


Diana Gold’s scene on a volcanic beach was a favorite. Not because of her outfit or the beautiful location, but because of her fantastic fellatio skills.

“Was there something different?” she said.

“Are you being modest?” we asked.

“I give lots of blowjobs…” she said.

“But you blew this guy through his pants,” we said. “That took passion.”

“Oh yes!” she said. “Sometimes I like when the dick is hard before I even get there. So I blew him through his shorts first to show I appreciated it.”

They should have totally named that beach after her.

  • Watch the rest of “Sluts & Coconuts” here


Workin’ the gherkin: Backstage on “Barcelona Sex Secrets”

Accion!” calls director Johnny Vendetta on the set of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” and Aletta Ocean and Regina Ice mount a pool table and each other.

“Hola! Besos!” says Regina Ice. My Spanish isn’t that good, so I missed the fact that she was sending me kisses and instead thought she thought I was Mexican.

Pesos?” I said. Whatever you need, I’ll get it…

We watch for a while, entranced by Ocean’s rhythmically slapping folds, thinking of the planet Solaris with its sentient ocean (perhaps that’s why she chose her name?), but then need drives us outside.

You can’t have a boner in Barcelona without first looking at the Torre Agbar.

The building, which even its architect said is “phallic,” rises above Barcelona’s financial district and, in the five years since its completion, has been top on the list of Barcelona’s most recognized places.

That is why El Torre takes up a significant place on the cover of this movie. (The tower has a similarly-shaped counterpart in London that locals call “The Gherkin”).

“Barcelona Sex Secrets” was shot over several long days, one of which featured a romp atop a motorcycle with Lucy Belle. The movie’s only actual shot of the Torre Agbar comes when co-star Andrea Moranti, who performs the crowd-pleasing trick of walking around with a towel on his dick, takes a smoke break on the roof with the un-toweled Torre behind him.

Belle demonstrates what a pro she is in this movie, claiming preference for the doggie position (“I think this is best,” she says), but never getting much of a chance to do it in the crowded motorcycle shop. Finally she and Moranti work something out.

It is the final night of the production and director Vendetta is trying to corral a punch-drunk cast who can’t stop laughing. And it’s not a sex scene; it is a dinner party scene.

Venga!,” says Vendetta (“Come on!”) and the scene finally wraps after several extra interruptions. The actual sex scene was shot earlier in the day, but we get to see it following the dinner scene by virtue of studio magic.

But in real time, outside the Torre Agbar glows blue with frustration.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here


Put Your Best Ass Forward: Backstage at “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics”

I’m thinking about my asshole,” says Sandra on the set of Alessandro del Mar’s “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics.” Which is crazy, because so was I! What are the odds?

It is a blustery day on yet another beach Private has commandeered for the sole purpose of loosing beauties born behind the Iron Curtain to grind their perfumed, taut, and suntanned asses onto eager animate or inanimate surfaces.

At first I wondered at Sandra’s athleticism as she stuck her ass toward me and pointed her small breasts seaward.

“How does she do it?” I thought. “She looks like she should be mounted on a ship.”

But really, it would be fun to mount her anywhere.

Savvy cameramen catch Angelina Love as she masturbates on the beach while another trio fucks on a piece of driftwood.

“I can’t help it,” she says. “You’d do it too!”

But the tenderest moment comes as Regina Moore is getting her asshole sanded while Annamaria Santos stands by with a bottle of lube.

“it’s her first anal scene for Private,” says Santos.

“So she needs to prepare a little bit?”

“She needs.”

As the sunlight fades, Sandra gets in the water for her cover shoot. She points her ass into the surf as wave after wave crashes into it.

Brava,” del Mar said.

Watch “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics” here


Back-fucking-stage at “Ibiza Fucking Island”

Believe it or not, visiting some porn movie sets is not fun. Performers might be going through the motions, the director might be insane, the location might be some hellish warehouse.

Then there’s Ibiza.

The great thing about being “backstage” for three days on “Ibiza Fucking Island,” first of all, is that you are on a fucking island.

This changes everything, as everyone involved, cast and crew alike, relax. There are no other obligations than to shoot the movie. Performers even bring bathing suits they don’t need high heels for.

“This is more vacation than work,” said Gilda Roberts, whose first scene, a night-time poolside frolic, sets the tone for the movie. “If I had the choice, I would be fucking by the pool anyway.”

Tarra White is a veteran of Private movies and knows her way around a beach.

“You see that I get sand on my pussy but not in my pussy,” she said. Hold on. Let me look closer…

Jane Darling is also experienced with sex outside, and she took a pragmatic approach to the working vacation.

“I can work on my tan when I’m not getting fucked,” she said. “When I am getting fucked, then I must be very smart with my sunscreen. Because it is very hot under the sun and the lights.”

No, Jane Darling, you are very hot.

  • Watch “Ibiza Fucking Island” here