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Asian Girls Fuck Better

Asian Girls Fuck BetterSome say the real sex queens are Asian, and if you have any second thoughts Private will take your doubts away. In “Asian Girls Fuck Better” you will find a collection of steamy scenes in which Asa Akira, Priva, Jade Sin, Jandi Lin, Silk and Tia Ling will demonstrate Eastern techniques of blowjobs, anal sex, double penetrations to prove Asian women are worthy of their reputation.Asian Girls Fuck Better Asian Girls Fuck Better

Asian Girls Fuck Better

Asian Girls Fuck Better

Asian Girls Fuck Better


Asian Girls Fuck Better

Asian Girls Fuck Better

Lolita Petrova in the interview with Private

Lolita PetrovaIt is 22.15 in the evening. She gets into the taxi with her gold-blond hair, red lipstick and shiny eyes. She says that she is not tired at all, even though she’s been working since 2pm. She has colourful shoes, jeans with rhinestones, a simple sweater and a leather jacket. She smiles and says that she is pleasantly surprised to hear someone speak Russian, since everybody speaks only English to her. Lolita is a very friendly and a spontaneous girl, very open and likes to share her experiences. She has one sister, who she lives with in Yekaterinburg.  She becomes all red in her face and exited when she talks about her sex fantasies. She is very curious and wants to try new things. She doesn’t enjoy anal sex, but she likes hard-core sex. The most hard core thing she tried was a scene with 10 guys. Lolita met Savannah Secret and thinks that she is great. Lolita is not so tall but very pretty. She smiles all the time and is very easy going. She spoke about her experiences and that most Russian girls have to start with some shootings in Russia for very little money before being able to get work in Europe.

She has a good appetite, but is careful with what she eats. She says she prefers fish to meat in the evenings, because meat is too hard to digest for her. However when the ribs arrive at the table, she quickly decides what her favourite dish is.  She drinks orange juice and water.

How did you start in the porn industry?

I searched and applied for this myself. My first scene was when I was 18 for one company from London. My first scene was shot in Yekaterinburg.Lolita Petrova

Is it a hard job? If yes, why/ how?

It is a hard job if you don’t like it. But I like it.

Did you ever go to a date with any of porn actors? If no, would you?

Yes, I was with some but without sex.

Lolita Petrova

Do you have more friends outside of the porn business or do porn stars hang out together all the time? Do your friends know what industry you work in? If yes, how do they react?

I don’t have friends from outside the porn business. I lost my friends when they found out what kind of second job I had. I still have one good friend, but she is not in the business and she doesn’t care for what I do.

What is your sex fantasy?

BukkakeLolita Petrova

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Right now I want to be in porn. But my hobby is to write. I am working on one book right now.

How was working with Private so far?

I like working with PRIVATE. They do hard core.

Hetero, lesbian or bi?

I don’t like to work with girls. Maybe in my private life I will try, but not in shootings.Lolita Petrova

How did your life change since you started shooting porn?

I travel a lot. I don’t even have time to visit the cities I work in.

How much thought do you give to social media in order to forward your success as a porn star?

I check my twitter. I use Facebook but I am more active on vk.comLolita Petrova

Do you watch porn/ your own movies in your private life?

No, I never watch my own movies. But I am curious and I like to watch shocking videos. Always wondering what people are capable of doing

How was the scene with Mike Angelo from Pussy Harvest?

It was good. It was not the hardest I have done. But I liked it. I usually don’t care who I work with. When I don’t like someone I just try to focus on myself. 

Lolita Petrova

Thanks Lolita

Private Castings New Generation 04

Private Castings New Generation 4In this forth instalment to Private´s New Generation series of castings five fresh faced Soviets try to impress us with their appetite for fat cocks. Four young Russian new cummers and a Ukrainian student give up all their holes for Private´s camera. These girls may seem shy at first but once they get some cock there is no stopping them.

Private Castings New Generation 4Private Castings New Generation 4Private Castings New Generation 4Private Castings New Generation 4Private Castings New Generation 4Private Castings New Generation 4

Educating Anissa – A Cuckold Story

Educating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryLiberated couples and swingers take note as Anissa Kate stars with and directs Alice AX, Ambre Aphrodite, Anna Polina, Jessyca Wilson and Lana Fever in a Private tribute to cuckolds and the women they love. In the role of a journalist about to discover some news about her own desires, Anissa take takes a trip down memory lane with three ageing swingers and learns the secrets desires of n five exceptional scenes based on the recollections of scenes Anissa Kate

Also if you are a big Anissa Kate Fan, you can check out our new freebie section, where you will find some exclusive content from the french goddess of porn

Educating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold StoryEducating Anissa - A Cuckold Story

Russian Porn Queens


Russian Porn QueensPrivate has become infatuated with Russians lately, probably because they are the most spectacular and fiery females in the world. Now we bring you Russian Porn Queens, a collection that shows why, for us, they are simply the best . Enjoy the ferocity of up comers like Gina Gerson, Milana Fox and Ashley, or the stunning and filthy beauty of Regina Presley or Kira Queen. Here we have five girls addicted to anal sex, that will leave your cock whiter than their motherland…

Regina Presley

Regina Presley

Russian Porn Queens

Russian Porn Queens

Russian Porn Queens

Russian Porn Queens

Russian Porn Queens

Best of 2013 Out Soon

Somehow you miss the last year, and you are curious what we from Private had released? With the Best of 2013 Compilation you are good to go and you can recap the highlights from the past year. Enjoy seven of the most exciting scenes from movies like Oktober Sex Fest, Fuck me in my Jeans or Barcelona Bandidos 2. Anissa Kate will be in action as well as Valetina Nappi or new teen sensation Lolita Petrova. Must have for every serious Porn-Collector

Best of 2013Caroline Tosca in Ass, Cash & PoliticsAnissa Kate in Barcelona Bandidos 2Ferrera Gomez in Cumshot WeddingsHenessy in Fuck me in my JeansJenny Love in Russian Teen AssValentina Nappi in Ass Hunting In Venice

Our Hardcore Christmas Gift For You

Christmas is almost over and we hope you received nice gifts and had a pleasant time with your beloved ones. We are a little bit late with our gift for you on our Blog. But here you have some pictures from our already released christmas movies. Enjoy!

Candy Alexa in Christmas Teen HangoverTiffany Doll in Christmas Teen HangoverDoris in Dirty Santa Will Make Your Fantasies Come TrueStella Delcroix in Dirty Santa Will Make Your Fantasies Come True Claudia Rossi Yoanna Sweet and Angelica Heart in Fucking Christmas DinnerMandy Bright and Claudia Rossi in Fucking Christmas Dinner

Savannah Secret in the interview with Private

Today we want to share with you an interview with Savannah Secret. Savannah started this year with porn and is already a huge star. No surprise, cause she shows a lot of passion and energy on the set. Also her hairy pussy and the ability to squirt are for the most viewers just jaw dropping.  Read on, and see what Savannah has to say about herself and the biz she is working in

How did you start in the porn industry?

It was not in my plans, it just happened. I put an advertisement in internet that I want to become a photo model,  in order to try something new and to express myself. One agent found me there. And now I am here

Is it a hard job? If yes, why/ how?

Sometimes it is. For example you must stay in very uncomfortable positions and next day you can feel all your muscles. But it’s sometimes hard also mentally. Because when I work I put all my energy into it and if I don’t have enough time to relax it starts to drain me out. I have to charge myself. Sometimes me and my partner with who I have to work are not on the same frequency, it also makes everything more difficult. But, no matter what, I enjoy my job every time on the set!   

Russian Teen298158

What do you like most about your job?

I am free. I am traveling all around the world.  I am learning new cultures, new languages, meeting many interesting people. I discover many interesting things. I express myself as an actress, and as a personality. It changes me in a better way. I became more confident, more sweet, more considered and generous. It showed me to enjoy and live my life how I want in 100% and with no worries what others think. And I enjoy so much to inspire other people even with little talks between the scenes 

If you could choose what would you like to change in the porn industry?

I hope I already started to change this industry. I try to give all my warmth to my fans. I think porn became boring, because everything is done already. There is no more to go, I mean there can’t destroy more girl as it already done in so many scenes. If there is not any story behind, it’s rude and shallow. I think it is time to put more lightness and more love in this. Most of the people are thirsty for love! Most of them are lonely and are trying to find at least something by watching porn. And according of my work on the web cam chat for example, so many of them are just happy to talk, they even don’t need to see any nudity. They are deeply lonely. I want to show porn from different point of view. As we all are sexual human beings and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I tried to show this in my first live show this year in Slovenia, Celje.

How many guys did you have sex with in total?

I did not count. But if you ask about my private life, not much, maybe 6 or 7. I prefer to have one stable partner with who I have something more common than just great sex.

Did you ever go to a date with any of porn actors? If not, would you?

Yes, this sometimes happens. There is good possibility to meet many nice people on the set. Or even if it’s not a date, we meet all together in a small company and spend great time together.

Anal Adventures300205

Do you have more friends outside of the pornbusiness or do pornstars hang out together all the time?

Most of my friends are from porn business. We are like a family, as we can understand each other much better. And there are much more open and honest people than outside from porn. We don’t have to deny who we are, we don’t have to be fake. We are like open books. And the difference is that most of the people outside from the industry are holding closed their books. Which is sad.

What is your sex fantasy?

To be discovered by an alien from my imagination. There are so many secrets, there could be so much passion, it’s something unknown.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Maybe still on the Main stage for which it is absolutely not necessary to be in porn. Or based in a calm family life having some family business. But, I am sure I will keep inspire people giving them my light vibrations as much as I can!  


Do your friends know what industry you work in? If yes, how do they react?

Some of my friends know. They react normal as there is nothing bad in this kind of job. They support me and are helping with ideas when I ask.

What are your hobbies?

I have a lot of them. I like to do workouts by running. I enjoy long walks. Connect with my friends. But I need my space. I enjoy being alone a lot. Sometimes I like to draw, singing, dancing. And I am a slave to the music. Music is my blanket always and everywhere.

At “Anal Introductions with Milana Fox” you had a double pussy scene. How did this feel to have two cocks in one hole?

There was nothing special about it. I am very old school woman, I prefer to have sex with one partner and to feel one cock in my pussy.

How do you do those amazing squirts?

If there is the perfect partner for me, if our energy are on the same level having sex during the scene than it is just a result of my pleasure 


Do you like in your private life also hard sex or are you a bit more romantic?

It depends of my mood, and of the connection with my partner. But mostly I enjoy hard. I love to be submissive, to feel feminine being hugged by a man with a strong energy. It transforms me, makes me to feel sweeter, more submissive for my man. Princess and slave in the same time. It’s amazing.

What would you advice to new actors/actresses who wants to go into the pornbiz?

Be real. Dont be fake or phony. Be who you are, and express yourself.

Do you like to work with Omar Galanti?

I think it can be seen in our scenes… I enjoyed so much to work with him. He is my kind of man. He respect woman even if the scene is hard, he is gentle.

Anal Adventures298671

With whom do you want to work with in the future and didn’t do so far?

I don’t have any specific producer, actor or studio in my mind at the moment. But I can tell you that I am always happy if I can act.  If there is an intro for the scene, and also the scene at all has a meaning. If there is not just having sex in 4-5 different positions and a money shot. I truly believe that my best and most interesting scenes are waiting for me!

How was your debut in porno? And with whom?

I think definitely my movie by Omar Galanti for Evil Angel called ‘’Savannah’s Secret’’.  The Producer even got nominated for the ‘’Best foreigner producer’’. Together with Omar Galanti, Steve Holmes, Kendra Star and Serge. Shooting was amazing, we did so many interesting things which took my breath away. For example, the scene together with Steve Holmes next to the wall from rocks. When he pulled away those many clips from my body. It was so painful but a huge pleasure in the same time. Or the scene with Omar for example, when I had to dominate him. I was so into my role that my mind flew away, I stopped to think, just enjoyed my power over him in that moment. And, the best thing is that we ‘’woke up’’ we must finish the scene when we had already 1.5 hour instead of 40min 

Tell us what do you remember about that crazy week in Ibiza this past month of may?

I remember that we were very unlucky with the weather, haha. But I had such a good time there. In the evenings I took some walks and bought that super delicious ice cream in the city. And the Sea food – the best taste in the world! I met many good and very optimistic people there. And also spent great time together with Russian girls.

How was it working with Private so far?

It was an honor to me to work with Private. You are great and hard – working team. If I remember correct, there were 55 scenes in one week?! All rooms or corners next to that beautiful villa were busy with shooting all the day.

We Love your Haired Pussy, could you promise us that you never will shave?

Thanks! Well, I can’t promise as I have to think about all of my fans. But, my opinion that a bit more hair looks much more feminine and mature and I prefer to leave it more hairy than shaved! 


Thanks for the inspiring insights Savannah!


Private launches 12 new sites into 5 different languages

Private Tour Logos

Hola, dear Porn Connoisseurs! We’ve been busy over the last few months and translated 12 sites into 5 languages.

So if German, Spanish, Dutch, or French is your native language, you will be pleased when you see what we did for you.

Besides the site, we created 11 new sites to keep you excited for a long time. You’re into hot and horny Milfs? Then checkout and see how young studs get seduced by experienced women.

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In total we have over 5000 scenes with more than 1100 of the hottest girls on planet earth available for you.

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Steve Holmes in an interview with Private

Steve Holmes and Sandra Iron

Today we want to share an interview with Steve Holmes, one of the most prolific actors of all time. Steve has been active now for over 17 years and has over 1350 movies under his belt and directed almost 50 films. Two XRCO and two AVN Awards are the result of his “hard” work so far. When you think about it he only started to work in the porn industry at the age of 35 and his track record is even more jaw-dropping. We hope that you are going to enjoy some witty insights from an outstanding actor.


Private: Steve, you have one of the biggest dicks in the business, how do you go with this?

Steve Holmes: It’s the only dick I ever had. So it’s just normal for me.

Private: What do you do in order to have your dick always hard?

Steve Holmes: My dick just get hard automatically when I see a naked women.

Private: What do you prefer, anal or vaginal?

Steve Holmes: I like it both.

Private: In Private, we have seen you working with the amazing Michelle Wild? How it was working with her?

Steve Holmes: Michelle was one of my all-time favorite partners. She is not only incredibly sexy but also one the loveliest and warmest persons I know.

Private: One of the craziest scenes that we’ve ever seen, was the scene 5 of Funky Fetish Horror Show with Sandra Iron and Michelle Wild and you wearing panties!, tell us what do you remember of this scene?

Steve Holmes: First of all I remember that it was the longest day on set for me, 26 hours. Kovi shot it like a real movie. The outfits were funny and I liked my role, very different

Steve Holmes with Michelle Wild at Funky Fetish Horror Show

 Private: In the last times, we have seen you in Anal Introductions with Milana Fox , in a scene with with the pussy haired and great squirter Savannah Secret sharing her pussy with Omar Galanti, how was it?

Steve Holmes: I worked various times with Savannah Secret in St. Petersburg and we went out many times for dinner. She is beautiful, sexy and very intelligent.

Steve Holmes with Omar Galanti and Savannah Secret

Private: What ‘s the amount of women you’ve had sex with on the same day?

Steve Holmes: 14

Private: Any tips for starting a career in the Adult Industry?

Steve Holmes: Not really, because everybody has a different approach.

Private: Steve, you are a veteran in the porn business. What’s the difference between the time you started and now?

Steve Holmes: There are many colleagues who are longer in the business, I’m just one of the oldest because I started with 35 and most others start much earlier.

Private: When you meet fans face to face, what’s the one question they ask you the most?

Steve Holmes: They usually don’t ask questions but just want a picture or shake my hands.

Private: You are a cosmopolitan who travels through the world. If you compare Europe to USA. Where is the difference in porn between these two continents?

Steve Holmes: There is not a big difference; it’s a real global market.

Private: What can Europe learn from USA regarding porn and vice versa

Steve Holmes: I don’t see there anything.

Private: What would you change about the business?

Steve Holmes: I like it as it is.

Thanks Steve. 

Steve Holmes with Mercedes Ashley

Sun Oil Sluts

Amy Wild in Sun Oil Sluts

During the cold days everybody needs to stay warm somehow.

Private takes care of your needs and gives you with « Sun Oil Sluts » the perfect warmer for the upcoming days.

Sluts like Amy Wild, Hennesy, Jasmine Jae, Kristall Rush, Mira Sunset and Sharon Lee get banged hard in their pussies that the juices flow like water. After these epic fucks under the hot sun in Ibiza, their heated pussies and asses need a cooling for sure.

So get yourself in a warm mood as well and enjoy « Sun Oil Sluts » with something you can use to cool off too


Date of Birth: November 15, 1989 (23 years old)

Place of Birth:  Russia

Eye Color:Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Measurements: 34C-26-35

Some call her the Katherine Heigl of porn, but at Private we know her as Henessy; the Russian that came in from the cold to warm up our members! She started in the industry in 2009 at the tender age of 20, and within a couple of years was fucking teachers under the masterly tuition of Frank Thring. We’ve seen her get her jeans ripped and then fucked, by Marco Banderas, and we’re sure that she has a bright future ahead of her on our site.

Check her out in the following movies that are out NOW!

”Private Sex School”
”Fuck Me In My Jeans”

”Anal Advantage: Matchpoint” OUT NOW!!!

Roland Garros is coming up and to mark the occasion Private takes France by storm with a 100% French tennis title! Anal Advantage: Matchpoint has been shot on location in Paris with original dialogues in French; the language of love and banging sex!

The talent is all French too, both male and female, with Angell Summers, Emy Russo, Julie Valmont, Lana Fever, Mademoiselle Justine and Sabrina Sweet all getting fucked, game, set and match. This story revolves around a tennis academy where the advantage is always anal!