Lolita Petrova in the interview with Private

Lolita PetrovaIt is 22.15 in the evening. She gets into the taxi with her gold-blond hair, red lipstick and shiny eyes. She says that she is not tired at all, even though she’s been working since 2pm. She has colourful shoes, jeans with rhinestones, a simple sweater and a leather jacket. She smiles and says that she is pleasantly surprised to hear someone speak Russian, since everybody speaks only English to her. Lolita is a very friendly and a spontaneous girl, very open and likes to share her experiences. She has one sister, who she lives with in Yekaterinburg.  She becomes all red in her face and exited when she talks about her sex fantasies. She is very curious and wants to try new things. She doesn’t enjoy anal sex, but she likes hard-core sex. The most hard core thing she tried was a scene with 10 guys. Lolita met Savannah Secret and thinks that she is great. Lolita is not so tall but very pretty. She smiles all the time and is very easy going. She spoke about her experiences and that most Russian girls have to start with some shootings in Russia for very little money before being able to get work in Europe.

She has a good appetite, but is careful with what she eats. She says she prefers fish to meat in the evenings, because meat is too hard to digest for her. However when the ribs arrive at the table, she quickly decides what her favourite dish is.  She drinks orange juice and water.

How did you start in the porn industry?

I searched and applied for this myself. My first scene was when I was 18 for one company from London. My first scene was shot in Yekaterinburg.Lolita Petrova

Is it a hard job? If yes, why/ how?

It is a hard job if you don’t like it. But I like it.

Did you ever go to a date with any of porn actors? If no, would you?

Yes, I was with some but without sex.

Lolita Petrova

Do you have more friends outside of the porn business or do porn stars hang out together all the time? Do your friends know what industry you work in? If yes, how do they react?

I don’t have friends from outside the porn business. I lost my friends when they found out what kind of second job I had. I still have one good friend, but she is not in the business and she doesn’t care for what I do.

What is your sex fantasy?

BukkakeLolita Petrova

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Right now I want to be in porn. But my hobby is to write. I am working on one book right now.

How was working with Private so far?

I like working with PRIVATE. They do hard core.

Hetero, lesbian or bi?

I don’t like to work with girls. Maybe in my private life I will try, but not in shootings.Lolita Petrova

How did your life change since you started shooting porn?

I travel a lot. I don’t even have time to visit the cities I work in.

How much thought do you give to social media in order to forward your success as a porn star?

I check my twitter. I use Facebook but I am more active on vk.comLolita Petrova

Do you watch porn/ your own movies in your private life?

No, I never watch my own movies. But I am curious and I like to watch shocking videos. Always wondering what people are capable of doing

How was the scene with Mike Angelo from Pussy Harvest?

It was good. It was not the hardest I have done. But I liked it. I usually don’t care who I work with. When I don’t like someone I just try to focus on myself. 

Lolita Petrova

Thanks Lolita