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The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Movie: The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Are politics sexy? They are in Italy. The Italian Prime Minister impresses visiting foreign dignitaries with glamorous high class hookers; the result is a scandalous sex party that could bring down the government. 2 journalists have evidence that the corridors of power heave with big tits, deep anal, tight DP’s and banging orgies. But be careful! You never know who is filming everything you do then selling the sex tape to the highest bidder…

Cover Star Quote
Aleska Diamond comments, “I’m very attracted to powerful men and making this movie really let me live out a big sexual fantasy of mine.”

Scene 1 (BG)
Sonia (Cathy Campbel) and Peter (Nick Lang) are journalists with sophisticated surveillance devices. They are trying to discover what goes on behind the closed doors of the Prime Minister’s residence amid claims that he indulges in sex parties with high class escort girls.
A security guard approaches their van and afraid of blowing their cover they pretend to be lovers. The security guard is fooled but now they are both hot and horny and want more. Peter pulls aside her pants to reveal a plump wet pussy. He slips his swollen penis inside her and she moans with pleasure. They screw on the front seat of the van and with her leg out the window she guides him into her ass and wriggles on his dick until he blows his entire load in her mouth.


Scene 2 (BG)
Inside his residence the Italian Prime Minister is holding a party for a select group of foreign dignitaries. He enters the room with 2 amazing women on his arm. There are gorgeous girls everywhere and even the waitresses are as hot as top models. The Spanish Minister for Trade wants to talk business but is told by the Premiere that tomorrow is for business and tonite is for relaxing. He offers the Minister to choose from any of the girls that he likes. He chooses tall, leggy blonde Cindy Hope and they make their way to a huge indoor swimming pool where she blindfolds him and takes his big shiny cock in her hand and very gently licks his swollen helmet. Her moans and groans of pleasure echo all around the pool as they fuck intensely in every position with the minister finally blowing his load all over her firm tits.

Scene 3 (BBG)
The Prime Ministers security guards have a similar disregard for duty as their boss and follow one of the waitresses around the corner like a couple of alley cats on heat allowing Sonia and Peter to slip into the house undetected. The guards follow the French maid Aleska Diamond to a store room and after some small talk she pleads with them to lick her pussy. The 2 guys don’t wait to be asked twice and comply with her wishes to the T. There follows some up close and ball achingly tight anal and a very clear DP shot from the front and then from behind. Two messy cum shots in the face finish one of the best DP scenes of the year.

Scene 4 (BG)
The German delegate is also eager to do business with the Italian Premiere who seems busy with other matters. Left alone in the party he catches the eye of stunning blonde, Alexis. She leads him off. Once alone she extracts herself from her very tight black dress to reveal heavy tits and a scandalously sexy body that could bring down a government with one sway of her hips. The German minister is shown incredible hospitality by Alexis as she sucks and jerks and fucks him to orgasm where he finally spills his seeds of democracy all over her pretty and tattooed bottom.

Scene 5 (Orgy – BBBBGGGG)
The Italian PM is always the generous host. Proposing a toast to his guests he approaches a big breasted brunette and gently releasing her tits from her latex dress he pours champagne on her boobs and licks it off them. This heralds the start of an orgy that has all the foreign dignitaries including the Italian Prime Minister screwing like rock stars back stage and Sonia and Peter get the whole damned scandal on film.

The next day the world’s media is full of the story but the Italian Prime Minister, cold as ice orders the deaths of the journalists and the destruction of the rest of the film. Sonia and Peter are in their hotel room discussing what to do with the rest of the footage they shot when there is a knock at their bedroom door. They are both shot and the Prime Minister now ousted by scandal sells his sex tape to the Private Media Group.

Interview with Cindy Hope

What is your name?
My name is Cindy Hope

How old are you?
I am 25 years old

Where are you from?
I was born in Budapest.

Where do you live now?
I still live in Budapest

What is your zodiac?
My zodiac is Leo

How long do you work in this business?
I am working in this business since four years.

What are your studies?
My studies are Marketing

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes I do have a boyfriend.

What does your boyfriend think of you working in the porn industry?
My boyfriend does not really care what I do he know for me it is just a job.

Is porn your full time job.
Yes, it is.

What was your first boy- girl scene?
That was a scene with Toni Ribas.

Do you remember how you did feel that day?
O yes o my god I was so shy and nervous. I had really no clue what to do.

How did you experience that scene?
Well actually I liked it and Toni was a great help. He was a real gentleman.

Do you like big cocks or small cocks?
I like small dicks.

Do you like hard sex, romantic sex or more fetish?
I do not like the romantic or fetish sex so yeah just the hard sex for me.

Who is your favorite actor and why?
My favorite actor is an American/ British one. His name is Danny Mountain . I like him because for me he is the perfect combination between humor, intelligence and the perfect body.

Do you have a lot of orgasm while working?
Yes a few yes

Do you like anal, dp or both?
I do not like anal and I do not like dp`s but I do like double vaginal.

Do you have anal in your private life?
No I do not do anal in my private life.

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
I do not really have one because I think I already did everything in this job. So no I do not have any sexual fantasies left.

What do you prefer lesbian sex or guys?
I like lesbian sex.

Are you a lesbian?
No I am a bisexual.

Do you also have in your private life a bi-sexual relations?
Well I tried actually in a swinger club.

With your new boyfriend?
No no this was actually with my ex boyfriend.

So no with your new boyfriend you are straight?
Yes totally.

What are your hobbies?
I do not really have any hobbies because I do not have time. So for now my hobby is my job.

Which celebrity would you take for a hot date?
Hahahahah Angelina Jolie

Do you like sports?
Yes I like sports just I am soo fucking lazy so with being really busy I do not make really the time to do some more sports

How do you see your future?
I see my future with a family, nice house and of course a husband and some children and who knows I might be directing my own movies!

Cum In My Limousine

Movie: Cum In My Limousine

A Private Gold movie, Cum in My Limousine follows Kid Jamaica, a recently arrived immigrant to the US in search of the American wet dream. Becoming a chauffeur for a sex obsessed playboy Kid finds himself surrounded by hot and fuckable women and so begins his rags to bitches story as he screws his way to the top.

Female Cast:
Bea Stiel
Lea Lush
Sabrina Sweet
Janine Rose

Scene 1: Office orafice
How do you get sweaty in an air conditioned office? Let Lexa flash her gash and no amount of cooling systems will cool down your ardour…

Scene 2: Sit on my gear stick
Alexa and Sabrina get turned on in the back of a limousine, luckily they have a gear stick to play with and it’s attached to a guy!

Scene 3: Gang banged!
Janine prepares to get everyone of her holes filled, see how she writes with satisfaction!

Scene 4: She is one horny bitch!
Nothing will stop Bea getting the satisfaction she deserves!

Interview with Sharka Blue

What is your name?
My name is Sharka Blue.

Where are you from?
I am from Czech Republic and I live in your fantasies. Ha ha ha!

How old are you?
I am 29 years old.

What’s better – getting your pussy fucked or your ass fucked? Or both?
I think of my ass as my second pussy. For me double penetration is the ultimate sex. Being fucked by 2 cocks at the same time is very hot. Every girl should try it. At least twice.

What’s the biggest orgy/gangbang you have ever been in?
The biggest orgy I was in wasn’t actually in a film. My boyfriend at the time wanted to watch me being fucked so we went to a swingers club and it was wild. We were 12 people all fucking each other. It was so hot.

What’s it like knowing loads of men will be watching you… does it turn you on?
I love it. It makes me wet just thinking about it.

What do you think is your best physical asset? Why?
Well I am quite petite and so I would say my best features are my tits and my ass. My pussy is very strong and tight.

Do you fancy girls, or is it just for the camera?
I think girls are better at eating my pussy than men. Because they have a pussy and know what it feels like to have one and so they know how to turn the engine on, if you know what I mean?

When you’re not performing, do you still enjoy porn? If so, what gets you off?
Yes! I have always loved porn. I like watching it alone or with my boy friend. Sometimes it gives you ideas about what to try out. I love watching 2 guys and 2 girls. That way you have lesbian and double penetration which I think is very hot to see. Oh yeah! I love watching cum shots as well.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on the set of a porno?
One time I was doing a scene with 2 boys and we had only just started filming. I was giving a blow job to one of them when all of a sudden he shouts at me to stop but I thought he was just acting. He pulled away and came all over the other boy’s hair. Everybody laughed a lot. Sometimes porn is very difficult.

Do you get nervous anymore before a scene?
Yes! But it is a good thing. The nerves are also exciting.

What’s the worst chat up line you’ve ever heard?
I was in a bar with some friends and this guy says to me very loudly so that everyone could hear “Thief, thief. You are a thief,” I was shocked and started to get angry as I didn’t know why he was accusing me. Then he said “You have stolen my heart” It was very funny and everybody laughed but I was quite shocked.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex? Or the best?

The weirdest place and the best place were the same. In the toilet aboard a plane. It might not seem all that weird but I got the giggles very badly and made loads of noise.
How much do you love spunk?
I love it! In my coffee or on my pop tarts. I can’t live without it. Actually when I go to the coffee shop I always ask for a cream pie latte.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to be the best porn actress in the world

Cum To Ibiza: Chill the Fuck Out!

Movie: Cum To Ibiza

There is no place like it in the world. The intense sun and the beautiful beaches posses an intense sexual energy that makes you want to just fuck anal, get into an orgy, get a double penetration or swallow loads of cum or just fuck in the sea. Private was the first to exploit the hardcore Ibiza in its films and here is a scorching hot selection of spunk spurting scenes starring porn goddesses Boroka, Angel Dark, Silvia Lancome, Vanessa May and Alexis among others. Remember, if you ever go to Ibiza, just fucking chill out!

Female Cast:
Angel Dark
Cayenne Klein
Jessica Girl
Justine Ashley
Lara Stevens
Silvia Lancome
Vanessa May

Scene 1: Open wide!
Boroka and Vanessa open their legs as wide as they can so they can feel that thick cock entering their lucious, wet holes.

Scene 2: Float your boat
A foursome at sea will really ‘float your boat’

Scene 3: Facial cream
Silvia Lancome needs a fresh facefull of creamy jizz to rejuvenate her skin!

Scene 4: Bend over Cayenne
Cayenne feels the warm ocean lap at her pussy lips, while Toni Ribas takes her from behind!

Scene 5: An orgy of passion
Seven horny people get together in an electrifying orgy of passion!

Scene 6: Feed them your cum
Angel and Bambi need some sexual satisfaction, and they want it now!

Summer Sex Job in Guadaloupe 2

Movie: Summer Sex Job in Guadaloupe 2

The second part to Alessandro Del Mar’s scorcher, where we find sordid fraudster Oscar up to his old tricks. Sex and swindling abound in this classic tale of a conman getting outwitted at his own game. Oscar has tricked four gorgeous young girls into thinking he’s the owner of the island’s most popular resort, and in doing so he pits them against each other as they compete for the job.

Whoever can fuck hardest will get the job. With a name like Boroka Balls you’d think this blond nymphomaniac would easily get the job, but the competition is tight wet and fierce because she has to go against ravenous cock suckers who expertly handle one man together, cocksucking cutie Yasmine Gold, insatiable Chloe Delaure who can take cocks in both her holes and scream for more, marvellous Morgan Moon.

Everybody wants something in this sordid tale of double crossing and hard fucking, and only the horniest will cum out on top…

Female Cast
Chloe Delaure
Morgan Moon
Yasmine Gold

Scene 1: Sex job
Boroka gets a holiday job on the paradise island of Guadalupe, and she works hard for the money…

Scene 2: Precious Ass!
If you go down in the woods today you get to fuck Yasmine’s precious asshole!

Scene 3: Outdoors and wet!
Take her up the ass by the side of the river and see her pussy juices dribble into the waters flow…

Scene 4: It’s fucking frothy!
Fucking on the banks of a tropical river in Guadaloupe, this randy little trio makes the water froth!

Interview with Daria Glower

What is your name?
My name is Daria Glower

How old are you?
I am already 28 years old.

Where are you from?
I am from Czech Republic from Prague.

Where do you live?
In Prague

What did you do before you started this business?
I almost did nothing, just finished school, worked three months with properties and after that I had my first offer to work in porn and I tried it and still here

How did you get started in this business?
One of my friends was working for a some mainstream tv series and in his show they were talking a bit about sex and the sex-industry and he made me an offer and I tried and that is it.

How did you feel and what were you thinking during your first performance and your first scene?
I do not remember, it is such a long time ago, but I guess I could say I was shy..I was very shy that age.

How old were you when you started to work in porn?
18 years old.

How long have you been doing porn now?
8 years

How different is it when the director is also the actor?
Of course it depends level of professionalism but an actor will be an actor and you do your work so for me it is the same. I guess the difference for me will be that you talk more. There is more contact.

What actor do you prefer as your partner in your performance?

What kind of men do you like in your private life?
A little bit older than me. A nice body, brown hair and good teeth.

Does size matter?
Hmmmmm depends if the guy knows how to work with his dick. If not ..too big or too small can be a problem.

Do you have some booty calls so now and then?

You have done some dp`s what was your first dp?
My first dp was a long time ago.

Do you prefer two boys or two girls?
Two boys of course!!

For me it is just better!

Have you ever been in an orgy in your private life?
In my private life yes… a couple of times yes.

What do you prefer a threesome with two girls one guy or two guys one girl?
It actually depends a bit how I wake up in the morning sometimes it just better two guys and sometimes nicer to be with two girls, then it is normally a bit more romantic.

Have you ever been in a threesome in your private life?

Who is your favorite actor in porn?

Why he is your favorite actor?
Well because he is my boyfriend!

How does your boyfriend feel that you work in this business?
He is absolutely ok, he is also working in this business.

What kind of sex you like the most?
Not really hard actually and sometimes a bit of fetish. But I am not too romantic either.

What is your favorite fetish?

Do you like being tied up?
Sometimes but I prefer to be dominant

What is kinky about you?
My ass

What is the kinkiest sex you have ever had?
In a car while my partner was driving on the highway.

Do you have a problem with people that they are watching you and probably you will turn them on?
No I do not have a problem with people.

Do you ever have really good orgasm during a lesbian shoot?
Well actually I do enjoy but a real heavy orgasm no not really.

Do you like anal sex in your private sex life!
O yes!

Mafia Girlz

Movie: Mafia Girlz

When you start a vendetta with the Sicilian Mafia Girlz they will cum after you with their asses! So you better make sure you’ve got enough ammunition in your machine gun to fire some face spurting sperm bullets, because they are on the hunt for a cum filled sex massacre, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it! Including a DP!

Female Cast:
Lady May
Lucy Belle
Regina Ice
Suzie Diamond

Scene 1: Salami anyone?
Lucy Belle gets taken over the kitchen table, see how she gags on the fresh salami rammed into her mouth…

Scene 2: Tight asian
Lady May’s tight asian cunt and ass both get filled to the brim!

Scene 3: Inside out!
Outside’ on the terrace these two randy bitches take it ‘inside’ their cunts & their asses…

Scene 4: Torrid threesome
Three’s ‘cum’pany as Lady May’s tight oriental pussy fights for position with Regina Ice’s warm asshole…

Black Cocks and White Asses Vol 2

Movie: Black Cocks and White Asses Vol 2

Coverstar Sasha Grey stars in the new season of hit US series Entourage in July 2010, she also drops to her knees and swallows down thick black cock in this latest Private release. She is joined by 6 more beautiful lily white asses in this sexploration of big black dicks.

Female Cast:
Bobbi Starr
Flick Shagwell
Jamie Brooks
Sasha Grey

Scene 1: Black cock for Sasha
Superstar Sasha Grey gets some black cock rammed inside her tight ass hole.

Scene 2: Move over Tiger Woods
Lexington Steel gets out his enormous club and shows how to get several holes in one

Scene 3: She loves black dick
Jamie takes a thick black cock deep inside her ass in this outdoor fuck scene

Scene 4: Flick gets shagged well!!
Flick Shagwell turns into the dirtiest bitch when she sees thick black cock!

Scene 5: Go Bobbie!
Bobbi Starr really shines when she has a huge black cock rammed deep inside her ass!

Donna Bell

What is your name?
My name is Donna Bell

How old are you?
21 almost 22 years old

Where are you from?

Do you like to have sex in a bathroom?
It is kind of exciting! People can just walk in so I like that tension.

Do you think sex in public is sexy?
Yes like a said sex in public is exciting you can get caught any minute.

What is the most bizarre place you have ever had sex?
Uff I have had sex in guess all places you could think off.

Does size matter?
Hmmmmmm not really.

Do you prefer long or thick dicks?

My pussy knows better.

What kind of men do you prefer?
Dangerous, sexy and good looking!

Do you like to swallow cum?
Yes I love it

Are you a good cook?

Do you prefer threesomes with two guys or two girls?
Does not really matter

Do you ever have threesomes in your private life?
No in my private life never!

Who is your favorite actor in porn business?
I do not really have a favorite one I guess l like them all!

What kind of sex do you like most?
I like the hard sex

Do you have a boy friend?
No, I do not

Is it a problem for you that many people are watching you having sex and it turns them on?
No not at all a problem, I am totally ok with this.

Do you like to play with dialogues or do you just prefer to shoot the sex?
I actually do like to play the dialogues, it is sometimes great fun.

Do you like big boobs?
Big boobs? Yes I like them! But I am very happy with mine as well.

Do you like lesbian scenes? With one or more than one girl?
With one girl I prefer

Did you ever have an orgasm during a lesbian shoot?
No I did not have any orgasm with another girl.

Do you like to dress up for sex?
Yes of course.

What is your favorite costume to dress up in?

Do you like shooting orgies?
Yes I actually do! It is good fun.

It is fun when you have more actors and actresses together.

Do you like orgies in your real life?
Well in my real private life I actually do not have orgies.

With how many people was your biggest orgy?
Hmmmm wow well I guess 16 up to 20!

Are you a swinger?
No I am not a swinger.

Have you ever been swinging?
No never

What do you do to stay in shape?
Lots and lots of sex.

Do you like sports?
Yes but I do not do any sports these days, just fucking!

Do you watch sports in your private life?
Yes I do sometimes.

What do you do in your free time?
Not too much! Relaxing

What are your hobbies?
I do not have a hobby. I do not have a lot of free time.

You have a lot of anal sex in movies; do you also have anal sex in your private life?
Yes I do have anal sex of course!

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Outdoor Whores

Movie: Outdoor whores

There’s nothing better than fucking outside in the open air, al fresco sex is so rejuvenating especially when Private has selected the choicest chicks and fucked them outside their luxury Caribbean villas, or on the deck of a luxury yacht, or on the shore of a white, sandy beach. They get more sausage than a barbeque in this outdoor sex movie!

Female Cast
Angel Dark
Black Angelika
Claudia Ferrari
Laura Lion

Scene 1: Delicious boobs
Black Angelika has delicious, big, natural tits. Just the thing to make your mouth water and your cock rock hard!

Scene 2: A roll on the grass
Laura enjoys being outside, especially when she is getting DPed on the lawn!

Scene 3: Can they handle her?
Angel Dark takes on two studs, can they handle her? You bet!

Scene 4: Outdoor whore!
Alena gets the biggest thrill when she doesn’t fuck in a bed, see her bend over and take it outside on the terrace!

Scene 5: Revved up!
Claudia Ferrari gets revved up and ready for a fuck in her garden!

Interview with Zuleidy

What is your name?
My name is Zuleidy

Where are you from & where do you live now?
I’m from Colombia

How old are you?
I am 23 years old

When is your birthday?
27 of January 1987

How tall are you?
150 cm

Are you straight or bi sexual?
Bi sexual

Do you have some special memories of your first shooting in porn?
Yes I do have some special recollections since it was the moment I felt for the first time if I was liberating my sexuality inside me. I have always been a very sexual person and it was clear for me that I wanted to earn my living with my image. The day of my first porn scene was a bit scary for me because I am a very small girl 1,50 height and 35kg, and they put to together with two enormous men with cocks of 20cm. I was afraid I was going to get hurt, but nothing like that!! I really found out that this was what I wanted to do and I have had the best time ever.

Do you have a partner? When yes, what does he think of you working in porn?
My partner is Paul Lapiedra (producer and director of porn). He introduced me in the cinema x, he has been my mentor and gave me the best advices I could get. He always respected my decision wanting to be a porn star and supports me with everything.

When did you have your first sexual relation?
I was 14 years old. I remember that when I told my best friend she said to me: fuck!! 14 years old and you are already sucking cocks!

Do you have some limits concerning sex?
I love sex, I enjoy anal sex and I like to be submissive in bed.
Sadomasoguismo is something I have never practiced nor I believe I ever will, but never say never.

Was there some particularly difficult moment for you in the world of porn?
I think that for women there are many difficult moments in porn. Just a week ago a friend of mine, also porn actress told me about ” the syndrome of the porn stars “, that is when you start questioning yourself if you have taken the right decision entering the world of porn and what do people think about what you do and your life.

When did you decide to become a porn star?
I always wanted to be a porn star. For me it is a privilege to be able to be desired by so many men. The cinema x looks to me a very glamorous world, is a mixture between cinema and sex.

Who is your favorite director and in what country do you prefer to shoot?
I like very much the movies of Andrew Blake, Michael Ninn, Rocco Sifredi and the brothers Lapiedra.

Of all countries I have worked in, I liked a lot Hungary because people in the industry are very professional and next to this the medical tests are far more complete than in other countries. In Spain it is very entertaining to shoot due to the Spanish mentality and vibe. But my big dream is to shoot movies in Japan

For you, who are the king and queen of porn?
Without any doubts the queen will be Jenna Jameson whom I admire deeply and the kings are Rocco and Nacho.

What do you think about” feminine porn “, porn done by women?
It seems to me perfect that women direct, it is very nice that in this industry the doors are open for all kind of different aspects. I like women directors like Bella Donna and Erica Lust.

Do you enjoy sex personally as much as it seems you do in the movies?
In my private life I enjoy sex very much. I consider it to be one of the most important things in a relationship. And like I said before I am a very sexual person.

What are your future projects?
Now I am dedicating a lot of my time to my Web, because I believe that Internet together with mobile technology 3g is the future of this industry. In fact, I am preparing a portal Web to launch into the US market “Zucahs” debuting with 4 Webs this year.
Also working on a project together with the German Erotic Media shooting an erotic movie for TV. And now also Private just released on October the movie “100 % Zuleidy”.

Are you bisexual? You enjoy doing lesbian scenes?
I believe that we all are bisexual in a major or minor degree.
I am very sensitive for feminine beauty. I do enjoy the lesbians very much during shooting the movies, but I consider myself to be a heterosexual and I LOVE men!!!

What girls do you admire in porn? Who are your roll models?
I have always admired Jenna Jameson, and I am fascinated by Japanese porn stars like Sora Aoi and Maria Ozawa. I do not really have a roll model. I just want to be me, myself and become a start with my own strength and personality.

What is your dream to achieve in porn? What are your objectives?
I would love, like I said before, triumph as an actress in Japan, to be an Idol. Of course next to be a well known star in Europe and United states. And of course I would love to triumph as a producer, and businesswoman in this industry.

Did being a porn star ever caused you some problems?
So far it never caused me any problem. My family and partner do all support me. Actually so far I just experienced the opposite. It has so far only opened doors for me.

Which is the secret of your success?
I believe that my particular physics with the Lolita look is the secret of my success. In front of the cameras I give everything and fuck with my whole soul.

What has been so far a highlight in your career?
I have had already many great moments; one of the latest has been the opportunity to work together with Private.

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