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New movie that comes out in March! ”Blacks And Sluts”!

You’ve got to check out our new movie  ”Blacks And Sluts” out in March!

female cast

See five American teen girls get fucked by a big black cock.  These girls look innocent but they really love getting fucked in the ass and getting creampied!


Christmas is coming!

If you are bad then Father Christmas won’t bring you any presents,
that is, unless you are a Private girl! Because these bitches have been
really bad all year round, they have been fucking every man in sight.
Luckily for them Private’s Father Christmas always has a present for
them – fat throbbing cock and huge, ass breaking sex toys! See these
dirty bitches show that receiving is always better than giving!


Interview with Mandy Bright!

Hi, I am Mandy Bright!

Where are you from & where do you live now?
From Hungary, Budapest.

What do you like about it?
It is a beautiful country!

What star sign are you?

What are your vital statistics?
Waist: 58
Hips: 99
Chest: 98

Do you consider yourself bi sexual off camera?
Yes, sure.

Does sex get better the older you get?
Yes, because I have a lot of experience now.

What sexual fantasy do you have yet to experience? What turns you on? What is the best way to excite you sexually?
Everything when I feel the man is dominating me and controlling my sexuality.

What’s better – getting your pussy fucked or your ass fucked?
Both are great!

What is the biggest turn off for you in a sexual partner?
When I feel the guy is submissive.

If you could have sex with anyone famous, who would it be? Why?
I don’t need any famous guy. I think they are all totally the same like the any other guy!

How and when did you get started in the business? What did you do before working in porn?
10 years ago I did my first scene in my life for Private. Before that I worked at Costume clearance.

For you what is the best scene you have ever done and why?
The scene I did with Rocco. Because it was really strong, perverse and emotional.

Tell us about the funniest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Whenever I have to play a mother for me is very funny and unreal!!!

What’s the best thing about shooting porn? And the worst thing?
I can do everything I have ever dreamed of. There is no bad bit. That’s why I still do it.

Do you have any advice for girls looking to get a career in porn?
Only do it if you really feel a passion for it. If not please forget it!

Could you describe your ideal man?
Dominant, funny, tall, intelligent and nice.

Finally…..are you single or in a relationship?
I am in a relationship.

Some of my Private Movies are:
The Milf Cafe
The Private Life of Mandy Bright
A Fucking Christmas Dinner
100 Happy Endings
Kinky Sluts in Uniform
and many more…..

5 Eurobabes in Mini Skirts!

Movie: 5 Eurobabes in Miniskirts

Is there anything more beautiful on this planet than a gorgeous gal in a small tartan skirt showing her legs and a flash of knicker? No! 5 euro tarts in miniskirts get what’s cumming to them: dribbling anal and vaginal cream pies, dp’s and gapes. Starring maxi euro sluts: Milla, Jenny, Angel Rivas and Kitty, born to wear miniskirts and born to get cock in every hole. There is a knee jerkingly good scene from Asian porn god, Kenee Styles knobbing Rosee in a cute little skirt way above her knee. Miniskirts = maxi sluts.

Cover Star Quote:
“When I was younger I used to eat a lot of pussy. It just tasted so good. Now I prefer to have a man lick and suck my clit with a couple of fingers inside me before he fucks me with his big hard cock. That’s what I call hot.” Milla

Scene One (GBB)
Milla looks like the jeans miniskirt was invented for her. Bob Terminator and Choky Ice have also noticed. She has obviously had 2 dicks before as she sucks on them both. Milla loves deep anal which she gets and DP from the front and behind. With a cream pie dripping from her gaping ass and a cum shot in the face

Scene Two (BG)
If you were driving down the road and saw Kitty you would probably have an accident. Young, leggy and blond in a little skirt and high heels reading a book on bench. She is noticed by a passing motorcyclist who gets more than a nice smile for stopping. She lies back to let him get at her pretty pink pussy which looks like it tastes of a candy. She lets him fuck her anyway he wants until he cums just inside her and his jissom drips from her fanny as she spreads it with her fingers.

Scene Three (BG)
Jenny is a college girl in a skimpy tartan mini skirt who is asked to come to the front of the class to explain something on the board in a boring math class. When she goes back to her desk she notices a fellow student watching her so she lifts her skirt to reveal perfect white knickers. He pulls them away as she sits on a desk and starts to lick at her lunch box before nailing her and giving her a drippy cream pie.

Scene Four (BBG)
Angel Rivas certainly makes the grade in school in a miniskirt. A discussion in class about ballet leads to Angel getting hot under her tutu. She has always fancied her teacher and undoes his trousers and takes his hard cock in her soft mouth. Angel Rivas wants more though and her fellow student studies what is under her kilt. A double penetration on the teacher’s desk leaves Angel with a A+ and an anal cream pie with a facial cum shot.

Scene Five (BG)
Sitting down in a miniskirt Rosee looks good enough to eat and Asian porn god Kenee Styles is starving hungry. She shows him her perfect skinny, tall body and puffy areola and the meal begins. Rosee doesn’t just want a first course of oral and vaginal but quickly moves to a main course comprising of anal and sausage meat. Kenee penetrates her ass up to his bollocks until desert arrives, a face covered in pearl jam.

How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

Toni Ribas has fucked over 2,500 girls in his career as an award winning porn star and director. Bringing to Private classic series’ like “Ibiza Sex Party“, “Private Auditions” and now this new series
How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

In this first DVD in the series, Toni shows you the techniques he uses to pull girls in his everyday life, from his hairdresser to his next door neighbor, Toni teaches you how to perfect your skills at getting the women you want, when you want and it’s all filmed for your pleasure.

“I hope that this series teaches guys the many different ways there are to seduce & fuck beautiful girls. It doesn’t take a university degree, just a certain amount of confidence, the ability to think on the spot and of course, how to use the art of flirting to get any girl you want.” Toni Ribas

Lesson number 1(BG)
Pretending to be looking for a new flat to buy or rent, he visits his local estate agency. The beautiful Aliz is the girl in charge and after some business and flirtation, she takes him off to see a 3 bedroomed flat with a sea view. It’s not long before he tries to seal the deal with a blow job and Aliz, keen to rent out the apartment obliges.

Lesson number 2 (BG)
“Get them to cum to you.”
After chasing all that pussy, Toni devises an idea to make this lesson a lot easier. He pretends to be sick and gets a visit from sexy doctor Aletta Ocean. This is playing doctors and nurses for grown ups!

Lesson number 3 (BG)
“How to get a female neighbor to open her door and get your cock in her hand in 5 minutes.”
Toni has had his eye on his beautiful married neighbor Cindy Hope for quite sometime, so he poses as a door to door salesman. Once she has let him inside the house, he shows her what he is selling – sex toys! Soon she is getting excited by Mr Ribas’ wares that within 5 minutes of opening the door, she has his cock in more than her hand…

Lesson number 4 (BG)
Toni decides to get some wheels as he poses as a taxi driver, scouring the streets for a classy lady who will hire him for the day to take her shopping around Barcelona. Yoha Galvez is that girl and after indulging her in a shopping marathon, she is, like most women, on a high. So high that he gets her to give him some acrobatic blow jobs in the car before they head for the hills on the outskirts of Barcelona where he fucks her on the bonnet of his taxi.

Lesson number 5 (BG)
“It’s all about timing,” says Toni, as he spies sexy young hairdresser Gilda Roberts. The reason it is all about timing is that Toni waits until the salon is near to closing time, that way he can get his haircut by her, and after she has finished she will also be finishing work, the perfect time to get her into bed. But first he must flirt with her while she washes and cuts his hair and soon after she has finished blow drying his hair, she is down on her knees blowing his cock.

Cum In My Limousine

Movie: Cum In My Limousine

A Private Gold movie, Cum in My Limousine follows Kid Jamaica, a recently arrived immigrant to the US in search of the American wet dream. Becoming a chauffeur for a sex obsessed playboy Kid finds himself surrounded by hot and fuckable women and so begins his rags to bitches story as he screws his way to the top.

Female Cast:
Bea Stiel
Lea Lush
Sabrina Sweet
Janine Rose

Scene 1: Office orafice
How do you get sweaty in an air conditioned office? Let Lexa flash her gash and no amount of cooling systems will cool down your ardour…

Scene 2: Sit on my gear stick
Alexa and Sabrina get turned on in the back of a limousine, luckily they have a gear stick to play with and it’s attached to a guy!

Scene 3: Gang banged!
Janine prepares to get everyone of her holes filled, see how she writes with satisfaction!

Scene 4: She is one horny bitch!
Nothing will stop Bea getting the satisfaction she deserves!

Interview with Daria Glower

What is your name?
My name is Daria Glower

How old are you?
I am already 28 years old.

Where are you from?
I am from Czech Republic from Prague.

Where do you live?
In Prague

What did you do before you started this business?
I almost did nothing, just finished school, worked three months with properties and after that I had my first offer to work in porn and I tried it and still here

How did you get started in this business?
One of my friends was working for a some mainstream tv series and in his show they were talking a bit about sex and the sex-industry and he made me an offer and I tried and that is it.

How did you feel and what were you thinking during your first performance and your first scene?
I do not remember, it is such a long time ago, but I guess I could say I was shy..I was very shy that age.

How old were you when you started to work in porn?
18 years old.

How long have you been doing porn now?
8 years

How different is it when the director is also the actor?
Of course it depends level of professionalism but an actor will be an actor and you do your work so for me it is the same. I guess the difference for me will be that you talk more. There is more contact.

What actor do you prefer as your partner in your performance?

What kind of men do you like in your private life?
A little bit older than me. A nice body, brown hair and good teeth.

Does size matter?
Hmmmmm depends if the guy knows how to work with his dick. If not ..too big or too small can be a problem.

Do you have some booty calls so now and then?

You have done some dp`s what was your first dp?
My first dp was a long time ago.

Do you prefer two boys or two girls?
Two boys of course!!

For me it is just better!

Have you ever been in an orgy in your private life?
In my private life yes… a couple of times yes.

What do you prefer a threesome with two girls one guy or two guys one girl?
It actually depends a bit how I wake up in the morning sometimes it just better two guys and sometimes nicer to be with two girls, then it is normally a bit more romantic.

Have you ever been in a threesome in your private life?

Who is your favorite actor in porn?

Why he is your favorite actor?
Well because he is my boyfriend!

How does your boyfriend feel that you work in this business?
He is absolutely ok, he is also working in this business.

What kind of sex you like the most?
Not really hard actually and sometimes a bit of fetish. But I am not too romantic either.

What is your favorite fetish?

Do you like being tied up?
Sometimes but I prefer to be dominant

What is kinky about you?
My ass

What is the kinkiest sex you have ever had?
In a car while my partner was driving on the highway.

Do you have a problem with people that they are watching you and probably you will turn them on?
No I do not have a problem with people.

Do you ever have really good orgasm during a lesbian shoot?
Well actually I do enjoy but a real heavy orgasm no not really.

Do you like anal sex in your private sex life!
O yes!

Black Cocks and White Asses Vol 2

Movie: Black Cocks and White Asses Vol 2

Coverstar Sasha Grey stars in the new season of hit US series Entourage in July 2010, she also drops to her knees and swallows down thick black cock in this latest Private release. She is joined by 6 more beautiful lily white asses in this sexploration of big black dicks.

Female Cast:
Bobbi Starr
Flick Shagwell
Jamie Brooks
Sasha Grey

Scene 1: Black cock for Sasha
Superstar Sasha Grey gets some black cock rammed inside her tight ass hole.

Scene 2: Move over Tiger Woods
Lexington Steel gets out his enormous club and shows how to get several holes in one

Scene 3: She loves black dick
Jamie takes a thick black cock deep inside her ass in this outdoor fuck scene

Scene 4: Flick gets shagged well!!
Flick Shagwell turns into the dirtiest bitch when she sees thick black cock!

Scene 5: Go Bobbie!
Bobbi Starr really shines when she has a huge black cock rammed deep inside her ass!

Donna Bell

What is your name?
My name is Donna Bell

How old are you?
21 almost 22 years old

Where are you from?

Do you like to have sex in a bathroom?
It is kind of exciting! People can just walk in so I like that tension.

Do you think sex in public is sexy?
Yes like a said sex in public is exciting you can get caught any minute.

What is the most bizarre place you have ever had sex?
Uff I have had sex in guess all places you could think off.

Does size matter?
Hmmmmmm not really.

Do you prefer long or thick dicks?

My pussy knows better.

What kind of men do you prefer?
Dangerous, sexy and good looking!

Do you like to swallow cum?
Yes I love it

Are you a good cook?

Do you prefer threesomes with two guys or two girls?
Does not really matter

Do you ever have threesomes in your private life?
No in my private life never!

Who is your favorite actor in porn business?
I do not really have a favorite one I guess l like them all!

What kind of sex do you like most?
I like the hard sex

Do you have a boy friend?
No, I do not

Is it a problem for you that many people are watching you having sex and it turns them on?
No not at all a problem, I am totally ok with this.

Do you like to play with dialogues or do you just prefer to shoot the sex?
I actually do like to play the dialogues, it is sometimes great fun.

Do you like big boobs?
Big boobs? Yes I like them! But I am very happy with mine as well.

Do you like lesbian scenes? With one or more than one girl?
With one girl I prefer

Did you ever have an orgasm during a lesbian shoot?
No I did not have any orgasm with another girl.

Do you like to dress up for sex?
Yes of course.

What is your favorite costume to dress up in?

Do you like shooting orgies?
Yes I actually do! It is good fun.

It is fun when you have more actors and actresses together.

Do you like orgies in your real life?
Well in my real private life I actually do not have orgies.

With how many people was your biggest orgy?
Hmmmm wow well I guess 16 up to 20!

Are you a swinger?
No I am not a swinger.

Have you ever been swinging?
No never

What do you do to stay in shape?
Lots and lots of sex.

Do you like sports?
Yes but I do not do any sports these days, just fucking!

Do you watch sports in your private life?
Yes I do sometimes.

What do you do in your free time?
Not too much! Relaxing

What are your hobbies?
I do not have a hobby. I do not have a lot of free time.

You have a lot of anal sex in movies; do you also have anal sex in your private life?
Yes I do have anal sex of course!

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