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Christmas is coming!

If you are bad then Father Christmas won’t bring you any presents,
that is, unless you are a Private girl! Because these bitches have been
really bad all year round, they have been fucking every man in sight.
Luckily for them Private’s Father Christmas always has a present for
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Threesomes with Big Boob Girls

2 big tits, 2 hard cocks, one filthy slut with 3 holes and you have Threesomes with Big Boob Girls. Zuleidy (Lupe Fuentes) has a beautiful rack with dark stiff nipples you could hang a wet coat on and she gets fucked hard from both ends before the 2 boys drench her face and boobs in sticky white man milk.

The other sluts in Threesomes with Big Boob Girls are Angel Dark, Cory Everson, Donna Marie, Suzie and Michela Sabbatini.

Interview with Shay Sights

My name is Shay sights. I have been working in adult films for 12 years. See my Private Life of Shay Sights.
I was born in a small town in Canada and grew up in Vancouver. Now I live in L.A., the porn capital of the world!

I went a bit to university in Vancouver before I started to work in the Adult Industry. I started to work in adult industry really early. I started to work as a stripper when I was 19 years. Of course I was young and tempted by the money I was earning so I left school early.
I actually started studying when I was already working in the adult industry like quantum physics and esthetic. And I have my esthetic license so now I have my own Spa, so yes that is what I do!

Other Jobs:
I was a stripper before, but now porn is not my fulltime job. I shoot so now and then but I work mostly in my Spa, we give massages, facials etc. And apart from that I have rental property, that is almost a fulltime job as well.

My first scene in porn:
My first day in porn was very scary. It was a scene with my husband in that time in Toronto and it was in the club where I was normally dancing as a stripper. I was terrified with all the cameras and lights etc. It was such a difference for me. The second time was already much more fun and the 3rd and 4th I really started to like it.

Boy friend and family:
I do not have boyfriend, family and children. I do date! Although it is a tuff industry to be in. But yes a family soon..I hope. My parents are not really happy me being in porn. I am an only child and my father did not speak to me for 1,5 year. But when they realized that it was not all about drugs, humiliation and every negative aspect you can think of, they turned out to be pretty supportive!

Classy Porn vs. Cheap Movies:
I do like doing both types of porn. I think that doing big features and doing big beautiful projects is amazing, but those mean as well very long days and that is why sometimes it can also be nice to have a quick scene, nasty hardcore sex and just your thing and out. And I do not know if people always want to see a nice big artistic build out or if they just want to watch porn. For me a good balance of both is the perfect thing.

Lesbian Sex:
I actually like lesbian sex and sex with guys. The thing with lesbian sex is that you do need a girl that is really into it! It is the same when you are in a scene or you bring a girl home and you have a girl that pretends to be into girls just does not work.

Sex Life:
Big Cocks or small cocks: I would say medium to large. You cannot always get a big cock but bigger is better!
What kind of sex do I like? I like a little bit of everything. Fun, crazy and ruff sex but also to have a good connection and to actually make love with intimacy but also sometimes I just like to dress up so yeah a little bit of everything.

Do I have orgasm at work? Depends who I work with but yes.
DP: I am not really good at double penetrations. Yes of course I had a few and they were ok but I guess I am not built for that but anal yessss..i love anal!

Off Limits:
Think that is all a bit relative. It depends on the rules and it depends on the company. Private is awesome. Private is a European company and they allow all sorts of things but you have some American companies where you cannot do a thing and I like to do all kind of things ..but well maybe it is just me being a naughty girl but I never find anything off limits in porn.

Sexual Fantasies:
My biggest sexual fantasy? Well working in porn or directing you actually do already so many different kinds of things that I do not really have any fantasies left. Maybe you could say that I am actually living my fantasy.

Hobbies:I started to travel a little bit more, love going to movies and love watching videos. Reading and seminars for my business and I like to garden.
Hot Date:
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together
Sports:Kick-boxing, bit of gym and I used to do a lot of team sports. I do not dance anymore.

Lesbians Dreams 2

Movie: Lesbian dreams 2

Why do girls need boys when they have toys! See 13 luscious lipstick lesbians reach for their dildos! Superstar Silvia Saint gorges herself on prime, fresh pussy in a lesbian orgy, Angel Dark dive bombs succulent muff and Suzie Diamond gets intimate with her best girlfriend. All this and more in a pussy paradise!

Meet chicks like:

Cindy Hope, Claire Adams, Clara G., Jade Sin, Thalia and Vanessa Monet

Nella and Suzie Diamond

Silvia Saint and Keana Moire

Angel Dark and Aneta Keys

Melanie Mendes and Billy Rais

Julia Silver and Zuzanne Z.

Fetish Freaks


Have you ever wanted to have your naked body wrapped in cling film? Wear a mask and straight jacket fucking the mouth of a girl with a bag over her head? Get fucked up the ass by a dominatrix wearing her rock hard strap-on? If you’ve got a fetish for freaky sex then it’s time to get kinky

Miss Private: Battle of the Big Boobs

Movie: Miss Private: Battle of the Big Boobs

It’s the battle of the big boobs as super stacked Aletta Ocean and Tarra White fight it out at a porn star beauty contest to win the title Miss Private. These horny bitches seduce the judges and back stab each other, they are prepared to do anything in order to win the Miss Private crown!

The Contestants are:
Aletta Ocean and Tarra White,
Black Angelika,Donna Bell and
Nicky Thorne

Interview with Mandy Bright!

Hi, I am Mandy Bright!

Where are you from & where do you live now?
From Hungary, Budapest.

What do you like about it?
It is a beautiful country!

What star sign are you?

What are your vital statistics?
Waist: 58
Hips: 99
Chest: 98

Do you consider yourself bi sexual off camera?
Yes, sure.

Does sex get better the older you get?
Yes, because I have a lot of experience now.

What sexual fantasy do you have yet to experience? What turns you on? What is the best way to excite you sexually?
Everything when I feel the man is dominating me and controlling my sexuality.

What’s better – getting your pussy fucked or your ass fucked?
Both are great!

What is the biggest turn off for you in a sexual partner?
When I feel the guy is submissive.

If you could have sex with anyone famous, who would it be? Why?
I don’t need any famous guy. I think they are all totally the same like the any other guy!

How and when did you get started in the business? What did you do before working in porn?
10 years ago I did my first scene in my life for Private. Before that I worked at Costume clearance.

For you what is the best scene you have ever done and why?
The scene I did with Rocco. Because it was really strong, perverse and emotional.

Tell us about the funniest thing that ever happened to you on set?
Whenever I have to play a mother for me is very funny and unreal!!!

What’s the best thing about shooting porn? And the worst thing?
I can do everything I have ever dreamed of. There is no bad bit. That’s why I still do it.

Do you have any advice for girls looking to get a career in porn?
Only do it if you really feel a passion for it. If not please forget it!

Could you describe your ideal man?
Dominant, funny, tall, intelligent and nice.

Finally…..are you single or in a relationship?
I am in a relationship.

Some of my Private Movies are:
The Milf Cafe
The Private Life of Mandy Bright
A Fucking Christmas Dinner
100 Happy Endings
Kinky Sluts in Uniform
and many more…..

5 Eurobabes in Mini Skirts!

Movie: 5 Eurobabes in Miniskirts

Is there anything more beautiful on this planet than a gorgeous gal in a small tartan skirt showing her legs and a flash of knicker? No! 5 euro tarts in miniskirts get what’s cumming to them: dribbling anal and vaginal cream pies, dp’s and gapes. Starring maxi euro sluts: Milla, Jenny, Angel Rivas and Kitty, born to wear miniskirts and born to get cock in every hole. There is a knee jerkingly good scene from Asian porn god, Kenee Styles knobbing Rosee in a cute little skirt way above her knee. Miniskirts = maxi sluts.

Cover Star Quote:
“When I was younger I used to eat a lot of pussy. It just tasted so good. Now I prefer to have a man lick and suck my clit with a couple of fingers inside me before he fucks me with his big hard cock. That’s what I call hot.” Milla

Scene One (GBB)
Milla looks like the jeans miniskirt was invented for her. Bob Terminator and Choky Ice have also noticed. She has obviously had 2 dicks before as she sucks on them both. Milla loves deep anal which she gets and DP from the front and behind. With a cream pie dripping from her gaping ass and a cum shot in the face

Scene Two (BG)
If you were driving down the road and saw Kitty you would probably have an accident. Young, leggy and blond in a little skirt and high heels reading a book on bench. She is noticed by a passing motorcyclist who gets more than a nice smile for stopping. She lies back to let him get at her pretty pink pussy which looks like it tastes of a candy. She lets him fuck her anyway he wants until he cums just inside her and his jissom drips from her fanny as she spreads it with her fingers.

Scene Three (BG)
Jenny is a college girl in a skimpy tartan mini skirt who is asked to come to the front of the class to explain something on the board in a boring math class. When she goes back to her desk she notices a fellow student watching her so she lifts her skirt to reveal perfect white knickers. He pulls them away as she sits on a desk and starts to lick at her lunch box before nailing her and giving her a drippy cream pie.

Scene Four (BBG)
Angel Rivas certainly makes the grade in school in a miniskirt. A discussion in class about ballet leads to Angel getting hot under her tutu. She has always fancied her teacher and undoes his trousers and takes his hard cock in her soft mouth. Angel Rivas wants more though and her fellow student studies what is under her kilt. A double penetration on the teacher’s desk leaves Angel with a A+ and an anal cream pie with a facial cum shot.

Scene Five (BG)
Sitting down in a miniskirt Rosee looks good enough to eat and Asian porn god Kenee Styles is starving hungry. She shows him her perfect skinny, tall body and puffy areola and the meal begins. Rosee doesn’t just want a first course of oral and vaginal but quickly moves to a main course comprising of anal and sausage meat. Kenee penetrates her ass up to his bollocks until desert arrives, a face covered in pearl jam.

Interview with Regina Ice

Hi, My name is Regina Ice.

How did you get started in the business?
I was working at a hotel reception in Bucharest, and there I met a producer who invited me to Budapest and started to shoot only solo scenes in the beginning and after some g /g scenes.

What does one require to become a sex symbol? Are you one yet?
You have to be really natural, spontaneous and u have to like your job very much, but I don’t consider myself a sex symbol.

Do or did you have any idols? Were you a massive porn fan before you started?
I always liked American porn stars, like Jenna Jameson or Jessy Jane, but I was not a porn fan.
I was staying with my parents.

What is your biggest and still untouched fantasy?
To make my own website with very special, interesting and natural porn.

Is there anything you would never consider doing? Any taboos or restrictions?
I don’t see myself doing escort. I prefer selling news papers than to do that.

Do you have any fetishes to share with us?
I love latex clothes and glass dildos

What’s the secret of double penetration?
There is no secret! Sometimes is difficult doing it because the partners have to slide in the same time, but I did not do too many dp`s in my life, so I can not tell u too much about it. U just have to live the moment and enjoy it.

Mafia Girlz

For which body part are you most admired?
For my brain, hehehe , before losing 10 kg i guess for my boobs, but now nothing special. They say for the whole package.

Some say: Blonds have more fun? True or false?
Depends if the blond is a natural blond. I m not, I m brunette but I still have fun!

Are you more popular or wanted when you are blond?
I do believe when u think about a porn star u have to think about a blond girl, with blue eyes, big, big boobs, hot ass and long legs. I don’t find myself fitting that picture! But yes being blond you could be more popular in this business.

What does it take for a man to conquer you?
He has to be natural and act the way he is. I don t like fake people, but too late someone already took my heart. ; )

How does you work affect and translate in your personal life?
My opinion is that if I do boy girl I can’t have a beautiful relationship, based on love and trust. I had a lot of problems because of that so I decide to stop doing boy girl.

What turns you on sexually?
Everything , I m horny all the time.

Also what’s your favorite sexual position?
I don’t have a special position. I like all in sex! Ok, but if I have to choose one, I’ll say doggy.

What’s the weirdest, funniest, strangest, dirtiest thing you’ve experienced whilst working in this business?
Well I experienced all this in this job. I had funny times, nice shootings in very nice places. I met all kind of people, nice people, beautiful girls, perverse and fake people. I had to do long shootings, but the most weird thing for me was to have sex scene on a wheelchair.

Some of my movies:
Barcelona Sex Secrets
Mafia Girlz
Dirty Sluts Fucking Hard
Private Poker

See ya XXX

How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

Toni Ribas has fucked over 2,500 girls in his career as an award winning porn star and director. Bringing to Private classic series’ like “Ibiza Sex Party“, “Private Auditions” and now this new series
How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

In this first DVD in the series, Toni shows you the techniques he uses to pull girls in his everyday life, from his hairdresser to his next door neighbor, Toni teaches you how to perfect your skills at getting the women you want, when you want and it’s all filmed for your pleasure.

“I hope that this series teaches guys the many different ways there are to seduce & fuck beautiful girls. It doesn’t take a university degree, just a certain amount of confidence, the ability to think on the spot and of course, how to use the art of flirting to get any girl you want.” Toni Ribas

Lesson number 1(BG)
Pretending to be looking for a new flat to buy or rent, he visits his local estate agency. The beautiful Aliz is the girl in charge and after some business and flirtation, she takes him off to see a 3 bedroomed flat with a sea view. It’s not long before he tries to seal the deal with a blow job and Aliz, keen to rent out the apartment obliges.

Lesson number 2 (BG)
“Get them to cum to you.”
After chasing all that pussy, Toni devises an idea to make this lesson a lot easier. He pretends to be sick and gets a visit from sexy doctor Aletta Ocean. This is playing doctors and nurses for grown ups!

Lesson number 3 (BG)
“How to get a female neighbor to open her door and get your cock in her hand in 5 minutes.”
Toni has had his eye on his beautiful married neighbor Cindy Hope for quite sometime, so he poses as a door to door salesman. Once she has let him inside the house, he shows her what he is selling – sex toys! Soon she is getting excited by Mr Ribas’ wares that within 5 minutes of opening the door, she has his cock in more than her hand…

Lesson number 4 (BG)
Toni decides to get some wheels as he poses as a taxi driver, scouring the streets for a classy lady who will hire him for the day to take her shopping around Barcelona. Yoha Galvez is that girl and after indulging her in a shopping marathon, she is, like most women, on a high. So high that he gets her to give him some acrobatic blow jobs in the car before they head for the hills on the outskirts of Barcelona where he fucks her on the bonnet of his taxi.

Lesson number 5 (BG)
“It’s all about timing,” says Toni, as he spies sexy young hairdresser Gilda Roberts. The reason it is all about timing is that Toni waits until the salon is near to closing time, that way he can get his haircut by her, and after she has finished she will also be finishing work, the perfect time to get her into bed. But first he must flirt with her while she washes and cuts his hair and soon after she has finished blow drying his hair, she is down on her knees blowing his cock.

Interview with C.J.

My name is C.J.

Where are you from & where do you live now? What do you like about it?
I was born in Romania but I live in Budapest now. I love back home for its peacefulness and love my new home in Budapest for its rush.
How old are you?
How tall are you?
162 cm

What star sign are you?
When is your birthday?
26th of October
Waist? 86
Hips? 58
Chest? 83
Are you straight or bi sexual? Bi!
How long have you been working in the adult industry?
Two years.
How did you get started in the business? What did you do before working in porn?
I got a phone call from my agency that invited me to a meeting where they made me this proposal that changed my life. Before porn I was a journalist.
Who are your favorite porn actors to work with & why?
The list is too long.

Who are your favorite porn directors to work with & why?
All the respectful directors and producers.
What kind of sex turns you on? What is the biggest turn off for you in a sexual partner
Spontaneous, hard and kinky stuff and if there’s a rope, chain or whip involved I am in!
What’s the best thing about shooting porn? And the worst thing?
The SEX, the dozens of people you meet, the travelling etc. etc. etc. there is a lot of BEST about it. The worst is that you get to experience the narrow mindedness of some people.
Have you starred in any other movies for Private? Which is you favorite Private Film? Why?
Private Teens. Rather than a favorite film I would mention the gender and quality of Private productions that makes watching and participating in these productions a delight.

What’s your sexual fantasy you have yet to experience? What turns you on? What is the best way to excite you sexually?
Public sex! Funny…sometimes I just get turned on of thin air so everything around me could turn me on for sure. I also find power very interesting and exciting.
What’s your favorite sexual position?
Any position related to doggy.
When did you lose your virginity? What happened?
I was 14 and flirting at a party and got turned on until I found the process irreversible. My first fuck was classical: backseat of a car .
If you could have sex with anyone famous, who would it be? Why?
John Malkovich. Just curiosity.
If you weren’t a superstar porn actress what would you do? What is your dream job?
I would play and produce music, that is my dream job.
What do you like about pornography? What do you hate about pornography?
It consists of the most basic and most important instinct of humans (SEX) and is most likely the most harmless industry in the world. The people you meet in the industry are the most free and illuminated ones I know. What I hate is that too many and not always the right people think that they can produce porn.

Do you think pornography is important in society?
I think pornography is as important for the society as sex is for the individual.
What do you think is your best physical asset? Why?
Outside and inside of my head! It is pretty, it is sexy and full of ideas.

What is the most important quality to have as a porn star?
Would you prefer to have a boyfriend who was poor but had a big dick or a rich boyfriend with a small dick?
This is definitely a “man” question. Not the size of dick or size of pocket makes a man THE MAN for me, but the masculinity and the way he uses his masculinity is determinant.
You have a beautiful body. How do you keep in shape?
Sex, yoga and walking
Tell us about your hobbies.
I love music, visual arts and travelling and practice them.
How does it feel to be a porn star? Do you feel powerful?
I have the same feeling now as i had before and that is a general feeling of GOOD. I am powerful but it is not the status that gives me this feeling, I think I am just born with it. The good thing is that I have the liberty to enjoy my life.
Do you have a message for your fans?
Enjoy life, sex and people!

Bisexual Army: Who Dares Fucks!

Movie: Bisexual Army: Who Dares Fucks!

In the bisexual army barracks everyone stands to attention, every hole, male or female is a target for these horny Privates & Officers and when the Sergeant says ‘Get ready, aim, FIRE!” he’s talking about the loaded ammunition in their balls that shoot out of their rock, hard pistols!

Cover Star Quote
Daria Glower comments, “When I was asked to star in a bisexual movie I was over the moon, it has always been a fantasy of mine to see two guys who are really into each other while they fuck me at the same time.”

Scene 1(G/B/B)
An officer is taking a shower in the Officer’s Mess, while Private Michael Lope tones up his muscles with gym weights. Sexy soldier Silvie Deluxe enters the room and is embarrassed to see the naked officer, but soon she is enjoying both their bodies in a bisexual threesome.

Scene 2 (G/B/B)
Officer Carl Johnson is in his office smoking, with his female soldier secretary Naomi Montana. When Private Thomas Evert enters the office and touches Officer Johnson’s ass, he grabs Evert by the throat, accusing him of being gay and forces him to eat out Naomi’s juicy pussy. Soon Johnson begins to succumb to his gay tendencies and can’t resist sucking the private’s thick cock…

Scene 3 (G/B/B)
Officer Max Born is having an affair with Private Rihanna Samuel. As he touches her ass, she notices a soldier outside the window masturbating, so they invite him in for some real uniformed passion.

Scene 4(G/B/B)
Two male soldiers are training in a disused warehouse as Sergeant Daria Glower puts them through a tough training routine. After insulting them and humiliating them they notice she isn’t wearing any knickers, they are transfixed by her big tits and when she forces them to eat out her cunt she also makes them taste each other’s man meat.

Scene 5 (G/B/B)
Kitty Jane is an enemy soldier captured by Private Johnson and Sergeant Armany. They interrogate her in a cell but she won’t give any information away and gives them the finger. They try to persuade her to talk by offering her a bisexual threesome and Kitty just can’t resist…

Interview with Gilda Roberts

Hi, my name is Gilda Roberts.
I am 25 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I was born in Rumania but we moved when I was 4 years old to Hungary. My full time day to day job is being a Psychology student, but apart from that I also do indeed a lot of porn.

The Private Life of Gilda Roberts

Do you have a boyfriend, children, family?
Now I am just with my mother. No, no boyfriend and no hahahaha no children.

How did you get started in porn?
Step by step. I was working with this model agency and then first I was just showing my tits, then also my pussy, after it started with some solo scenes and yes after I got into the bit harder side of this business.

Do you remember your first day in porn?
It was 2004 when I did my first girl-boy scene with Nacho. It was a very hard scene for me actually to start with. He put his very big dig pretty deep in my mouth. And I remember I had very heavy dark make-up. Yes indeed it was a very hard scene but after a while I actually realized that I missed this hard sex and I felt like I really liked it.

Sexual Life

Big cocks or small ones?
Small cocks and pussies.

Hard sex, romantic sex or fetish?
I like everything but I prefer fetish. I like to humiliate, to go to the edge of pain or no pain.

Anal, DP or both?

Who is your favorite actor? Why?
I do not really have a favorite actor. I have been working with many guys although not too many different ones with private because they work a lot with the same guys and l like them all. For me I like the ones, who do not have a really big dick, prefer them a bit smaller.

Who is your favorite actress? Why?
My favorite actress is Mandy Bright, she is very sexy and very beautiful you know.

Any orgasms when working?
Yes I have orgasms working.

Do you do anal sex in your sex life?
In my personal life no anal sex.

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
To find a really cute boy who is actually made for me and just fall extremely in love.

Would you like to be a porn director?
To be honest no, not really. Too must of a hassle and work.

What do you prefer, lesbian sex or guys?
I prefer actually lesbian sex but with more than 1 girl. With 1 girl I find sometimes a bit boring. Also not all the girls who actually do lesbian scenes are bisexual or lesbian and that you do notice during a scene so I do prefer more than 1 girl and I actually do think it looks a lot nicer. Although with some girls it is amazing.

What do you prefer for sex: indoors or outdoors?
Of course it is different to fuck outdoors, I like better outdoors than indoors especially when you are in a beautiful environment with beautiful views that is just great!

Hobbies / Sports

Any hobbies?
My hobbies are travelling and doing a lot of sports. Like fitness and squash etc …hahahaha actually fucking guys is a great sport you are using all your muscles. Apart from that more or less twice a week I am having a massage…love that.
But my most favorite thing is travelling, what I really want to do is to travel around the world.

Swinger orgies?
I have been thinking about going there with a boyfriend or a girlfriend but I guess I will be very shy

The future

Will you still be an actress in the future or will quit porn?
I will continue a bit longer but I am starting my second studies now and I know I also should be really focusing on that and that is where I want my career to be in psychology.

Do you want a husband and children, or a different life?
Well I can see myself in the future with a family, but maybe just with one kid. I am not the big family type of girl. But of course depending if I will find a nice man to be with to start with and then I will see if I will have a child. So actually it is all very open for now.

xxx Gilda

The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Movie: The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Are politics sexy? They are in Italy. The Italian Prime Minister impresses visiting foreign dignitaries with glamorous high class hookers; the result is a scandalous sex party that could bring down the government. 2 journalists have evidence that the corridors of power heave with big tits, deep anal, tight DP’s and banging orgies. But be careful! You never know who is filming everything you do then selling the sex tape to the highest bidder…

Cover Star Quote
Aleska Diamond comments, “I’m very attracted to powerful men and making this movie really let me live out a big sexual fantasy of mine.”

Scene 1 (BG)
Sonia (Cathy Campbel) and Peter (Nick Lang) are journalists with sophisticated surveillance devices. They are trying to discover what goes on behind the closed doors of the Prime Minister’s residence amid claims that he indulges in sex parties with high class escort girls.
A security guard approaches their van and afraid of blowing their cover they pretend to be lovers. The security guard is fooled but now they are both hot and horny and want more. Peter pulls aside her pants to reveal a plump wet pussy. He slips his swollen penis inside her and she moans with pleasure. They screw on the front seat of the van and with her leg out the window she guides him into her ass and wriggles on his dick until he blows his entire load in her mouth.


Scene 2 (BG)
Inside his residence the Italian Prime Minister is holding a party for a select group of foreign dignitaries. He enters the room with 2 amazing women on his arm. There are gorgeous girls everywhere and even the waitresses are as hot as top models. The Spanish Minister for Trade wants to talk business but is told by the Premiere that tomorrow is for business and tonite is for relaxing. He offers the Minister to choose from any of the girls that he likes. He chooses tall, leggy blonde Cindy Hope and they make their way to a huge indoor swimming pool where she blindfolds him and takes his big shiny cock in her hand and very gently licks his swollen helmet. Her moans and groans of pleasure echo all around the pool as they fuck intensely in every position with the minister finally blowing his load all over her firm tits.

Scene 3 (BBG)
The Prime Ministers security guards have a similar disregard for duty as their boss and follow one of the waitresses around the corner like a couple of alley cats on heat allowing Sonia and Peter to slip into the house undetected. The guards follow the French maid Aleska Diamond to a store room and after some small talk she pleads with them to lick her pussy. The 2 guys don’t wait to be asked twice and comply with her wishes to the T. There follows some up close and ball achingly tight anal and a very clear DP shot from the front and then from behind. Two messy cum shots in the face finish one of the best DP scenes of the year.

Scene 4 (BG)
The German delegate is also eager to do business with the Italian Premiere who seems busy with other matters. Left alone in the party he catches the eye of stunning blonde, Alexis. She leads him off. Once alone she extracts herself from her very tight black dress to reveal heavy tits and a scandalously sexy body that could bring down a government with one sway of her hips. The German minister is shown incredible hospitality by Alexis as she sucks and jerks and fucks him to orgasm where he finally spills his seeds of democracy all over her pretty and tattooed bottom.

Scene 5 (Orgy – BBBBGGGG)
The Italian PM is always the generous host. Proposing a toast to his guests he approaches a big breasted brunette and gently releasing her tits from her latex dress he pours champagne on her boobs and licks it off them. This heralds the start of an orgy that has all the foreign dignitaries including the Italian Prime Minister screwing like rock stars back stage and Sonia and Peter get the whole damned scandal on film.

The next day the world’s media is full of the story but the Italian Prime Minister, cold as ice orders the deaths of the journalists and the destruction of the rest of the film. Sonia and Peter are in their hotel room discussing what to do with the rest of the footage they shot when there is a knock at their bedroom door. They are both shot and the Prime Minister now ousted by scandal sells his sex tape to the Private Media Group.

Interview with Cindy Hope

What is your name?
My name is Cindy Hope

How old are you?
I am 25 years old

Where are you from?
I was born in Budapest.

Where do you live now?
I still live in Budapest

What is your zodiac?
My zodiac is Leo

How long do you work in this business?
I am working in this business since four years.

What are your studies?
My studies are Marketing

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes I do have a boyfriend.

What does your boyfriend think of you working in the porn industry?
My boyfriend does not really care what I do he know for me it is just a job.

Is porn your full time job.
Yes, it is.

What was your first boy- girl scene?
That was a scene with Toni Ribas.

Do you remember how you did feel that day?
O yes o my god I was so shy and nervous. I had really no clue what to do.

How did you experience that scene?
Well actually I liked it and Toni was a great help. He was a real gentleman.

Do you like big cocks or small cocks?
I like small dicks.

Do you like hard sex, romantic sex or more fetish?
I do not like the romantic or fetish sex so yeah just the hard sex for me.

Who is your favorite actor and why?
My favorite actor is an American/ British one. His name is Danny Mountain . I like him because for me he is the perfect combination between humor, intelligence and the perfect body.

Do you have a lot of orgasm while working?
Yes a few yes

Do you like anal, dp or both?
I do not like anal and I do not like dp`s but I do like double vaginal.

Do you have anal in your private life?
No I do not do anal in my private life.

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
I do not really have one because I think I already did everything in this job. So no I do not have any sexual fantasies left.

What do you prefer lesbian sex or guys?
I like lesbian sex.

Are you a lesbian?
No I am a bisexual.

Do you also have in your private life a bi-sexual relations?
Well I tried actually in a swinger club.

With your new boyfriend?
No no this was actually with my ex boyfriend.

So no with your new boyfriend you are straight?
Yes totally.

What are your hobbies?
I do not really have any hobbies because I do not have time. So for now my hobby is my job.

Which celebrity would you take for a hot date?
Hahahahah Angelina Jolie

Do you like sports?
Yes I like sports just I am soo fucking lazy so with being really busy I do not make really the time to do some more sports

How do you see your future?
I see my future with a family, nice house and of course a husband and some children and who knows I might be directing my own movies!

Cum In My Limousine

Movie: Cum In My Limousine

A Private Gold movie, Cum in My Limousine follows Kid Jamaica, a recently arrived immigrant to the US in search of the American wet dream. Becoming a chauffeur for a sex obsessed playboy Kid finds himself surrounded by hot and fuckable women and so begins his rags to bitches story as he screws his way to the top.

Female Cast:
Bea Stiel
Lea Lush
Sabrina Sweet
Janine Rose

Scene 1: Office orafice
How do you get sweaty in an air conditioned office? Let Lexa flash her gash and no amount of cooling systems will cool down your ardour…

Scene 2: Sit on my gear stick
Alexa and Sabrina get turned on in the back of a limousine, luckily they have a gear stick to play with and it’s attached to a guy!

Scene 3: Gang banged!
Janine prepares to get everyone of her holes filled, see how she writes with satisfaction!

Scene 4: She is one horny bitch!
Nothing will stop Bea getting the satisfaction she deserves!