Interview with Gilda Roberts

Hi, my name is Gilda Roberts.
I am 25 years old and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I was born in Rumania but we moved when I was 4 years old to Hungary. My full time day to day job is being a Psychology student, but apart from that I also do indeed a lot of porn.

The Private Life of Gilda Roberts

Do you have a boyfriend, children, family?
Now I am just with my mother. No, no boyfriend and no hahahaha no children.

How did you get started in porn?
Step by step. I was working with this model agency and then first I was just showing my tits, then also my pussy, after it started with some solo scenes and yes after I got into the bit harder side of this business.

Do you remember your first day in porn?
It was 2004 when I did my first girl-boy scene with Nacho. It was a very hard scene for me actually to start with. He put his very big dig pretty deep in my mouth. And I remember I had very heavy dark make-up. Yes indeed it was a very hard scene but after a while I actually realized that I missed this hard sex and I felt like I really liked it.

Sexual Life

Big cocks or small ones?
Small cocks and pussies.

Hard sex, romantic sex or fetish?
I like everything but I prefer fetish. I like to humiliate, to go to the edge of pain or no pain.

Anal, DP or both?

Who is your favorite actor? Why?
I do not really have a favorite actor. I have been working with many guys although not too many different ones with private because they work a lot with the same guys and l like them all. For me I like the ones, who do not have a really big dick, prefer them a bit smaller.

Who is your favorite actress? Why?
My favorite actress is Mandy Bright, she is very sexy and very beautiful you know.

Any orgasms when working?
Yes I have orgasms working.

Do you do anal sex in your sex life?
In my personal life no anal sex.

What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
To find a really cute boy who is actually made for me and just fall extremely in love.

Would you like to be a porn director?
To be honest no, not really. Too must of a hassle and work.

What do you prefer, lesbian sex or guys?
I prefer actually lesbian sex but with more than 1 girl. With 1 girl I find sometimes a bit boring. Also not all the girls who actually do lesbian scenes are bisexual or lesbian and that you do notice during a scene so I do prefer more than 1 girl and I actually do think it looks a lot nicer. Although with some girls it is amazing.

What do you prefer for sex: indoors or outdoors?
Of course it is different to fuck outdoors, I like better outdoors than indoors especially when you are in a beautiful environment with beautiful views that is just great!

Hobbies / Sports

Any hobbies?
My hobbies are travelling and doing a lot of sports. Like fitness and squash etc …hahahaha actually fucking guys is a great sport you are using all your muscles. Apart from that more or less twice a week I am having a massage…love that.
But my most favorite thing is travelling, what I really want to do is to travel around the world.

Swinger orgies?
I have been thinking about going there with a boyfriend or a girlfriend but I guess I will be very shy

The future

Will you still be an actress in the future or will quit porn?
I will continue a bit longer but I am starting my second studies now and I know I also should be really focusing on that and that is where I want my career to be in psychology.

Do you want a husband and children, or a different life?
Well I can see myself in the future with a family, but maybe just with one kid. I am not the big family type of girl. But of course depending if I will find a nice man to be with to start with and then I will see if I will have a child. So actually it is all very open for now.

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