Interview with C.J.

My name is C.J.

Where are you from & where do you live now? What do you like about it?
I was born in Romania but I live in Budapest now. I love back home for its peacefulness and love my new home in Budapest for its rush.
How old are you?
How tall are you?
162 cm

What star sign are you?
When is your birthday?
26th of October
Waist? 86
Hips? 58
Chest? 83
Are you straight or bi sexual? Bi!
How long have you been working in the adult industry?
Two years.
How did you get started in the business? What did you do before working in porn?
I got a phone call from my agency that invited me to a meeting where they made me this proposal that changed my life. Before porn I was a journalist.
Who are your favorite porn actors to work with & why?
The list is too long.

Who are your favorite porn directors to work with & why?
All the respectful directors and producers.
What kind of sex turns you on? What is the biggest turn off for you in a sexual partner
Spontaneous, hard and kinky stuff and if there’s a rope, chain or whip involved I am in!
What’s the best thing about shooting porn? And the worst thing?
The SEX, the dozens of people you meet, the travelling etc. etc. etc. there is a lot of BEST about it. The worst is that you get to experience the narrow mindedness of some people.
Have you starred in any other movies for Private? Which is you favorite Private Film? Why?
Private Teens. Rather than a favorite film I would mention the gender and quality of Private productions that makes watching and participating in these productions a delight.

What’s your sexual fantasy you have yet to experience? What turns you on? What is the best way to excite you sexually?
Public sex! Funny…sometimes I just get turned on of thin air so everything around me could turn me on for sure. I also find power very interesting and exciting.
What’s your favorite sexual position?
Any position related to doggy.
When did you lose your virginity? What happened?
I was 14 and flirting at a party and got turned on until I found the process irreversible. My first fuck was classical: backseat of a car .
If you could have sex with anyone famous, who would it be? Why?
John Malkovich. Just curiosity.
If you weren’t a superstar porn actress what would you do? What is your dream job?
I would play and produce music, that is my dream job.
What do you like about pornography? What do you hate about pornography?
It consists of the most basic and most important instinct of humans (SEX) and is most likely the most harmless industry in the world. The people you meet in the industry are the most free and illuminated ones I know. What I hate is that too many and not always the right people think that they can produce porn.

Do you think pornography is important in society?
I think pornography is as important for the society as sex is for the individual.
What do you think is your best physical asset? Why?
Outside and inside of my head! It is pretty, it is sexy and full of ideas.

What is the most important quality to have as a porn star?
Would you prefer to have a boyfriend who was poor but had a big dick or a rich boyfriend with a small dick?
This is definitely a “man” question. Not the size of dick or size of pocket makes a man THE MAN for me, but the masculinity and the way he uses his masculinity is determinant.
You have a beautiful body. How do you keep in shape?
Sex, yoga and walking
Tell us about your hobbies.
I love music, visual arts and travelling and practice them.
How does it feel to be a porn star? Do you feel powerful?
I have the same feeling now as i had before and that is a general feeling of GOOD. I am powerful but it is not the status that gives me this feeling, I think I am just born with it. The good thing is that I have the liberty to enjoy my life.
Do you have a message for your fans?
Enjoy life, sex and people!