Interview with Regina Ice

Hi, My name is Regina Ice.

How did you get started in the business?
I was working at a hotel reception in Bucharest, and there I met a producer who invited me to Budapest and started to shoot only solo scenes in the beginning and after some g /g scenes.

What does one require to become a sex symbol? Are you one yet?
You have to be really natural, spontaneous and u have to like your job very much, but I don’t consider myself a sex symbol.

Do or did you have any idols? Were you a massive porn fan before you started?
I always liked American porn stars, like Jenna Jameson or Jessy Jane, but I was not a porn fan.
I was staying with my parents.

What is your biggest and still untouched fantasy?
To make my own website with very special, interesting and natural porn.

Is there anything you would never consider doing? Any taboos or restrictions?
I don’t see myself doing escort. I prefer selling news papers than to do that.

Do you have any fetishes to share with us?
I love latex clothes and glass dildos

What’s the secret of double penetration?
There is no secret! Sometimes is difficult doing it because the partners have to slide in the same time, but I did not do too many dp`s in my life, so I can not tell u too much about it. U just have to live the moment and enjoy it.

Mafia Girlz

For which body part are you most admired?
For my brain, hehehe , before losing 10 kg i guess for my boobs, but now nothing special. They say for the whole package.

Some say: Blonds have more fun? True or false?
Depends if the blond is a natural blond. I m not, I m brunette but I still have fun!

Are you more popular or wanted when you are blond?
I do believe when u think about a porn star u have to think about a blond girl, with blue eyes, big, big boobs, hot ass and long legs. I don’t find myself fitting that picture! But yes being blond you could be more popular in this business.

What does it take for a man to conquer you?
He has to be natural and act the way he is. I don t like fake people, but too late someone already took my heart. ; )

How does you work affect and translate in your personal life?
My opinion is that if I do boy girl I can’t have a beautiful relationship, based on love and trust. I had a lot of problems because of that so I decide to stop doing boy girl.

What turns you on sexually?
Everything , I m horny all the time.

Also what’s your favorite sexual position?
I don’t have a special position. I like all in sex! Ok, but if I have to choose one, I’ll say doggy.

What’s the weirdest, funniest, strangest, dirtiest thing you’ve experienced whilst working in this business?
Well I experienced all this in this job. I had funny times, nice shootings in very nice places. I met all kind of people, nice people, beautiful girls, perverse and fake people. I had to do long shootings, but the most weird thing for me was to have sex scene on a wheelchair.

Some of my movies:
Barcelona Sex Secrets
Mafia Girlz
Dirty Sluts Fucking Hard
Private Poker

See ya XXX