Bisexual Army: Who Dares Fucks!

Movie: Bisexual Army: Who Dares Fucks!

In the bisexual army barracks everyone stands to attention, every hole, male or female is a target for these horny Privates & Officers and when the Sergeant says ‘Get ready, aim, FIRE!” he’s talking about the loaded ammunition in their balls that shoot out of their rock, hard pistols!

Cover Star Quote
Daria Glower comments, “When I was asked to star in a bisexual movie I was over the moon, it has always been a fantasy of mine to see two guys who are really into each other while they fuck me at the same time.”

Scene 1(G/B/B)
An officer is taking a shower in the Officer’s Mess, while Private Michael Lope tones up his muscles with gym weights. Sexy soldier Silvie Deluxe enters the room and is embarrassed to see the naked officer, but soon she is enjoying both their bodies in a bisexual threesome.

Scene 2 (G/B/B)
Officer Carl Johnson is in his office smoking, with his female soldier secretary Naomi Montana. When Private Thomas Evert enters the office and touches Officer Johnson’s ass, he grabs Evert by the throat, accusing him of being gay and forces him to eat out Naomi’s juicy pussy. Soon Johnson begins to succumb to his gay tendencies and can’t resist sucking the private’s thick cock…

Scene 3 (G/B/B)
Officer Max Born is having an affair with Private Rihanna Samuel. As he touches her ass, she notices a soldier outside the window masturbating, so they invite him in for some real uniformed passion.

Scene 4(G/B/B)
Two male soldiers are training in a disused warehouse as Sergeant Daria Glower puts them through a tough training routine. After insulting them and humiliating them they notice she isn’t wearing any knickers, they are transfixed by her big tits and when she forces them to eat out her cunt she also makes them taste each other’s man meat.

Scene 5 (G/B/B)
Kitty Jane is an enemy soldier captured by Private Johnson and Sergeant Armany. They interrogate her in a cell but she won’t give any information away and gives them the finger. They try to persuade her to talk by offering her a bisexual threesome and Kitty just can’t resist…