The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Movie: The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

The Prime Ministers Sex Tape

Are politics sexy? They are in Italy. The Italian Prime Minister impresses visiting foreign dignitaries with glamorous high class hookers; the result is a scandalous sex party that could bring down the government. 2 journalists have evidence that the corridors of power heave with big tits, deep anal, tight DP’s and banging orgies. But be careful! You never know who is filming everything you do then selling the sex tape to the highest bidder…

Cover Star Quote
Aleska Diamond comments, “I’m very attracted to powerful men and making this movie really let me live out a big sexual fantasy of mine.”

Scene 1 (BG)
Sonia (Cathy Campbel) and Peter (Nick Lang) are journalists with sophisticated surveillance devices. They are trying to discover what goes on behind the closed doors of the Prime Minister’s residence amid claims that he indulges in sex parties with high class escort girls.
A security guard approaches their van and afraid of blowing their cover they pretend to be lovers. The security guard is fooled but now they are both hot and horny and want more. Peter pulls aside her pants to reveal a plump wet pussy. He slips his swollen penis inside her and she moans with pleasure. They screw on the front seat of the van and with her leg out the window she guides him into her ass and wriggles on his dick until he blows his entire load in her mouth.


Scene 2 (BG)
Inside his residence the Italian Prime Minister is holding a party for a select group of foreign dignitaries. He enters the room with 2 amazing women on his arm. There are gorgeous girls everywhere and even the waitresses are as hot as top models. The Spanish Minister for Trade wants to talk business but is told by the Premiere that tomorrow is for business and tonite is for relaxing. He offers the Minister to choose from any of the girls that he likes. He chooses tall, leggy blonde Cindy Hope and they make their way to a huge indoor swimming pool where she blindfolds him and takes his big shiny cock in her hand and very gently licks his swollen helmet. Her moans and groans of pleasure echo all around the pool as they fuck intensely in every position with the minister finally blowing his load all over her firm tits.

Scene 3 (BBG)
The Prime Ministers security guards have a similar disregard for duty as their boss and follow one of the waitresses around the corner like a couple of alley cats on heat allowing Sonia and Peter to slip into the house undetected. The guards follow the French maid Aleska Diamond to a store room and after some small talk she pleads with them to lick her pussy. The 2 guys don’t wait to be asked twice and comply with her wishes to the T. There follows some up close and ball achingly tight anal and a very clear DP shot from the front and then from behind. Two messy cum shots in the face finish one of the best DP scenes of the year.

Scene 4 (BG)
The German delegate is also eager to do business with the Italian Premiere who seems busy with other matters. Left alone in the party he catches the eye of stunning blonde, Alexis. She leads him off. Once alone she extracts herself from her very tight black dress to reveal heavy tits and a scandalously sexy body that could bring down a government with one sway of her hips. The German minister is shown incredible hospitality by Alexis as she sucks and jerks and fucks him to orgasm where he finally spills his seeds of democracy all over her pretty and tattooed bottom.

Scene 5 (Orgy – BBBBGGGG)
The Italian PM is always the generous host. Proposing a toast to his guests he approaches a big breasted brunette and gently releasing her tits from her latex dress he pours champagne on her boobs and licks it off them. This heralds the start of an orgy that has all the foreign dignitaries including the Italian Prime Minister screwing like rock stars back stage and Sonia and Peter get the whole damned scandal on film.

The next day the world’s media is full of the story but the Italian Prime Minister, cold as ice orders the deaths of the journalists and the destruction of the rest of the film. Sonia and Peter are in their hotel room discussing what to do with the rest of the footage they shot when there is a knock at their bedroom door. They are both shot and the Prime Minister now ousted by scandal sells his sex tape to the Private Media Group.