Interview with Shay Sights

My name is Shay sights. I have been working in adult films for 12 years. See my Private Life of Shay Sights.
I was born in a small town in Canada and grew up in Vancouver. Now I live in L.A., the porn capital of the world!

I went a bit to university in Vancouver before I started to work in the Adult Industry. I started to work in adult industry really early. I started to work as a stripper when I was 19 years. Of course I was young and tempted by the money I was earning so I left school early.
I actually started studying when I was already working in the adult industry like quantum physics and esthetic. And I have my esthetic license so now I have my own Spa, so yes that is what I do!

Other Jobs:
I was a stripper before, but now porn is not my fulltime job. I shoot so now and then but I work mostly in my Spa, we give massages, facials etc. And apart from that I have rental property, that is almost a fulltime job as well.

My first scene in porn:
My first day in porn was very scary. It was a scene with my husband in that time in Toronto and it was in the club where I was normally dancing as a stripper. I was terrified with all the cameras and lights etc. It was such a difference for me. The second time was already much more fun and the 3rd and 4th I really started to like it.

Boy friend and family:
I do not have boyfriend, family and children. I do date! Although it is a tuff industry to be in. But yes a family soon..I hope. My parents are not really happy me being in porn. I am an only child and my father did not speak to me for 1,5 year. But when they realized that it was not all about drugs, humiliation and every negative aspect you can think of, they turned out to be pretty supportive!

Classy Porn vs. Cheap Movies:
I do like doing both types of porn. I think that doing big features and doing big beautiful projects is amazing, but those mean as well very long days and that is why sometimes it can also be nice to have a quick scene, nasty hardcore sex and just your thing and out. And I do not know if people always want to see a nice big artistic build out or if they just want to watch porn. For me a good balance of both is the perfect thing.

Lesbian Sex:
I actually like lesbian sex and sex with guys. The thing with lesbian sex is that you do need a girl that is really into it! It is the same when you are in a scene or you bring a girl home and you have a girl that pretends to be into girls just does not work.

Sex Life:
Big Cocks or small cocks: I would say medium to large. You cannot always get a big cock but bigger is better!
What kind of sex do I like? I like a little bit of everything. Fun, crazy and ruff sex but also to have a good connection and to actually make love with intimacy but also sometimes I just like to dress up so yeah a little bit of everything.

Do I have orgasm at work? Depends who I work with but yes.
DP: I am not really good at double penetrations. Yes of course I had a few and they were ok but I guess I am not built for that but anal yessss..i love anal!

Off Limits:
Think that is all a bit relative. It depends on the rules and it depends on the company. Private is awesome. Private is a European company and they allow all sorts of things but you have some American companies where you cannot do a thing and I like to do all kind of things ..but well maybe it is just me being a naughty girl but I never find anything off limits in porn.

Sexual Fantasies:
My biggest sexual fantasy? Well working in porn or directing you actually do already so many different kinds of things that I do not really have any fantasies left. Maybe you could say that I am actually living my fantasy.

Hobbies:I started to travel a little bit more, love going to movies and love watching videos. Reading and seminars for my business and I like to garden.
Hot Date:
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together
Sports:Kick-boxing, bit of gym and I used to do a lot of team sports. I do not dance anymore.