Cum In My Limousine

Movie: Cum In My Limousine

A Private Gold movie, Cum in My Limousine follows Kid Jamaica, a recently arrived immigrant to the US in search of the American wet dream. Becoming a chauffeur for a sex obsessed playboy Kid finds himself surrounded by hot and fuckable women and so begins his rags to bitches story as he screws his way to the top.

Female Cast:
Bea Stiel
Lea Lush
Sabrina Sweet
Janine Rose

Scene 1: Office orafice
How do you get sweaty in an air conditioned office? Let Lexa flash her gash and no amount of cooling systems will cool down your ardour…

Scene 2: Sit on my gear stick
Alexa and Sabrina get turned on in the back of a limousine, luckily they have a gear stick to play with and it’s attached to a guy!

Scene 3: Gang banged!
Janine prepares to get everyone of her holes filled, see how she writes with satisfaction!

Scene 4: She is one horny bitch!
Nothing will stop Bea getting the satisfaction she deserves!