How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

Toni Ribas has fucked over 2,500 girls in his career as an award winning porn star and director. Bringing to Private classic series’ like “Ibiza Sex Party“, “Private Auditions” and now this new series
How I Seduce & Fuck Girls

In this first DVD in the series, Toni shows you the techniques he uses to pull girls in his everyday life, from his hairdresser to his next door neighbor, Toni teaches you how to perfect your skills at getting the women you want, when you want and it’s all filmed for your pleasure.

“I hope that this series teaches guys the many different ways there are to seduce & fuck beautiful girls. It doesn’t take a university degree, just a certain amount of confidence, the ability to think on the spot and of course, how to use the art of flirting to get any girl you want.” Toni Ribas

Lesson number 1(BG)
Pretending to be looking for a new flat to buy or rent, he visits his local estate agency. The beautiful Aliz is the girl in charge and after some business and flirtation, she takes him off to see a 3 bedroomed flat with a sea view. It’s not long before he tries to seal the deal with a blow job and Aliz, keen to rent out the apartment obliges.

Lesson number 2 (BG)
“Get them to cum to you.”
After chasing all that pussy, Toni devises an idea to make this lesson a lot easier. He pretends to be sick and gets a visit from sexy doctor Aletta Ocean. This is playing doctors and nurses for grown ups!

Lesson number 3 (BG)
“How to get a female neighbor to open her door and get your cock in her hand in 5 minutes.”
Toni has had his eye on his beautiful married neighbor Cindy Hope for quite sometime, so he poses as a door to door salesman. Once she has let him inside the house, he shows her what he is selling – sex toys! Soon she is getting excited by Mr Ribas’ wares that within 5 minutes of opening the door, she has his cock in more than her hand…

Lesson number 4 (BG)
Toni decides to get some wheels as he poses as a taxi driver, scouring the streets for a classy lady who will hire him for the day to take her shopping around Barcelona. Yoha Galvez is that girl and after indulging her in a shopping marathon, she is, like most women, on a high. So high that he gets her to give him some acrobatic blow jobs in the car before they head for the hills on the outskirts of Barcelona where he fucks her on the bonnet of his taxi.

Lesson number 5 (BG)
“It’s all about timing,” says Toni, as he spies sexy young hairdresser Gilda Roberts. The reason it is all about timing is that Toni waits until the salon is near to closing time, that way he can get his haircut by her, and after she has finished she will also be finishing work, the perfect time to get her into bed. But first he must flirt with her while she washes and cuts his hair and soon after she has finished blow drying his hair, she is down on her knees blowing his cock.