Interview with Daria Glower

What is your name?
My name is Daria Glower

How old are you?
I am already 28 years old.

Where are you from?
I am from Czech Republic from Prague.

Where do you live?
In Prague

What did you do before you started this business?
I almost did nothing, just finished school, worked three months with properties and after that I had my first offer to work in porn and I tried it and still here

How did you get started in this business?
One of my friends was working for a some mainstream tv series and in his show they were talking a bit about sex and the sex-industry and he made me an offer and I tried and that is it.

How did you feel and what were you thinking during your first performance and your first scene?
I do not remember, it is such a long time ago, but I guess I could say I was shy..I was very shy that age.

How old were you when you started to work in porn?
18 years old.

How long have you been doing porn now?
8 years

How different is it when the director is also the actor?
Of course it depends level of professionalism but an actor will be an actor and you do your work so for me it is the same. I guess the difference for me will be that you talk more. There is more contact.

What actor do you prefer as your partner in your performance?

What kind of men do you like in your private life?
A little bit older than me. A nice body, brown hair and good teeth.

Does size matter?
Hmmmmm depends if the guy knows how to work with his dick. If not ..too big or too small can be a problem.

Do you have some booty calls so now and then?

You have done some dp`s what was your first dp?
My first dp was a long time ago.

Do you prefer two boys or two girls?
Two boys of course!!

For me it is just better!

Have you ever been in an orgy in your private life?
In my private life yes… a couple of times yes.

What do you prefer a threesome with two girls one guy or two guys one girl?
It actually depends a bit how I wake up in the morning sometimes it just better two guys and sometimes nicer to be with two girls, then it is normally a bit more romantic.

Have you ever been in a threesome in your private life?

Who is your favorite actor in porn?

Why he is your favorite actor?
Well because he is my boyfriend!

How does your boyfriend feel that you work in this business?
He is absolutely ok, he is also working in this business.

What kind of sex you like the most?
Not really hard actually and sometimes a bit of fetish. But I am not too romantic either.

What is your favorite fetish?

Do you like being tied up?
Sometimes but I prefer to be dominant

What is kinky about you?
My ass

What is the kinkiest sex you have ever had?
In a car while my partner was driving on the highway.

Do you have a problem with people that they are watching you and probably you will turn them on?
No I do not have a problem with people.

Do you ever have really good orgasm during a lesbian shoot?
Well actually I do enjoy but a real heavy orgasm no not really.

Do you like anal sex in your private sex life!
O yes!