Summer Sex Job in Guadaloupe 2

Movie: Summer Sex Job in Guadaloupe 2

The second part to Alessandro Del Mar’s scorcher, where we find sordid fraudster Oscar up to his old tricks. Sex and swindling abound in this classic tale of a conman getting outwitted at his own game. Oscar has tricked four gorgeous young girls into thinking he’s the owner of the island’s most popular resort, and in doing so he pits them against each other as they compete for the job.

Whoever can fuck hardest will get the job. With a name like Boroka Balls you’d think this blond nymphomaniac would easily get the job, but the competition is tight wet and fierce because she has to go against ravenous cock suckers who expertly handle one man together, cocksucking cutie Yasmine Gold, insatiable Chloe Delaure who can take cocks in both her holes and scream for more, marvellous Morgan Moon.

Everybody wants something in this sordid tale of double crossing and hard fucking, and only the horniest will cum out on top…

Female Cast
Chloe Delaure
Morgan Moon
Yasmine Gold

Scene 1: Sex job
Boroka gets a holiday job on the paradise island of Guadalupe, and she works hard for the money…

Scene 2: Precious Ass!
If you go down in the woods today you get to fuck Yasmine’s precious asshole!

Scene 3: Outdoors and wet!
Take her up the ass by the side of the river and see her pussy juices dribble into the waters flow…

Scene 4: It’s fucking frothy!
Fucking on the banks of a tropical river in Guadaloupe, this randy little trio makes the water froth!