Savannah Secret in the interview with Private

Today we want to share with you an interview with Savannah Secret. Savannah started this year with porn and is already a huge star. No surprise, cause she shows a lot of passion and energy on the set. Also her hairy pussy and the ability to squirt are for the most viewers just jaw dropping.  Read on, and see what Savannah has to say about herself and the biz she is working in

How did you start in the porn industry?

It was not in my plans, it just happened. I put an advertisement in internet that I want to become a photo model,  in order to try something new and to express myself. One agent found me there. And now I am here

Is it a hard job? If yes, why/ how?

Sometimes it is. For example you must stay in very uncomfortable positions and next day you can feel all your muscles. But it’s sometimes hard also mentally. Because when I work I put all my energy into it and if I don’t have enough time to relax it starts to drain me out. I have to charge myself. Sometimes me and my partner with who I have to work are not on the same frequency, it also makes everything more difficult. But, no matter what, I enjoy my job every time on the set!   

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What do you like most about your job?

I am free. I am traveling all around the world.  I am learning new cultures, new languages, meeting many interesting people. I discover many interesting things. I express myself as an actress, and as a personality. It changes me in a better way. I became more confident, more sweet, more considered and generous. It showed me to enjoy and live my life how I want in 100% and with no worries what others think. And I enjoy so much to inspire other people even with little talks between the scenes 

If you could choose what would you like to change in the porn industry?

I hope I already started to change this industry. I try to give all my warmth to my fans. I think porn became boring, because everything is done already. There is no more to go, I mean there can’t destroy more girl as it already done in so many scenes. If there is not any story behind, it’s rude and shallow. I think it is time to put more lightness and more love in this. Most of the people are thirsty for love! Most of them are lonely and are trying to find at least something by watching porn. And according of my work on the web cam chat for example, so many of them are just happy to talk, they even don’t need to see any nudity. They are deeply lonely. I want to show porn from different point of view. As we all are sexual human beings and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I tried to show this in my first live show this year in Slovenia, Celje.

How many guys did you have sex with in total?

I did not count. But if you ask about my private life, not much, maybe 6 or 7. I prefer to have one stable partner with who I have something more common than just great sex.

Did you ever go to a date with any of porn actors? If not, would you?

Yes, this sometimes happens. There is good possibility to meet many nice people on the set. Or even if it’s not a date, we meet all together in a small company and spend great time together.

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Do you have more friends outside of the pornbusiness or do pornstars hang out together all the time?

Most of my friends are from porn business. We are like a family, as we can understand each other much better. And there are much more open and honest people than outside from porn. We don’t have to deny who we are, we don’t have to be fake. We are like open books. And the difference is that most of the people outside from the industry are holding closed their books. Which is sad.

What is your sex fantasy?

To be discovered by an alien from my imagination. There are so many secrets, there could be so much passion, it’s something unknown.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Maybe still on the Main stage for which it is absolutely not necessary to be in porn. Or based in a calm family life having some family business. But, I am sure I will keep inspire people giving them my light vibrations as much as I can!  


Do your friends know what industry you work in? If yes, how do they react?

Some of my friends know. They react normal as there is nothing bad in this kind of job. They support me and are helping with ideas when I ask.

What are your hobbies?

I have a lot of them. I like to do workouts by running. I enjoy long walks. Connect with my friends. But I need my space. I enjoy being alone a lot. Sometimes I like to draw, singing, dancing. And I am a slave to the music. Music is my blanket always and everywhere.

At “Anal Introductions with Milana Fox” you had a double pussy scene. How did this feel to have two cocks in one hole?

There was nothing special about it. I am very old school woman, I prefer to have sex with one partner and to feel one cock in my pussy.

How do you do those amazing squirts?

If there is the perfect partner for me, if our energy are on the same level having sex during the scene than it is just a result of my pleasure 


Do you like in your private life also hard sex or are you a bit more romantic?

It depends of my mood, and of the connection with my partner. But mostly I enjoy hard. I love to be submissive, to feel feminine being hugged by a man with a strong energy. It transforms me, makes me to feel sweeter, more submissive for my man. Princess and slave in the same time. It’s amazing.

What would you advice to new actors/actresses who wants to go into the pornbiz?

Be real. Dont be fake or phony. Be who you are, and express yourself.

Do you like to work with Omar Galanti?

I think it can be seen in our scenes… I enjoyed so much to work with him. He is my kind of man. He respect woman even if the scene is hard, he is gentle.

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With whom do you want to work with in the future and didn’t do so far?

I don’t have any specific producer, actor or studio in my mind at the moment. But I can tell you that I am always happy if I can act.  If there is an intro for the scene, and also the scene at all has a meaning. If there is not just having sex in 4-5 different positions and a money shot. I truly believe that my best and most interesting scenes are waiting for me!

How was your debut in porno? And with whom?

I think definitely my movie by Omar Galanti for Evil Angel called ‘’Savannah’s Secret’’.  The Producer even got nominated for the ‘’Best foreigner producer’’. Together with Omar Galanti, Steve Holmes, Kendra Star and Serge. Shooting was amazing, we did so many interesting things which took my breath away. For example, the scene together with Steve Holmes next to the wall from rocks. When he pulled away those many clips from my body. It was so painful but a huge pleasure in the same time. Or the scene with Omar for example, when I had to dominate him. I was so into my role that my mind flew away, I stopped to think, just enjoyed my power over him in that moment. And, the best thing is that we ‘’woke up’’ we must finish the scene when we had already 1.5 hour instead of 40min 

Tell us what do you remember about that crazy week in Ibiza this past month of may?

I remember that we were very unlucky with the weather, haha. But I had such a good time there. In the evenings I took some walks and bought that super delicious ice cream in the city. And the Sea food – the best taste in the world! I met many good and very optimistic people there. And also spent great time together with Russian girls.

How was it working with Private so far?

It was an honor to me to work with Private. You are great and hard – working team. If I remember correct, there were 55 scenes in one week?! All rooms or corners next to that beautiful villa were busy with shooting all the day.

We Love your Haired Pussy, could you promise us that you never will shave?

Thanks! Well, I can’t promise as I have to think about all of my fans. But, my opinion that a bit more hair looks much more feminine and mature and I prefer to leave it more hairy than shaved! 


Thanks for the inspiring insights Savannah!