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Interview with the Newbie Apolonia

We hereby introduce to you the beautiful Spanish señorita Apolonia. Beautiful face, innocent bambi eyes, luscious lips and a cute hot body. This girl has what it takes to become a big star! Private had the pleasure of shooting her first scene with us. Have a look and keep an eye on this promising little cutie. But first let us give you a taste of her in this Interview!

Apolonia Interview:

  • Tell us a little bit about your life growing up: What were your adolescent years like and what did you want to be when you were a child?

I had a difficult childhood and during my teenage years I was very rebellious. As a child I simply wanted to become rich and live in a mansion.

  • What are you doing in your daily life? Do you have any hobbies?

I try to keep my life very organized and follow routines; I’m a good girl I guess. I go to the gym and eat healthy and the truth is that my daily life is very calm! I don’t drink or go out at night.

  • What kind of sports do you like?

I really like going to the gym but the sports I practice most are zumba and swimming!

  • Who is your favorite star in the porn world?

My favorite masculine star is Marco Banderas. I saw a documentary about his life on T.V and he seems to be very focused and ambitious with his career. He has a lot of recognition in the industry and he is very sexy!

  • How did you get into the porn industry and have you ever done anything similar before?

Well I think that the Porn Industry always had my attention but the main reason I got into it is because I am romantically involved with a porn director. For the first 6 months of our relationship the thought of doing porn was at the back of my mind but then I thought… Why not!

  • What was the reaction of your family when you told them that you were going to be in porn?

I just started and I have only been in the business for a few weeks so they still don’t know about it. I hope they will take it well because this is going to be my life from now on.

  • Why the name Apolonia?

I get asked a lot about the name Apolonia. The truth is that one day my boyfriend put on his favorite DVD, The Godfather. In the movie, the wife of Al Pacino is called Apolonia and I look like her so I chose her name.

  • Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I have a boyfriend and I am in love with him but this does not mean that I can’t have pleasure with other people in my personal life and in porn.


  • Do you think it is difficult to have a sentimental relationship while being a porn actress?

In my case it is not very difficult because I have an open relationship with my boyfriend and we are very liberal. We are fanatical about the porn industry so it feels very natural for us to be working in this very industry.

  • Has porn changed your sex life?

Yes a lot. Now I am much crazier in bed. I think I had a wild tigress hidden inside me and through my work in the porn industry, I have set myself free!

  • What did you like to do during sex before porn and have your sexual desires changed?

Before doing porn, I liked to have my pussy eaten. After doing porn, I discovered that anal sex can give me a lot of pleasure.

  • What has been your worst experience in this industry?

If things are going bad and a scene takes too long, it can be very time consuming and I get tired.

  • Your best experience in the porn industry?

Discovering anal sex!

  • How many orgasms have you had in a scene and do you think you can have more?

I have multiple orgasms in my personal life and at work. I feel a lot of pleasure when I fuck and I can get in a bad mood when I don’t fuck. I get nasty when I’m horny.

  • Have you ever had a lesbian scene? Would you like to try it?

No I never did a lesbian scene but I would love to try it.

  • In your personal life have you ever been attracted to a women?

Yes one time. In the scene with Private, I slapped the ass of Misha Cross and it really turned me on. It was only a small taste but I wanted more.

  • Have you ever had anal sex in your private life and how was the first time in a scene? Would you like to do Double Penetration in the future?

No I never had anal sex before, it was my first time but I liked it a lot! Double Penetration is intimidating to me but at the same time I would love to try it. I think it would be an incredible sensation and it would be even better if there was one more guy for me to suck. I think that would be my perfect fantasy.

  • Where do you like your men to cum on you?

I prefer that they cum on my tits and ass. However, as an observer I understand why people like to see an actress with cum on her face or in her mouth.

  • What are your ambitions in the porn industry?

I want to be a very famous porn star and make my fans happy. I truly wish to achieve a high level of recognition in porn… I just don’t want to do anything else except porn. So my dream is now to become THE BEST PORNSTAR!!

  • Do you know what you would like to do when you finish porn?

I would like to own my own production studio. It would be nice to still be involved in the industry.

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Best of 2013 Out Soon

Somehow you miss the last year, and you are curious what we from Private had released? With the Best of 2013 Compilation you are good to go and you can recap the highlights from the past year. Enjoy seven of the most exciting scenes from movies like Oktober Sex Fest, Fuck me in my Jeans or Barcelona Bandidos 2. Anissa Kate will be in action as well as Valetina Nappi or new teen sensation Lolita Petrova. Must have for every serious Porn-Collector

Best of 2013Caroline Tosca in Ass, Cash & PoliticsAnissa Kate in Barcelona Bandidos 2Ferrera Gomez in Cumshot WeddingsHenessy in Fuck me in my JeansJenny Love in Russian Teen AssValentina Nappi in Ass Hunting In Venice

Barcelona Bandidos

Barcelona studs Marco Banderas and David “El Moreno” reminisce about a fine vacation they had in Ibiza recently, where they fucked the best ass the island could provide. Now they are back in Barcelona, and recreate those crazy, perverted, moments using hilarious excuses for scoring with local girls. Amy Wild, Carol Vega, Erika Bellucci, Kira Queen and Rachel Woods star in this hardcore comedy.


So many new movies on the way! Check out ”Barcelona Bad Girls”…out now!!!

BARCELONA — Private Media Group, Inc. announced today the release of “Barcelona Bad Girls.”

Filmed in Barcelona by local Catalan director Max Perez, “Barcelona Bad Girls” takes viewers to the side of this city where tourists dare not venture.

The title stars Anissa Kate, Carol Vega, Noe Milk, Samia Duarte, Yaiza del Mar and Yoha.

Over the past 12 months, Private has released 66 new titles.

Private’s 2013 schedule features more thna six new titles per month and additional direct-to-web content.

For future productions Private continues to seek new male and female talent with the right mix of assets and attitude.

Workin’ the gherkin: Backstage on “Barcelona Sex Secrets”

Accion!” calls director Johnny Vendetta on the set of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” and Aletta Ocean and Regina Ice mount a pool table and each other.

“Hola! Besos!” says Regina Ice. My Spanish isn’t that good, so I missed the fact that she was sending me kisses and instead thought she thought I was Mexican.

Pesos?” I said. Whatever you need, I’ll get it…

We watch for a while, entranced by Ocean’s rhythmically slapping folds, thinking of the planet Solaris with its sentient ocean (perhaps that’s why she chose her name?), but then need drives us outside.

You can’t have a boner in Barcelona without first looking at the Torre Agbar.

The building, which even its architect said is “phallic,” rises above Barcelona’s financial district and, in the five years since its completion, has been top on the list of Barcelona’s most recognized places.

That is why El Torre takes up a significant place on the cover of this movie. (The tower has a similarly-shaped counterpart in London that locals call “The Gherkin”).

“Barcelona Sex Secrets” was shot over several long days, one of which featured a romp atop a motorcycle with Lucy Belle. The movie’s only actual shot of the Torre Agbar comes when co-star Andrea Moranti, who performs the crowd-pleasing trick of walking around with a towel on his dick, takes a smoke break on the roof with the un-toweled Torre behind him.

Belle demonstrates what a pro she is in this movie, claiming preference for the doggie position (“I think this is best,” she says), but never getting much of a chance to do it in the crowded motorcycle shop. Finally she and Moranti work something out.

It is the final night of the production and director Vendetta is trying to corral a punch-drunk cast who can’t stop laughing. And it’s not a sex scene; it is a dinner party scene.

Venga!,” says Vendetta (“Come on!”) and the scene finally wraps after several extra interruptions. The actual sex scene was shot earlier in the day, but we get to see it following the dinner scene by virtue of studio magic.

But in real time, outside the Torre Agbar glows blue with frustration.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here


She Keeps No “Barcelona Sex Secrets” from You

Wouldn’t you be intrigued to visit a place described as having “Mouths whose thirst for semen is insatiable and the wildest ass and pussy penetrations”? You might even say, “I don’t care how strong the Euro is; I must board a plane now to experience these mouths of which I’ve read.”

Such is the boxcover copy of “Barcelona Sex Secrets,” which also features a picture of what appears to be an ancient thermonuclear device disappearing between the legs of the deliriously tasty Regina Ice.

Come with us as we detail the lives and loves of seven international pornstresses who find themselves fitting their lips around both Spanish and semen.

Director: Johnny Vendetta
Starring: Lucy Belle, Priva, Jandi Lin, Silvia Rubi, Aletta Ocean, Regina Ice

Scene 1: B/G

This 7-scene epic set in Private’s home town is as lighthearted as it is hardcore. Why do I say this? Because the first sex scene is in a kitchen, and we know that that room is the most erogenous one in the house.

Tall Regina Ice could probably be as aloof as her name suggests, but after her boyfriend clears the table she shows him her gratitude at not being dismissed as a domestic servant with tits by fucking the shit out of him on the kitchen floor. Which she has, of course, kept clean.

Scene 2: B/G

Personal favorite Aletta Ocean dispels the myth that no one works in hedonistic Barcelona by choosing to fuck near a desk. This suggests that barcelonés at least tolerate the idea of working.

Scene 3: G/G

But of course people work in Barcelona. In fact, people even come from other countries to work there. Case in point: the next scene features Ocean in her side occupation as a bartender. She approaches Regina Ice, who says:

“Vere you vaiting for me?”

“Vhat,” Ocean asks, “do you zink?”

Then, despite the fact that Ocean appears to be the only bartender working in a crowded saloon, the two adjourn to a private billiard room to fuck on the pool table.

Scene 4: B/B/G

How does one woo a potential employee in Barcelona’s litigious workplace environment?

If one is the swarthy television producer intent on bringing Lucy Belle to his project, one takes her out to a fancy dinner and then gets one’s friend to help fuck her on the dining room table.

Scene 5: B/G

My favorite scene involves Silvia Rubi, the tattooed minx I’m happy to be seeing for the first time. Rubi shows up at a photo studio and wastes no time displaying the “Barcelona” tattoo written upside down across her belly, as if she is suggesting you 69 her in order to read it correctly.

All right, Silvia Rubi. If you insist.

Scene 6: B/G/G

In this centerpiece scene, Private superstar Priva and tattooed American vixen Jandi Lin service Regina Ice’s cheating boyfriend. Watched out of context, of course, you would never get the impression that he doesn’t deserve the attention of these Asian beauties.

But then, who are we to judge? Good for you, pal.

Scene 7: B/G

Finally, our aspiring actress, Lucy Belle, returns to her boyfriend’s motorcycle shop to celebrate her audition. Didd she get the part? Will she become famous? Will her dreams be realized?

We are not sure. What we are certain of is that she is fucked next to an orange motorcycle, after which her boyfriend excuses himself to take a shower.

What this tells me is that, in Barcelona, endings are ambiguous. That is why I choose to go right up the middle.

  • Watch “Barcelona Sex Secrets” here