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Interview with Game of Thrones Actress and Pornstar Samantha Bentley

Interview with Porn- and Series- star Samantha Bentley

1.       How does it feel to be on GoT set?

It is incredible, my career highlight for sure. I was treated so well by everyone.

2.       What was the best thing about being on GoT set?

The general atmosphere on set is so lovely and so is everyone who works there, it was such an incredible feeling to be part of the show. Oh, and the on set catering is amazing.

3.       Was it the first time you played a role in a movie/TV series?

I had previously played a small role in ‘The Look Of Love’ the feature film about the life of Paul Raymond.

4.       Who is your favorite character in the series and why?

Tyrion Lannister because he’s a BADMAN OUT HEREEEEE

5.       Part of the reason for GoT popularity is its sex appeal but is there a lot of sexual tension on set?

No, none at all, the entire cast and crew are very relaxed and professional.

6.       What is the difference between shooting an adult movie and a mainstream movie?

With other mainstream productions I have done, I preferred adult, but the sheer scale of Game Of Thrones and just being part of something so epic, there’s no comparison, it wins everytime. It’s another world.

7.      Are people who work in the mainstream movie industry as nice as in adult industry?

In every industry there is good and bad, I have worked on pornsets where I have hated everyone and the same with mainstream sets, and then I have worked on porn sets where I have loved everyone, with Game Of Thrones, everyone was super nice, cast and crew.

8.       Most of the characters in GoT ooze sexuality, but which male and female characters do you find most attractive and why?

Jamie and Cercei Lannister, they are just so twisted and sick, I love them.

9.       Has the show raised your popularity?

Yes, no question, the reach has allowed people that may not have known me before able to discover me.

10.   Has it changed your career in any way since you starred in Game Of Thrones. If yes, how?

It has given me a platform to do other things I may not have been able to do before appearing in the show, I am grateful to Game Of Thrones for a lot, that’s for sure….

Thank you,

Private team.

Interview with the Newbie Apolonia

We hereby introduce to you the beautiful Spanish señorita Apolonia. Beautiful face, innocent bambi eyes, luscious lips and a cute hot body. This girl has what it takes to become a big star! Private had the pleasure of shooting her first scene with us. Have a look and keep an eye on this promising little cutie. But first let us give you a taste of her in this Interview!

Apolonia Interview:

  • Tell us a little bit about your life growing up: What were your adolescent years like and what did you want to be when you were a child?

I had a difficult childhood and during my teenage years I was very rebellious. As a child I simply wanted to become rich and live in a mansion.

  • What are you doing in your daily life? Do you have any hobbies?

I try to keep my life very organized and follow routines; I’m a good girl I guess. I go to the gym and eat healthy and the truth is that my daily life is very calm! I don’t drink or go out at night.

  • What kind of sports do you like?

I really like going to the gym but the sports I practice most are zumba and swimming!

  • Who is your favorite star in the porn world?

My favorite masculine star is Marco Banderas. I saw a documentary about his life on T.V and he seems to be very focused and ambitious with his career. He has a lot of recognition in the industry and he is very sexy!

  • How did you get into the porn industry and have you ever done anything similar before?

Well I think that the Porn Industry always had my attention but the main reason I got into it is because I am romantically involved with a porn director. For the first 6 months of our relationship the thought of doing porn was at the back of my mind but then I thought… Why not!

  • What was the reaction of your family when you told them that you were going to be in porn?

I just started and I have only been in the business for a few weeks so they still don’t know about it. I hope they will take it well because this is going to be my life from now on.

  • Why the name Apolonia?

I get asked a lot about the name Apolonia. The truth is that one day my boyfriend put on his favorite DVD, The Godfather. In the movie, the wife of Al Pacino is called Apolonia and I look like her so I chose her name.

  • Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes I have a boyfriend and I am in love with him but this does not mean that I can’t have pleasure with other people in my personal life and in porn.


  • Do you think it is difficult to have a sentimental relationship while being a porn actress?

In my case it is not very difficult because I have an open relationship with my boyfriend and we are very liberal. We are fanatical about the porn industry so it feels very natural for us to be working in this very industry.

  • Has porn changed your sex life?

Yes a lot. Now I am much crazier in bed. I think I had a wild tigress hidden inside me and through my work in the porn industry, I have set myself free!

  • What did you like to do during sex before porn and have your sexual desires changed?

Before doing porn, I liked to have my pussy eaten. After doing porn, I discovered that anal sex can give me a lot of pleasure.

  • What has been your worst experience in this industry?

If things are going bad and a scene takes too long, it can be very time consuming and I get tired.

  • Your best experience in the porn industry?

Discovering anal sex!

  • How many orgasms have you had in a scene and do you think you can have more?

I have multiple orgasms in my personal life and at work. I feel a lot of pleasure when I fuck and I can get in a bad mood when I don’t fuck. I get nasty when I’m horny.

  • Have you ever had a lesbian scene? Would you like to try it?

No I never did a lesbian scene but I would love to try it.

  • In your personal life have you ever been attracted to a women?

Yes one time. In the scene with Private, I slapped the ass of Misha Cross and it really turned me on. It was only a small taste but I wanted more.

  • Have you ever had anal sex in your private life and how was the first time in a scene? Would you like to do Double Penetration in the future?

No I never had anal sex before, it was my first time but I liked it a lot! Double Penetration is intimidating to me but at the same time I would love to try it. I think it would be an incredible sensation and it would be even better if there was one more guy for me to suck. I think that would be my perfect fantasy.

  • Where do you like your men to cum on you?

I prefer that they cum on my tits and ass. However, as an observer I understand why people like to see an actress with cum on her face or in her mouth.

  • What are your ambitions in the porn industry?

I want to be a very famous porn star and make my fans happy. I truly wish to achieve a high level of recognition in porn… I just don’t want to do anything else except porn. So my dream is now to become THE BEST PORNSTAR!!

  • Do you know what you would like to do when you finish porn?

I would like to own my own production studio. It would be nice to still be involved in the industry.

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Oktober Sexfest II

Oktober Sexfest IIPrivate’s OktoberSexFest II, the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s Best International Movie winner at Venus in Berlin is now available. After receiving a surprising message that he has inherited an old tavern from his recently deceased uncle, Marc decides to bring the old place back to its former glory. Together with his trusted friends he sets about organizing a reopening that will see a lot more than a keg of beer being tapped. Beer and big stars are the order of the day and hot newcomers like the lovely Tina Hot and Uma Zex guarantee some very foamy head. As if that were not enough, Bella Baby appears in one of her truly rare scenes while Ana Rose and Victoria Red complete the female cast. Thick heavy sausages and hungry harlots come together in Private’s tribute to the epic Munich beer festival. Enjoy the party! Models: Uma Zex, Ana Rose, Bella Baby, Tina Hot, Victoria Redd

Oktober Sexfest II Oktober Sexfest IIOktober Sexfest IIOktober Sexfest II Oktober Sexfest II Oktober Sexfest II Oktober Sexfest II Oktober Sexfest II

Oktober Sexfest II

Meet and Greet with Alexis Crystal in Holland this Weekend

Alexis Crystal Our Dutch Fans and people, who are living there, are having this weekend the opportunity for a relaxed meet and greet with Alexis Crystal. Perfect chance to bridge the gap until Oranje is playing again on Sunday. The perky Czech actress starred on many successful films for Private like the award winning “Oktober Sex Fest”, “Cum Home for Christmas” or “Rich Bitches” which was her latest release for us. So grab the chance to get in touch with one of the hottest pornstars right now and get your double selfie, autograph or whatever you need from her.

Alexis Crystal


Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal

And here the exact dates and times.

Friday 27.06 From 13:00 till 17:00

Erotic Lifestyle Store Garenmarkt 5 4524 Sluis

Friday 27.06 From 20:00 till 23:00

Erotic Lifestyle Store Hulst Gentsestraat 42 4561 Hulst.

Saturday 27.06 From 14:00 till 18:00

Candy Shop Korvelseweg 215 5025 Tilburg

Cum Home For Christmas Out Now

Cum Home For Christmas

Again its Christmas time and we all are hunting for presents and gifts to make our beloved ones happy. But you also need a relief of your Pre-Christmas stress and something good for you to survive the holidays. So lets`s say that this year the Christmas presents are not all under the tree and the turkey is not the only bird being stuffed.

Cum Home For ChristmasThis year Private`s  “Cum home for Christmas” brings you a unique family celebration. Dad´s new bride tries out her step-son and his best friend while her spoiled and horny daughter, played by teen sensation Violette, teams up with Lucy Belle to see what her Mom has been getting from her new step-dad.

Cum Home For ChristmasA hung black butler serves up more than champagne to daddy´s girl Alexis Crystal and helps Violette finish her homework. All ends with a Christmas dinner starring step-mom Klarisa Leone, and Jenny Simons and their studly partners. Luxurious scenes, cum shots deluxe, DP´s and simply the hottest teen and MILF stars make this a Christmas to come home to.

Private Media, Magik View Entertainment Win 3 Adult Video News (AVN) Awards 2013

“We congratulate Ettore Buchi and his team at Magik View for following up their sensational debut awards at AVN in 2012 with such recognition in 2013.”

 Article from AVN:

Private Media, Magik View Entertainment Win 3 Adult Video News (AVN) Awards

VAN NUYS, CA — Private Media, the world’s most innovative, brand-driven, multimedia adult entertainment company, embodying beauty, sensuality and luxury, captured 3 Adult Video News (AVN) awards at the ceremonies in Las Vegas, Nevada last week.  The Barcelona, Spain-based company, in conjunction with its production partners Magik View Entertainment, will return to Europe with three trophies from the ‘Foreign Production’ categories.  Private’s DVD titles are distributed in the U.S. by leading adult video distributors Pure Play Media.

‘Ass Trapped Undercover’, released in February of 2012, was recognized as the ‘Best Foreign Feature The erotic thriller of international intrigue and sexual escapades was directed by multiple award-winning director Ettore Buchiand starred Donna Bell, Mela, Kari, Melissa Ria, and Viktoria Diamond.  After months of preparation Naval Intelligence agents ‘Lenny’ and ‘Mela’ pursue a group of sexual terrorists lead by crime boss ‘Ian Scott’.  Since the success of the operation depends on the agents intimate involvement, the kinky duo use any means necessary to infiltrate and break up one of the largest sexual terrorist rings in history.

In the ‘Best Foreign Continuing Series’ category, Private and Magik View  won for their Art of Penetration’ titles.  Spanning across both the ‘Private Gold’ and ‘Private Specials’ lines, titles comprising this series in 2012 were all directed by Ettore Buchi  and included Anal Illusion’ with Tarra White, Cindy and Satin Bloom and Eufrat; Fucking Filthy Fantasies with Victoria Sweet, Nessa Devil, and Kristy Lust and Euro Pornstar Fuckfest with Tarra White, Cindy Gold, Rihanna Samuel and Carla Cox.

Magik View Entertainment founder Ettore Buchi  was onceagain acknowledged for his directorial efforts; this time in the ‘Best Director–Foreign Non-Feature’ category for Adventures on the lust boat 2 Released in June of 2012, the title starred Angell Summers, Laura Crystal and Kristy Lust.  A story set aboard a cruise liner whose passengers and crew are surprised with a variety of naughty adventures.  The lustful ship swaps its Mediterranean course for a special kinky itinerary filled with lustrous adventures going down on this cruise ship.

Pure Play Media sales manager Ms. Sonia stated, “Congratulations to Private Media and  for earning these esteemed honors from Adult Video News (AVN).  Private has created some of the best-selling and most critically-acclaimed movies in the history of erotic cinema, so it’s fantastic news to see them continue to be recognized as the leading foreign producer of adult content after a banner year in 2012.  Many thanks to AVN and its review staff for acknowledging director Ettore Buchi  for his outstanding production skills.”