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Meet and Greet with Alexis Crystal in Holland this Weekend

Alexis Crystal Our Dutch Fans and people, who are living there, are having this weekend the opportunity for a relaxed meet and greet with Alexis Crystal. Perfect chance to bridge the gap until Oranje is playing again on Sunday. The perky Czech actress starred on many successful films for Private like the award winning “Oktober Sex Fest”, “Cum Home for Christmas” or “Rich Bitches” which was her latest release for us. So grab the chance to get in touch with one of the hottest pornstars right now and get your double selfie, autograph or whatever you need from her.

Alexis Crystal


Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal

And here the exact dates and times.

Friday 27.06 From 13:00 till 17:00

Erotic Lifestyle Store Garenmarkt 5 4524 Sluis

Friday 27.06 From 20:00 till 23:00

Erotic Lifestyle Store Hulst Gentsestraat 42 4561 Hulst.

Saturday 27.06 From 14:00 till 18:00

Candy Shop Korvelseweg 215 5025 Tilburg

Behind the Scenes Of ” Private Pickups: Busty Czechs”

Private Pickups: Busty Czechs

These Czech girls know how to have a good time!

Here are some funny shots of behind the scenes of our new movie coming out in February Private Pickups: Busty Czechs.

Prague is such a nice city! The old town, the bridge, the beer and of course very good looking girls; all smiles and perfect bodies… Private has sent a titty squad to Prague, with the mission of picking up busty babes off the streets and then fucking them until even the hungriest pussy is satisfied. Erin, Karol, Mia Manarote, Sirale and Victoria Blaze complete this slutty casting. CZECH IT OUT!

Incriminating Cum Stains: Carla Cox backstage at “Crime Sex Investigation”

Crime Sex Investigation” has so many things going for it: it’s in solid porn territory because it has noirish elements as well as a familiar TV show that shares its initials.

More than that, however, each of the girls in it is dirty, dirty, dirty.

We talked with Carla Cox, the sultry, slutty Czech Republic native who is becoming a porn darling on several continents.

Private: Pretty women often say bad things behind each other’s backs…

Cox: Oh, they say nasty things to your face sometimes!

Private:…but it’s nice to hear when someone says something nice about you behind your back.

Cox: Absolutely! Who has said nice things about me so I can fuck her?

Private: Well, Bobbi Starr said some nice things about you, but if a fuck is the reward, I’ll go say some nice things about you behind your back right now…

Cox: Bobbi Starr is so hot.

Private: She said you were amazing on the set of “Footballers’ Wives“…

Cox: She was pretty amazing…

Private: But let’s talk about “Crime Sex Investigation.” One of the descriptions (from a Private boxcover” of your scene is “Our hero gets to bang her in both test tubes before she takes a spunk sample in the face.”

Cox: I don’t know what that means, but it sounds dirty…

Private: It is! You play a bar girl who gets picked up by a lowlife. Your pink dresss is barely there.

Cox: I remember that dress — it stayed on for most of the scene but it was covered in pussy and cum by the end of it. I don’t think I’ve worn it since because it couldn’t be cleaned off.

Private: Does that happen a lot?

Cox: More than you’d think.

Private: Well, I like the idea, so I think about it a lot.

Cox: I would say I lose several pieces of clothing a year because there’s too much cum on them.

Watch Carla Cox in “Crime Sex Investigation” here


Cindy Dollar works hard for the money

Perhaps because she shot her first porn at the relatively late age of 24 (she is now 28), Cindy Dollar can be depended on to give you honest answers about her porn experience.

“I don’t like to fuck on boats,” she said prior to the release of her compilation “The Private Life of Cindy Dollar.” “They move too much. It is uncomfortable.”

“Are you saying, then, that all of the sex on yachts that Private has in its vast libraries is footage of women not enjoying themselves?

“No,” Dollar says. “I do not like sex on boats.”

But don’t be crestfallen, sailors: Dollar might still come aboard if you have a small dick.

“I don’t like the big dick so much,” Dollar said. “I only like a little big.”


“First in my pussy, and after in my anus.”

“And if it’s on a boat?”

“Well, OK.”

While we are lucky to know several bona fide nymphomaniacs for whom porn is really the only safe place to be, Dollar recognizes porn as a job, and is refreshing in her candor.

“I don’t fancy girls off camera,” she said. “But on camera, I like the blondes.”

“But you do like sex, right?”

“Yes,” she said. “Oh, yes.”

And what about porn? Does she like to watch porn?

“Only sometimes,” she said. “When I masturbate.”

“Do you watch porn with a partner, or alone?”

“I watch porn alone when I masturbate,” she said. “I don’t let anyone else do it when I’m alone.”

We like that Dollar keeps some things…private.

For some reason this is reassuring because, even if Dollar goes from blonde to brunette to blonde again, even if those four-girl orgies are just pleasant eye candy, even if she blasphemes the porn gods by saying she likes small dicks better and prefers vaginal intercourse to the anal variety, it is nice to know that she masturbates to porn the way Nature intended.

Watch “The Private Life of Cindy Dollar” here