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Interview with Game of Thrones Actress and Pornstar Samantha Bentley

Interview with Porn- and Series- star Samantha Bentley

1.       How does it feel to be on GoT set?

It is incredible, my career highlight for sure. I was treated so well by everyone.

2.       What was the best thing about being on GoT set?

The general atmosphere on set is so lovely and so is everyone who works there, it was such an incredible feeling to be part of the show. Oh, and the on set catering is amazing.

3.       Was it the first time you played a role in a movie/TV series?

I had previously played a small role in ‘The Look Of Love’ the feature film about the life of Paul Raymond.

4.       Who is your favorite character in the series and why?

Tyrion Lannister because he’s a BADMAN OUT HEREEEEE

5.       Part of the reason for GoT popularity is its sex appeal but is there a lot of sexual tension on set?

No, none at all, the entire cast and crew are very relaxed and professional.

6.       What is the difference between shooting an adult movie and a mainstream movie?

With other mainstream productions I have done, I preferred adult, but the sheer scale of Game Of Thrones and just being part of something so epic, there’s no comparison, it wins everytime. It’s another world.

7.      Are people who work in the mainstream movie industry as nice as in adult industry?

In every industry there is good and bad, I have worked on pornsets where I have hated everyone and the same with mainstream sets, and then I have worked on porn sets where I have loved everyone, with Game Of Thrones, everyone was super nice, cast and crew.

8.       Most of the characters in GoT ooze sexuality, but which male and female characters do you find most attractive and why?

Jamie and Cercei Lannister, they are just so twisted and sick, I love them.

9.       Has the show raised your popularity?

Yes, no question, the reach has allowed people that may not have known me before able to discover me.

10.   Has it changed your career in any way since you starred in Game Of Thrones. If yes, how?

It has given me a platform to do other things I may not have been able to do before appearing in the show, I am grateful to Game Of Thrones for a lot, that’s for sure….

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