Sexy Interview with ”Rihanna Samuel”…..

She gets personal!

Rihanna Samuel interview questions :

Can you tell me why you like working for Private so much?
Because I like to work with professional people and I love travelling :-)

What is your favorite movie you’ve done for Private?
I love them all!! :)
Do you remember making the movie The Fuck Palace? What role did you play and who did you perform with? How good was the sex in your scene?

Yes, Of course I do..I remember a great scene with Denis was really hot, haha not only the sex but also the weather  :-) and the sex scene with Honza Jaros was great..I love having sex with him :-)

Can you tell me who are your favorite Private girls to work with?
I like all girls..but Aliz is great!

Do you remember the first movie you did for Private? Who did you work with the first time you worked for Private?
Yes I do remember, my first shooting for them was in Czech Republic.. The movie was with 4 actors but I can’t remember what actors!
Do you have any more movies from Private coming out this year?

Yes, I have worked with them many times this year and I have really enjoyed it every time. Especially the time when I was on the amazing Cruise boat shoot. It was a great and so much fun :-)

Yes! I expect more movies to be released this year!
Why did you decide to be a porn star?
Honestly because I love sex, traveling and last but not least money.

What’s the best thing about being a porn star?
Good sex, traveling, money and meeting nice people.

What’s the worst thing about being a porn star?
Sometimes it is really hard work. The scenes can be very long or maybe you don’t connect with actor.

How did you come up with your porn name, Rihanna Samuel?
Rihanna is not an usual name here and Samuel because I just really like the name :-D

Are you a very dominant or submissive person?
More of a submissive. I like it when a man dominants me :-D

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I am thinking about getting some bigger breasts..

Do you have anal sex in your films?
Yes but I do not really like anal sex. I have tried anal, but prefer to be fucked in my pussy:-D


To be contiuned next week……………