Part 2 of sexy interview of Rihanna Samuel…..

Ever do a gang-bang on film or in person?
Just on film. In my Private life I have never tried, but never say never :-)

Do you masturbate often?
Depends sometimes yes sometimes no. It all depends on my mood :-)

Who or what do you think about when you masturbate?
Thinking about having sex with my boyfriend or about really hard sex!

Do you watch porn regularly? What kind of porn movies do you like watching?
Not that much

Describe the hottest scene you’ve ever been involved in. Who did you perform with and for what film/studio was it for?
I really liked a scene with Rocco Siffredi because it was hardcore sex..or  the scene with Jamajka..i love black guys!

What girl in the business would you most like to have sex with and why?
Maybe Klarisa Leone…she is funny and I would like to work with her. She is cool!

Have you had a one night stand?
Yeah…but I prefer sex with my boyfriend.

Where’s the hottest place you ever had sex in?
In the bath :-)

What size cock do you prefer?
I just prefer good sex, I don’t care about the size.

Do you like being naked? Do you walk around naked in your private life?
Yes, I do and I like it

Are you a true bi-sexual or do prefer one more than the other?
I prefer men

What was your first experience with a girl like? Was it a good or bad experience?
I like girls but like I said I prefer men

What is your favorite sex act?

I  like long foreplay, licking pussy and blow jobs  …

What’s one sex toy you can’t live without?
Vibrator :-)

Which male and female celebrity would you most like to have sex with and why?
Seal…he is so sexy

Anything you’d like to say in closing to the High Society readers?
I want to thank all my fans and I hope they like my movies!