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May`s Top 10 of our Private`s viewers:

Everybody likes Top-Ten lists right?

So do we and we want to show you our recent most popular girls on

Nr. 10

Boroka Balls

This cute blonde Hungarian starlet had only a short career. She starred in more or less 50 Movies  and mostly ours. With her love for sex on mostly tropical locations, she was a perfect fit for Private and gained a loyal fan base who still loves her today.

Boroka Balls

Nr. 9

Claudia Rossi

Claudia Rossi is a really stunning babe from Slovakia. She is a very busy girl, with more than 300 Movies under her “belt”. But that’s ok, because we can’t see enough of this hottie.


Nr. 8

Alexis Crystal

This Czech piece of ass is a real asset to all porn fans.

Her latest Movie “Rich Bitches she delivers like expected.

Alexis CrystalNr. 7

Black Angelika

This hot Babe from Romania is also quite busy and is living the true lifestyle of a Pornstar. After a boob job in 2009 also her career boosted, and she is more than ever everybody’s Darling.

Black AngelikaNr. 6

Cherry Jul

One of the writers room favorites. This blond starlet with her classic beauty gives always all her passion when she is on set. She is very variable and pleases almost every fantasy you can have about her.Cherry JulNr. 5

Tarra White

Czech Tarra is a girl what you can call a natural. With her seductive eyes and her crisp body, she is the perfect girl for doing porn. Her desire for sex is also helpful we guess.Tarra-White

Nr. 4

Lucy Li

Lucy is a newcomer and ranked already on the 4th place. You can imagine how lovely she performs in front of the camera.

The Czech busty brunette is a real eye candy and will hopefully shoot many many more movies for us and you.

Lucy Li

Nr. 3

Anissa Kate

The French girl with the nord-african heritage is a real stunner. She just loves sex and you can clearly see it.

Her look and her body is mesmerizing and she has always this perfect chemistry with the camera and so with you.Anissa Kate

Nr. 2

Michelle Wild

Michelle Wild was only 4years active but made a huge impact to the porn industry. The Hungarian brunette had an incredible presence in front of the camera and is the favorite of many porn connoisseurs. If you see her in action, you know why!Michelle Wild

Nr. 1

Angel Dark

The Number 1 Favorite of you guys right now is Angel Dark. Recently retired this long legged brunette is still in the mind of many people. Her classical stunning beauty compared with her desire for extreme sex leaves nobody cold.

Angel Dark

To celebrate the first day of Spring!

Why not check out our movie ”Sex & Lies In The Caribbean”……

Watch the hottest babes get fucked in the most beautiful locations with sand and ocean waves splashing over their sexy bodies. A very worthy addition to anyone’s library!

It’s every man’s fantasy to fuck ridiculously hot chicks on the beach in the Caribbean!!!

Put the ‘gine in the Coconut: Backstage at “Sluts & Coconuts”

Pre-wedding festivities can be fun, especially if you and your intended don’t plan to change your lifestyle whatsoever after you are married. “Sluts & Coconuts” is the story of several bachelorettes who (bump) into the bachelor party from the same wedding. It’s like “Mamma Mia!” without the need to throw up.

Private is fond of tropical resort locations, so you can find dozens of Private movies filmed in Ibiza and islets in the Caribbean. But Alessandro del Mar’s “Sluts & Coconuts” was filmed in Madagascar, and the unfamiliar location was inspiring to the likes of Boroka Balls, Sonia Carter, and Diana Gold.

The Czech Sonia Carter played a hapless tourist whose poor slob boyfriend was made to work extra on the island to accommodate the bachelorette party.

“Madagascar was different from the places I usually go to shoot,” Carter said. “For one thing, people were not used to seeing porno girls around. They kept staring.”

That doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that Carter’s character was introduced as German.

“I don’t understand why I was supposed to be German, either!” she said. “Maybe they thought a Czech Republic girl would not put up with being stranded on the island.”

Boroka Balls shot her double penetration (DP) scene on a boat, and we were filled with questions, like “Were you worried about Somali pirates?” and “Does the rolling of the ocean lead to premature ejaculation?”

“No,” Boroka said. “Neither of those things happened.”

But we bet if Somali pirates had come aboard, they would have prematurely ejaculated.


Diana Gold’s scene on a volcanic beach was a favorite. Not because of her outfit or the beautiful location, but because of her fantastic fellatio skills.

“Was there something different?” she said.

“Are you being modest?” we asked.

“I give lots of blowjobs…” she said.

“But you blew this guy through his pants,” we said. “That took passion.”

“Oh yes!” she said. “Sometimes I like when the dick is hard before I even get there. So I blew him through his shorts first to show I appreciated it.”

They should have totally named that beach after her.

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