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Power-sharing made easy: “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape”

Not since the Clinton years has there been a head of state more ripe for a porn adaptation than Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi.

We are not saying that “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” is about the scandal-plagued Berlusconi (in fact, this version has people you want to see having sex), but it provides an integral piece of the cultural snapshot that the Berlusconi saga represents.

Well, it doesn’t do that, either, but it’s a lot of fun.

Director: JF Romagnoli
Starring: Kathy Campbel, Cindy Hope, Alexa, Alexis, Regina Moore, Kitty Cat, Donna Bell, Barbie White

Scene 1: B/G

Kathy Campbel is a hard-working official on a stakeout with her partner, who diverts the attention of the Prime Minister’s guards by fucking Campbel strenuously. At first Campbel protests that he needs to keep his hands to himself and be professional, but then she realizes that that sort of thing is above her pay grade.

They are forced to fuck in a van, but eventually they lose all sense of decorum and spill out of it.

Scene 2: B/G

Cindy Hope probably doesn’t need to blindfold her partner in a pool to fuck him, but the point is that she goes the extra mile, because she’s a hard worker.

Scene 3: B/G

“You bring me coffee and a sandwich,” says one of Alexa‘s two suitors.

“Sounds like porn movie dialogue,” says Alexa.

Then they fuck.

How did she know?

While “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” is no “All The President’s Men,” you won’t … wait a minute: you should but “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” because there’s a hell of a lot more deep throat in it than “All The President’s Men.”

Watch “The Prime Minister’s Sex Tape” here