Jennifer Love: Sex, Lies, And Dyes in the Caribbean

Jennifer Love, the 24-year-old Romanian star of Private’s “Sex & Lies in the Caribbean,” has been through a number of hairstyles and porn names in her long adult career. We talked with her about staying versatile.

Private: You play a no-nonsense widow in “Sex & Lies in the Caribbean…”

Jennifer Love: …Who loves to watch sex…

Private: Yes, that was an interesting aspect of your character…

JL: Yes, but more exciting than being a no-nonsense widow who likes to knit, for example.

Private: I suppose that would not be as exciting.

JL: I don’t know; it depends on what I wear.

Private: Speaking of that, you have blonde hair in this movie, but you also have an impressive portfolio from your brown-haired days.

JL: I go back and forth. I think some people like me blonde and other people like me with my natural hair color.

Private: For the record, I like you no matter what.

JL: Thank you! But I suppose at the beach in the Caribbean, it looked better that I was blonde.

Private: So sometimes you have to change for the environment.

JL: Yes.

Private: Tell us about “Florina Rose.”

JL: Just like changing for the environment, I used to be known as “Florina Rose” but it just made more sense to be “Jennifer Love.” People can say, “Oh, she looks like a Jennifer.” But you can never say “She looks like a Florina”!

Private: That’s true!

JL: See?

Private: Your performance in “Sex & Lies” was a lot of fun. You owned an island and developers were trying to buy you out, but you had certain conditions.

JL: Yes, sex and money.

Private: How much of you was in that role?

JL: All of me. You see everything

Private: I mean how much of your personality …

JL: Oh, I like sex and money. The sex is easy to find in my private life, and money is important, but not so much.

Private: What about sex for money?

JL: It is a very good job!

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