Suzie Carina: Almost Wholesome, Sometimes Whorish

At home in Prague, the lovely Suzie Carina doesn’t look like a porn star, and that is the way she likes it.

“There are lots of beautiful girls here,” she says, “and I like to relax rather than compete.”

Carina is barefoot and wearing sweatpants, a far cry from the high-heeled and glammed up persona she projects in most of her movies (unless they are filmed on a beach, in which case the heels must come off).

Flying under the radar is how Carina has built up an impressive resume of movies – more than 100 of them, and many for Private – in a porn career that has lasted longer than many of her contemporaries.

Carina got into porn in 2002 when she was 19 and her work has ranged from glamorous Euro-lesbian endeavors to hardcore interracial ho-downs.

“I can’t say which I prefer…” says Carina.

But it’s interesting to watch Carina in a lipstick lesbian movie like “Supercharged High-Speed Sex,” in which she gets down with Liliane Tiger in a Maserati on a helipad, or in “Lesbian Disturbia,” which finds her in a bewigged bondage threesome, and then watch her in a movie like “Beauties in the Tropix,” where she delivers a beach blowjob that is both wholesome and masterful.

She looks so natural in all those scenarios that we asked what her actual preference was.

“If I’m blowing you one day, then that is what my preference is,” Carina says.

Well, what are you doing today?

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