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What happens when a “Virgin Dreams” (II)

There is a chance, esteemed Private readers, that the women in this movie were not actually virgins at the time of filming “Virgin Dreams II.” But if it makes you feel any better, such is their skill and professionalism that they were able to tap into that brief period in their lives to channel what an actual virgin might dream about.

Director: Moire(*)Candy
Starring: Tarra White, Sarah Twain, Vanessa May, Natalli Di Angelo, Julie Silver

Anyone who has read “The Fountainhead” knows that the ideal of architecture is functional beauty. Thus the architect heroine of “Virgin Dreams II” wants to create buildings in which people fuck and look good while doing it.

Scene 1: B/B/G

Sarah Twain‘s house is designed in such a way that she can see swarthy workmen in the fields from her balcony. When two such dudes appear on the hillside, she hails them with the pretext of giving them some drinks. Instead, she fucks both of them.

Until they are very clearly not, all wear white. It’s like a cigarette ad.

Scene 2: B/G

Tarra White suns herself on space-age furniture in front of her space-age home. What makes this extraterrestrial landscape compelling is her outfit, which is a sort of latex bathing suit with a V-neck crotch. I was almost sad when it came off.

But come off it does, as the delicious Ms. White is serviced by yet another white-clad workman.

Scene 3: B/G

This scene brought back memories for me, because Vanessa May is interrupted whilst dusting her IKEA furniture by a man resembling Mr. CleanTM, who criticizes her housekeeping techniques and then fucks her.

I can only imagine this very scenario is played out in marriages across the world, but with far less attractive people.

Scene 4: B/G

Finally, the ripe Natalli Di Angelo sunbathes by the pool in an outfit just begging to be ripped off her, which it in short order is.

The final scene of “Virgin Dreams II” seems to be its signature, as the dream elements of the movie as well as its very hardcore sense of innocence are also evident.

As a homeowner, I am grateful to “Virgin Dreams II” for giving me a new way to think about my house. No longer will I think about “The Amityville Horror” when my roof leaks; I will simply think about Natalli Di Angelo getting a rogering by the pool.

Watch “Virgin Dreams II” here