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Claudia Rossi: A Slovak “Classy Slut” in London

Claudia Rossi grew up in the former Czechoslovakia but now the statuesque 27-years-old lives in London, where she manages an international career.

“I travel to the United States, to Prague, to Budapest – everywhere – from here,” said Rossi, who has appeared in more than 200 films, many of them for Private, including two editions of “The Private Life of Claudia Rossi,” “A Fucking Christmas Dinner,” and (my favorite) “Ass Riders.”

“London is an international city,” she said. “Plus my boyfriend is here…”

Her boyfriend of two years is performer Jay Snakes.

Rossi does not see any problem in letting her fans know that she is in a relationship. She does not feel it compromises fans’ false notion of her “accessibility.”

“Fans are smarter than that,” she said. “I’m also sure they’d like to know that I’m happy. Not only that, but Jay is in the porn business as well, and understands what my job is.”

Rossi sees porn as a way to travel, to experience new things, and to show off.

“Even though I am naked on film, I am not an exhibitionist, really,” she said. “But there is  apart of me that is an exhibitionist, and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to show that off safely, with people paying me!”

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