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Do you want to know how many calories you can burn during sex?

Summer is coming up and you want to be in shape for the beach season?

The usual tips like going to the gym, jog a bit or change your eating habits are quite good. But the best tip for burning calories is most definitely having sex.

So find here the 5 best positions to have fun with and burn calories.


Doesn’t look  really exhausting but you can lose about 32 calories per minuteSpoonystyle


Everybody loves it and it is a good one to lose a few calories. 37 per minute to be exact



The Cowgirl is the position for the girls. It goes up and down all the time and she loses about 50 calories per minute. I guess that’s what you can call a workout.



This is also a good technique for the girls. She can burn up to 140 calories if the guy is not giving up that fast.


Underwater Sex:

And if you have some intercourse under the water, you will feel really exhausted cause this one here demands 55 calories per minute.



And for the ones without a partner right now, there are good news too. Masturbation can burn up to 47 calories depending on your stamina 


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