Who would win the World cup according to their Penis Size?

The Group games are over and tomorrow the long awaited elimination games will begin.

Today is a football free day, and we want to give you something funny to read in order to brigde the gap.

So why not play out the world cup based on the average dick size of the last 16 countries?

Thanks to Targetmap, we have the more or less official stats of the average dick sizes of each country left in the tournament and the games will have, if size really matters,  following outcome.

Brazil is with a length and girth of (16,1/6,2) more endowed then Chile  with (14,59/5,7)

Colombia (17,03/6,7) is in advantage against Uruguay (15,14/5,9) as well, so the Colombians can book the ticket for the quarterfinals too.

Same goes for the Dutch team (15,87/6,2) who can defeat Mexico with an average (15,1/6,2) Costa Rica (15,1/5,9), can be called the surprise team of the tournament and will defeat Greece (14,73/5,8).

France (16,0/6,3) has no problems against Nigeria (15,5/6,0) and  Germany (14,48/5,7) can success over Algeria (14,19/5,5)

Finally in the round of the last 16, Argentina (14,88/5,8) sends Switzerland (14,35/5,6) back home, and Belgium (15,84/6,4) pleases the USA to leave the tournament (12,9/5,1)

The Quarterfinals will have then the following games:

France against Germany, where the French cock goes into the semifinals.

The host Brazil has to go and looses in a tight game against Colombia.

Argentina has sadly no chance against the better equipped Belgians and is out as well. The Dutch team has to fight but in the end they will book the next round by defeating Costa Rica.

Now it’s time for the Semifinals and the following two games:

Colombia can beat France and the Dutch team can success flimsy against neighbor Belgium.

So the big Finale is set and after France is winning the third place against Belgium, the poor Dutch team has to accept that the Colombians have the longest slongs in this tournament.

But let’s see how long this World cup prediction is valid, and how the games will end in reality.Worldcup