Put the ‘gine in the Coconut: Backstage at “Sluts & Coconuts”

Pre-wedding festivities can be fun, especially if you and your intended don’t plan to change your lifestyle whatsoever after you are married. “Sluts & Coconuts” is the story of several bachelorettes who (bump) into the bachelor party from the same wedding. It’s like “Mamma Mia!” without the need to throw up.

Private is fond of tropical resort locations, so you can find dozens of Private movies filmed in Ibiza and islets in the Caribbean. But Alessandro del Mar’s “Sluts & Coconuts” was filmed in Madagascar, and the unfamiliar location was inspiring to the likes of Boroka Balls, Sonia Carter, and Diana Gold.

The Czech Sonia Carter played a hapless tourist whose poor slob boyfriend was made to work extra on the island to accommodate the bachelorette party.

“Madagascar was different from the places I usually go to shoot,” Carter said. “For one thing, people were not used to seeing porno girls around. They kept staring.”

That doesn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that Carter’s character was introduced as German.

“I don’t understand why I was supposed to be German, either!” she said. “Maybe they thought a Czech Republic girl would not put up with being stranded on the island.”

Boroka Balls shot her double penetration (DP) scene on a boat, and we were filled with questions, like “Were you worried about Somali pirates?” and “Does the rolling of the ocean lead to premature ejaculation?”

“No,” Boroka said. “Neither of those things happened.”

But we bet if Somali pirates had come aboard, they would have prematurely ejaculated.


Diana Gold’s scene on a volcanic beach was a favorite. Not because of her outfit or the beautiful location, but because of her fantastic fellatio skills.

“Was there something different?” she said.

“Are you being modest?” we asked.

“I give lots of blowjobs…” she said.

“But you blew this guy through his pants,” we said. “That took passion.”

“Oh yes!” she said. “Sometimes I like when the dick is hard before I even get there. So I blew him through his shorts first to show I appreciated it.”

They should have totally named that beach after her.

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