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Do you remember your first Private porno?


I remember the day when I first watched my first Private porno like it was yesterday. Of course, this wasn’t like having sex for the first time but somehow it was kind of life changing and that’s why I want to share my story with you all today.


It was back in the day when I went to school and the coolest guy in the class asked some of us to go over to his place after school to play some videogames. After his parents were gone, he connected his VHS video set to the TV and put in a movie. The movie started with the typical flickering and crackling sound which happens when the tape is worn out. The scene we saw was shot on a tropical island and had some hardcore anal sex action, then  finished it off with a huge facial.


Now, we are all familiar with DP, deep-throat, cumshot, threesomes etc… but when you see it for the first time, it’s kind of exciting in a weird kind of way. And because I was a teenager, afterwards I went home I started jerking off like hell for the next  few days with the new images that I had  in my mind.


Later after some research I found out that the movie was a Private movie called “Costa Rica Getaway” ….This was the start of a new world of pleasure for me and which I explored for the next few years till now.


Do you remember which was the first porno from Private you watched? Comment this Post with the title of it, leave your email address, and the lucky winner will get a goodie bag with some presents from us.