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Do you want to receive oral-sex more often because your sperm is so tasty?

Irina BruniYou have a wife, girlfriend or a friend with benefits who loves giving head? With some easy tricks to improve your sperm taste, she is probably going to gargle your creamy juice instead of just swallowing it the next time.


Garlic and Onions: It smells bad already after eating. Your breathe changes not in a good way. Imagine how your sperm will taste after the spicy vegetables found their long way down south.

Meat, salt and asparagus. The ingredients makes your cum taste bitter and that’s not what you want right?

Beer: Also not such a good idea cause your sperm will taste flat and that’s not very enjoyable for the receiver. So have one afterwards.

Also avoid smoking, and too much coffee: It’s not healthy at all and so it’s going to affect your sperm quality as well.

Claudia Rossi


Fruits are always a good combination. Pineapples, bananas and strawberry’s for example. The fruit sugar infects the taste of your sperm directly.

Drinking enough water is also a good solution. Toxicants in your body will get flooded out which keeps your sperm more healthier in general

If you want to add a salty flavor, eat cheese.

And finally spices like cinnamon, cardamom or peppermint are also a good choice.

Asa Akira

Just a healthy lifestyle with the right nutrition can change your taste of sperm positively. So feel free to try these things out for a while and let us know how it goes for you. Or let us know if you have a special tip which is not mentioned here.

Sasha Grey