Private’s Top 5 Public Sex Spots!

Let’s be frank, one of the all time top sexual fantasies of any human being is to do the dirty in public!

At Private we like to blur the lines between fantasy and reality so we decided to compose an article that will assist you in taking your sexual adventures to the outdoors and help you realize that the open world is one great big sexual playground filled with potential sex spots.

Now some of you reading may have already fucked outside the realms of the home and to you we say congratulations. However, even though you may be somewhat of an expert in ‘Public Fucking’, we are going to provide you with a top 5 list of public sex spots that might be considered as ‘outside of the box’.


Number 5: In a Public Bathroom, on the Sink


O.k. so perhaps the most generic and most thought of spots to have sex in public is the bathroom. This idea makes a lot of sense; easy access to condom machines, access to cleaning products and, of course, it is in a great location for the post sex pee. However, it is a little over done so we would like to take this idea and give it a Private style twist. Rather than shutting yourself away behind a locked door and slowly thrusting, why not go for broke and fuck on the bathroom sink? Sure someone may come in and see you but I guarantee they won’t stick around to drop a deuce.


Number 4: Sky Dive Sex

We have all heard of the Mile High Club and oh how desperate we all are to become members! What Private suggest however, is that you take the Mile High Club to new heights by having Sky Diving Sex. What could be more exhilarating than crashing towards the earth to your impending doom while getting your freak on? Just don’t forget to pull your parachute while you are having your fun.


Number 3: In a Zoo Enclosure

This is arguably the most dangerous one on the list so there is a simple health and safety check to follow before you embark on this one. Firstly, you should obviously try to get an empty enclosure. However, should this be difficult to attain, try to pick an animal that is not likely to attack you or worse try to join in; adding bestiality to the public indecency charges your are going to receive is likely going to increase your inevitable prison sentence. Should you happen to find the desirable enclosure your looking for, it is a great spot for you to let your inner Chimp out and truly do it like they do on the discovery channel.



Number 2: Government Buildings

Why government buildings I hear you say? There’s a lot of security, a lot of CCTV cameras, it would be impossible not to get caught! And, right though you are, the biggest thrill of ‘public fucking’ is the thrill of being caught! So it makes complete logical sense to fuck in a Government Building because the thrill is maximised. Besides, we all want our own sex tape so who knows after the trial the court might be willing to give you your own copy. FREE PORN!


Number 1: Nudist Beach

Porn has captured momentous moments of beach sex and the common people have undoubtedly had a pop at it themselves by secretly spooning on the beach and humping under the sun. Although an effective method, it is again an idea that has become much too common. So, continuing to follow the logical thought path that we have demonstrated in this article already, Private believe that the ‘Nudist Beach’ is the perfect public sex spot. The Nudist Beach is the land of the uninhibited and the home of the liberals which means you could test their liberality by having sex in front of them! Who knows, they could cheer you, they could clap you or, you could end up starting the biggest public orgy since Woodstock. Although it is worth bearing in mind that due to the typical Nudist Beach crowd, this orgy will probably be heavy on the penis but, then again, which orgy isn’t in these days?

orgyTop 5 Public Sex Spots







Something to Remember:

Now of course these spots aren’t very inconspicuous so we have been obliged to tell you by Private’s lawyers that we are not responsible for any criminal charges that may come your way as a result of following our proposed procedures. Also, the majority of them are probably not very safe so if you have any heart conditions or health problems we would advise you to stick to the ‘normal’ public sex spots, boring though they may be.

If any of you guys decide to try these, you are likely insane but please let us know how it went!

Tell us in the comment box the craziest places you’ve had, or would like to have, Sex! We would like to write our next article about your experiences and desires!