Put Your Best Ass Forward: Backstage at “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics”

I’m thinking about my asshole,” says Sandra on the set of Alessandro del Mar’s “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics.” Which is crazy, because so was I! What are the odds?

It is a blustery day on yet another beach Private has commandeered for the sole purpose of loosing beauties born behind the Iron Curtain to grind their perfumed, taut, and suntanned asses onto eager animate or inanimate surfaces.

At first I wondered at Sandra’s athleticism as she stuck her ass toward me and pointed her small breasts seaward.

“How does she do it?” I thought. “She looks like she should be mounted on a ship.”

But really, it would be fun to mount her anywhere.

Savvy cameramen catch Angelina Love as she masturbates on the beach while another trio fucks on a piece of driftwood.

“I can’t help it,” she says. “You’d do it too!”

But the tenderest moment comes as Regina Moore is getting her asshole sanded while Annamaria Santos stands by with a bottle of lube.

“it’s her first anal scene for Private,” says Santos.

“So she needs to prepare a little bit?”

“She needs.”

As the sunlight fades, Sandra gets in the water for her cover shoot. She points her ass into the surf as wave after wave crashes into it.

Brava,” del Mar said.

Watch “Anal Honeymoon in the Tropics” here