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Kira Queen in the interview with Private

Kira Queen

Kira Queen started in 2013 with porn, but is already everybody’s darling. Her perfect and busty body compared with her deep, beautiful eyes makes it very hard to resist. We are glad, that she answered some questions for us, and looking forward to see her back on screen for Private soon.

Kira Queen

Is it a hard job? If yes, why?

For me it’s not a difficult job, I like it, and I really enjoy it!

What do you like most about your job?

The possibility to travel a lot and to meet new interesting and easygoing people,

You started with porn last year in 2013. How do you like it so far?

I am really surprised how good things went so far. I started in May in Ibiza for a Private shooting, and remember that we had a very good time.

For me it was a very good experience and a good start. I hesitated a little in the beginning,cause I felt a bit awkward, but then I began to enjoy it, and still remember the amazing time we had 

Kira Queen

What did you expect from the porn business?

I have no serious expectations from the pornbusiness, I participate in shootings, only because, it is pleasant to me and if I will win the hearts of the fans or win a prize, I’ll be happy enough.

What was the craziest experience you had so far?

Oh, I guess It was my decision to become a porn actress. But there was the absolutely mad shooting for Pierre Woodman with 4 men in it. It was very cheerful and exiting.

How was your debut in porno? And with which actor/actreses did you shoot

My debut was in 2013 on Ibiza for Private with Marco Banderas, Anissa Kate, Tony De Sergio. David El Moreno, like I said before absolutely amazing time.

Kira Queen

How was working with Private so far?

Absolutely awesome. You guys put a lot of energy and passion into your work. I am always happy to work with you.

Do you like in your private life also sex in pornstyle or a little bit smoother?

I love sex very much in general, but it depends on my mood if I like it hard and pornstyle or a bit smoother.

What are your plans for 2014?

Just want to enjoy my life, which means to travel a lot, and shooting some porn of course.

Kira Queen

Thank you very much Kira