Sophia Santi interview part 2

Read part 2 of our interview with this stunning beauty Sophia Santi

Private – Is there anything you wouldn’t do on film?
Sophia Santi – Well I don’t to Anal yet so anything to do with that I guess.

P – What’s the most bizarre sexual experience you’ve had?
S – My very first BG scene I shot when I was 18. I was doing this guy and his wife was on set watching. Just as he was cumming he shot sperm straight up my nose and his wife burst out laughing. I didn’t know what to do, I was so embarrassed. Lol. Needless to say I stopped shooting BG scenes soon after for about 11 years.

Sex bomb!

Sophia Santi

P – Are you into group sex?
S – Totally. My 5 guy blow-bang was my favorite scene I’ve shot.

P – What’s the largest number of blokes you’ve fucked at one time?
S – Well those five would be it.

P – In your opinion, what is good sex?
S – Mutual satisfaction.

P – And what do you think you’re best at sexually?
S – Oral sex. For girls or for guys.

P – How often do you masturbate?
S – Usually once a month all day long. It’s a marathon.

P – Does size matter to you?
S – Absolutely. Anyone that says it doesn’t is lying. Too small isn’t going to do the trick and too big can be very uncomfortable.

P – What turns you on?
S – Choking and hair-pulling. And having my nipples licked.

P – And what turns you off?
S – A guy that asks me what I like. Take charge!

P – In your private life, are you straight / gay / bi?
S – Bi. Although I tend to date men and just fuck women.

P – Generally in your life are you dominant or submissive?
S – I’m submissive by nature but I can get dominant with women sometimes.

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