Sophia Santi interview part 1

We spoke with North American beauty Sophia Santi, star of Private/MagikView Entertainment’s multi award winning blockbuster ‘Mission Ass Possible.’ Check out what this tatooed vixen had to say…

Private : Private’s blockbuster ‘Mission Ass Possible’ scooped a very impressive 3 AVN awards – what are your favourite memories of the shoot?
Sophia : It was a lot of fun to go to Greece for the shoot. The boat was beautiful and all the actors were hot:)

P: Do you enjoy your job?
S: I do enjoy it. You can’t beat great sex, on or off set!

P: Do you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) right now, or are you single?
S: I do have a boyfriend right now.

P: Who is your favourite performer that you’ve worked with? And is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?
S: Justice Young is probably my favorite performer to work with. I can’t think of any American performers I haven’t worked with yet, but want to …so I guess that leaves Europe! Lol;)

Tattooed and ready!

Sophia Santi

P: Do you ever cum when you’re shooting?
S: Yes I do. Especially when I have the luxury of performing on a bed. Other random places can be a little harder. Lol

P: What have you learned about sex from your adult career?
S: I’ve learned to respect my boundaries. Never to do something until I’m ready.

P: Do you have any sexual fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled yet?
S: I want to be choked till I pass out during sex. Surprisingly that hasn’t happened yet. Lol

Her beautiful ass cheeks...

Sophia Santi

P: What’s your favourite nasty act?
S: Deep-thrusting with lots of drool. That’s my thing.

Mmm, she is one sexy lady! Find out in part 2 that we will publish on Monday about her opinions of group sex, sex in her private life and her masturbation techniques…

See Sophia in action right now!

Mission Ass Possible

Multi award winning movie